Ben Shapiro drops a tweet that crushes Biden’s phony narrative about Florida and Texas

Today Joe Biden went all in on claiming that Florida and Texas are the worst COVID states in the country and suggesting their governors, DeSantis and Abbott, push mask mandates on people or get out of the way and let local authorities do it:

In response to this clip from Biden, Ben Shapiro dropped this chart that shows the actual worst COVID states – and look who’s at the bottom:

Florida and Texas rank at the bottom of this chart of the worst 25 states in terms of COVID deaths (per 100,000). New Jersey and New York are at the very top.

You know, it used to be that COVID deaths were how we ranked the worst states. But now it’s just “cases” apparently, according to Biden, without explaining if the cases are mild, asymptomatic, severe enough for hospitalizations or deaths. Why does it matter if most of the cases are mild?

When it comes to the flu, we don’t measure a bad flu season by the number of cases, but rather the number of deaths.

Now I’ll grant you that hospitalizations is a metric that can measure some severity, but is that everyone going to the emergency room or just people admitted? The AP claims that Florida recently broke a record that was made back from July 23, 2020, but are hospitals so under the gun that they can’t cope? Or are they a lot better at managing COVID hospitalizations nowadays than well over a year ago?

The bottom line is that people can wear a mask if they want, and school children can wear masks in Florida and Texas if parents want them to do so. Forcing more mandates on people instead of letting society learn to cope with this, especially well over a year after the pandemic started, is just foolish and does more harm than good.

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