Ben Shapiro gives a REALITY CHECK on the Trump-Kim summit

Ben Shapiro is harshing the buzz of some zealous Trump supporters this morning with a little bit of a reality check regarding the Trump-Kim summit:

I agree with Shapiro. There is still a high degree of potential for Trump to end up with egg on his face. Meaning that Kim could visit the White House in a few months to get his photo op and return home only to start testing ballistic missiles again and making threats of nuclear war. This is something I am sincerely worried about.

But on the flip side Kim could keep his word and begin the denuclearization process in the coming weeks. In that case this would be a masterstroke by Trump, as Shapiro puts it.

He continues to make his point at the seriousness of this:

It would be a disgrace. Trump is essentially asking us to ‘trust him’ and his administration in working with a country that has been pursuing nuclear weapons for twenty years and has the worst human rights record in the world.

In other words Shapiro is saying that Trump is all in at this point and that if the payoff doesn’t come to fruition it will be an epic failure on his part and that of his administration.

It’s a high risk, high reward scenario and we’re definitely still in the ‘high risk’ phase.

Shapiro summed it up with this tweet:

I agree…mostly. I do think the victory celebrations should be tempered a great deal, primarily because this is not victory. It is only the beginning of the process.

I don’t want to take away from the fact that what just happened is historic and definitely a solid step in the right direction. It’s something that many thought would never happen.

But we should NEVER forget our history, especially when a similar moment to this happened just 80 years ago:

We all know how that turned out and we should be very wary of Kim Jong Un using this moment to make Trump look almost as foolish as Chamberlain.

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