Breitbart’s Ben Shapiro: Obama’s inaugural speech was ‘Orwellian’, proves that he hates the Constitution

Ben Shapiro called yesterday’s inaugural address ‘Orweillian’, saying that it’s clear Obama hates the Constitution. He cited examples where Obama said he wants to adapt our founding principles for our changing needs and that ‘our founding creed doesn’t dictate that we agree on what liberty constitutes’. Shaprio sharply disagreed and argued that Obama wants to render our founding documents meaningless in the name of big government progressivism.


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80 thoughts on “Breitbart’s Ben Shapiro: Obama’s inaugural speech was ‘Orwellian’, proves that he hates the Constitution

  1. I can’t help myself….

    Every time I hear Obama, Biden, democrats, progressives, liberals, etc. speak I can’t help but reflect on this quote by German philosopher Arthur Schopenhauer who said,

    “All truth passes through three stages. First, it is ridiculed. Second, it is violently opposed. Third, it is accepted as being self-evident.”

    Right now, the USA is in the violently opposed stage as Mr. Shapiro points out quite clearly in the video. My only question now is how long will it take until the truths become self-evident and what will the USA look like when that happens.

  2. we all know what obama is and what the dictator is attempting to do
    but we have no advocates for US in DC…the repubs are wimps
    we have been asking for NRA members to be murdered
    now we have the military asked if they will shoot civilians??? IS this out of line even to the lefties? don’t they see it yet???????????????
    we have no power…and those that are to speak for us are silent as usual with no guts
    we’re tired of hearing ‘we don’t get it can’t understand it’ WE GET IT we understand fine….we know obama is a Marxist and wants to destroy the country except for his rich friends and himself…so what are our choices????? this is sooooooo very sad never thought I would see this in the USA…………….in such a short time our country has turned upside down
    the tears for the children are so fake from obama because he loves abortions for whatever reason he never cries for them……………nor the children in chicago, etc.
    I am done with it all…..will not support the repubs anymore care less….and the lefties just wait…..don’t think you really get it yet but call me when you do

  3. Step one: Take oath to defend and protect the constitution.
    Step two: Immediately attack the constitution.

    Why is this man not impeached?

  4. Seriously spot on. What a tragedy… he said, he meant it, he’s doing it.

    Obama has wanted nothing but to destroy this nation from the beginning. And that’s precisely what he’s been doing. Sadly, all the Democrats, flaming liberals, moochers and lemmings (the dumb masses of America – low information voters), have been all to happy to oblige.

    Pray for this country that God will have a large awakening… and that America will once again turn her eyes to Him (the Lord Jesus Christ – NOT Obama).

  5. Breitbart on Obama’s speech: “…all Obama did was to promise he would double down on exactly what got us into this mess.”

  6. In an attempt to listen to the Rush Limbaugh show from 10 – 1 yesterdays, I was subjected to the inauguration garbage on my local station. So I was blasted for a few minuets with that Od1ldo thing in my ear. I watched this video of Ben Shapiro and was laughing my rump clean off. THAT AINT EASY FOLKS.
    Anyway I was appalled to hear that this SON OF A KENYAN COMMUNIST MARXIST, had not only bragged about the violations he committed, but that he intended to virtually ignore and destroy any part of the Constitution. I think the worst of it is that Beyonce actually LIP SINCT our National Anthem ! So much like Ben, only older in physics, I learned that I am a WOMEN HATING, HOMOSEXUAL BASHING, ELDERLY PERSON LOATHING dirty rotten Republican.
    In reality I am 52 years old, live in a very, very rural area that the wife and I adore, live pretty much bill free as far as the utilities as our power is produced by what I put on our land. A meager 4.25 ac. that sets up against a mountain range. About three years ago we moved from the State capitol to hear and we had the intelligence to place power producing devices in and on the property. This include Wind mill, solar panels and geothermal equipment that actually produces so much energy that each month the power company that CONTROL the States power, pays us. But accord to this REICH, I didn’t do that. Well I did not see a hammer or shovel in that moron’s hands. But my wife was sure digging up a storm. Got off topic for a moment, excuse me. Basically I, we are simple people and live a relatively simple life. We don’t have much income but that doesn’t matter.
    So what we have is a RUN AM-MOCK NON-CONSTITUTIONALLY SUPPORTED, TERRORIST BACKING, AMERICA LOATHING Marxists NAZI’S ! Hence why I call this the FOURTH REICH, which is exactly who and what they are. If you want to see this country in the same light (pictures) of East Germany of the 30’s and 40’s, then sit on your duff’s and do nothing. Or get off your duffs and start pounding doors. If you cannot get out, use this box. Get these extremely dangerous people out of our Oval office and our country as well.!

  7. Obama’s stated intent to re-define marriage as a matter of sexual equality is also Orwellian and a bizarre denial of reality.

    Same-sex attraction and identity disorientation are symptoms of more than one mental health problem. Science, statistics and Scripture stand together as evidence of that fact.

    The studies that the gay activists used in 1973 (when they stormed the psychology and psychiatry conventions to defend homo/bi, etc. sexuality and demand equality and removal from the DSM as a disorder) has been largely discredited.

    Since then, AIDS is 44 times greater in the homosexual community and all other STDs are 46 times greater, and there is an increased incidence of violence, murder, addiction, cancers, injuries, mental health problems, suicides and early death – none of which relate to social stigma, as they have not decreased with acceptance or with Hollywood making sexual deviance stylish.

    Obama and the gaystapo cannot make something equal that is not. They cannot make something good that is not. Even with the help of the apostate sects of the church.

  8. Which is why you are seeing more “Executive Orders” coming from Obama, no budget coming from the Democratic Senate, and absolutely NO mention of the national debt or deficit yesterday. Not a peep. Why? Because Obama’s socialist agenda is going to require A LOT of money. And of course only the liberals in Congress are qualified to know how to spend that money. YOUR MONEY. This is the most shameless power grab in American history. Elections DO have consequences. Hopefully, the conservative Republican and libertarian base that stayed home and didn’t vote for Romney will remember that next time.

  9. Why is it the left is completely unable to understand the content of Obama’s language? Do that many on the left sincerely desire tyrannical/dictatorial rule, the absolute and total abolition of the Constitution, their lives, and the lives of their children and grandchildren to be lived as subjects of the government; told where to live, where to work, what to eat, what to wear, what to buy (that would be compliance with the UN’s Agenda 21 which has “two thumbs up” from Obama)?

    Frustrating as hell to watch and listen to the low-information leftist sheeple mindlessly do as they’re told as they continue to crave, just like junkies, the outrageous lies and perverted propaganda of hatred, class warfare, and racial division dictated to the MSM from the White House.

    How is it the left is able to turn a blind eye to the events of Benghazi, to say on national (global) television that the deaths of four Americans was “inconsequential”, “a bump in the road”, and “just the way things go” knowing the White House watched it all unfold in real time and then the CiC went to bed without a care to fly to a party in Las Vegas the next day?

    It’s been floated our Ambassador was running guns for Obama to al Qaeda. The NYT hinted as much in an article they wrote last month citing the CIA knew all about it but would do nothing to end it.

    We also now know Obama, on top of the billions he has already gifted to the terrorist organization and the creator of al Qaeda and numerous other terrorist organizations, the Muslim Brotherhood, has just sent tanks and F-16s to aid and comfort the enemy of America that has stated their mission and goal is to kill all Americans and Israelis. Egypt’s President is on video saying those words, in prayer, in a mosque.

    The left, following Obama’s lead (?), believe there is no such thing as a terrorist. They’re unhappy patriots and/or warriors that are simply “misunderstood” by Americans.

    God help us. We have so many enemies within and without.

    1. The congress can pull the plug on all this funding, but they sit on the sidelines and watch it happen. The enemy within is attacking us on all fronts.

  10. Many are accepting the ‘Living Constitution’ idea. Just ’cause a document is old, doesn’t mean it’s wrong. Obama can ignore all laws like DOMA, Don’t Ask, Immigration, 2nd Amend. He recently fired some top military brass, sued states and states counter-suing, imposed Obamacare violating religious beliefs and so much more. What will he do in his 2nd term?
    He and congress (by their inaction) are going to cause some civil unrest, because we have no where else to run anymore. Obama was never a jerk and he is succeeding in his ultimate goal to bring down America, unless we are mad as hell and don’t take it.

    1. The constitution is sort of like the bible in that the reason it has “endured” so long is because it adheres to timeless truths that don’t change and sets the standard by which to live by. A living document has no such standards.

    2. I propose a new way of looking at our “Living Constitution.” It’s alive, and will come kick the a$$ of any leftist who seeks to destroy it.

      1. The true value of our Constitution is its conformity to GOD’s Word…and its acknowledgment that our rights are inalienable and come from GOD our Creator.

        The Constitution does not claim to create a utopia or make citizens equally prosperous, grant them all their wishes, gratification of all their appetites, but to allows them to fulfill their potential and make choices with positive or negative consequences, for which they are responsible.

        The Utopians are masking their salacious greed for wealth, control and power over the world…and the fomenting of dark, decadent practices, ie: Sandra Fluckism (‘you must pay for me to play’), abortion, gay/homo/bi/poly/pedophilia, etc.

        1. The genius of the thing is that it works, even for folks who don’t believe in God.

          Of course, some would say that was part of the divine inspiration that led those men to write that great, venerable instrument.

  11. Media/Press praises Obuma speech with prejudice: Obuma takes the oath to uphold the Constitution in one breath, and gives a speech outlining how he will destroy the Constitution in his next breath. Thank goodness Shapiro gets at least some air time to point out what the MSM/Press will intentionally hide from the sheeple.

  12. Give up some of our freedom, huh? It’s better to be vigilant and defend all of our freedoms, or we will start a slippery slope in this as we have on other issues we are disgusted with today. He’s the kind of guy I wouldn’t want to be in the trenches with, facing an enemy. I can just hear him now, “Maybe we can surrender and maybe they’ll treat us right”.
    These guys should never be interviewed. It’s an insult to our intelligence.

  13. Obama doesn’t respect the constitution as it is, he see’s it as a living document that can be changed at whim.

  14. 1) How about we agree to call it what it is, huh? It’s NOT “progressivism”, it’s COMMUNISM.
    2) Obama has been taught to hate America and Americans from a very early age. And that was shown over and over again by his actions and his words.
    3) The next 4 years will be a series of accelerated actions by Obama to further collapse the capitalist system by subjugating the American citizens to his “big State” communist system.
    4) We the People have no effective representatives in DC, none. the republican Party will move further into the communist column as they work to hold what power they can and pocket as much borrowed money as possible before the coming collapse and second American Revolution.

    1. What I don’t understand, since I’m not a mind reader, is the true intentions of Republicans. Not all but the leadership and those who support them. They all have enough wealth to retire. I can’t believe they care so little for their families, especially children that they want a leftist regime. What do they have to fear? Name calling from the press? They’ll get that no matter what they do. Losing their job? What?
      I still believe in many cases they just aren’t smart enough to launch a successful offensive against Obama. It isn’t just about the will to act. You have to have the intelligence it takes to come up with the ideas in the first place. They have no really good ideas to act on.

      1. It’s a good question. Most of them, as you say, would continue to live comfortably if they lost reelection. I think for some like Boehner, it’s not just the money, but the lifestyle, the feeling of importance, and the power he enjoys within the GOP, nevermind that he uses that power to neuter the Republicans and let Obama have what he wants.

        With others, like Paul Ryan and Michelle Bachman, who had the chance to noimate another speaker other than Boehner and chose not to, it might be a case where they felt there was no chance of defeating Boehner, and didn’t want to loose what little power they have by alienating Boehner. Even though I strongly disagreee with their decision, it’s at least conceivable to me that they are still motivated by conservative principles, felt that fighting Boehner was a losing battle, and wanted to retain what little influence they have by going along with the tide. Not the decision I would have made though. I don’t know how much good one can do being the head of a committe in a do-nothing rubber stamp congress.

    1. That would be nice, but I don’t see it happening as long as half of America supports him or just don’t care.

      1. Absolutely right. The Republicans will never do it on principle. They would only do so if they were absolutely certain it wouldn’t cost them politically, pathetic cowards that they are. When the large number of ignorant, uninformed Obama supporters feel Obama’s destructive intent on their own lives to the point that they can’t ignore it anymore, then maybe it will happen. I’m not sure what it will take to open their eyes.

  15. “Governments long established should not be changed for light and transient causes; and accordingly all experience hath shewn, that mankind are more disposed to suffer, while evils are sufferable, than to right themselves by abolishing the forms to which they are accustomed. But when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute Despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such Government, and to provide new Guards for their future security.”

  16. A wonderful analysis of Obuma’s inaugural speech. Obuma’s speech was intentioned to embolden his Leftist sycophants and idiots to continue on their path to total destruction. Shapiro points out several of the anti-American passages Obuma uses for that purpose.

      1. Thanks for the reminder. I first came across betsyspage in 2005 or 6 I think. Have not been there in a while so thanks for the link.

        1. No problem. It was linked at Malkin’s website. I found it to full of information and well argued.

  17. I greatly respect Lou Dobbs. Greatly! He was one of the few to really challenge Obama for his falsified eligibility for office at the start of his whole charade of a presidency. And that while still at CNN! It ultimately cost him his job!! And although he doesn’t harp on about it like he used to (sadly) I still respect him for laying his credibility and reputation on the line for principle. One of the very few voices from behind a news desk that I’m willing to listen to at all today.

    1. Yes, yes, yes. Lou Dobbs. What a great guy. Fearless and daring. I didn’t know it cost him his job. CNN’s Ted Turner, the godless creator of CNN, wanted no employees who were not secular. So much for HIS tolerance. His wife, Jane Fonda, converted to Christianity, and that did it as far as their marriage was concerned. I guess that’s what it took for the Atlanta Braves tomahawk to sever that union. (He owned the Braves).
      It sure would be good to know what Lou Dobbs would have to say about what has taken place in the world since he left, wouldn’t it.

      1. Yes it would. But sometimes you have to realise that Fox is just as bad as CNN et al when it comes to these make or break issues such as the eligibility question. After all, their Arab shareholders can’t have Hannity, Dobbs and co taking on the real issues that have the best potential to bring down the Obama admin. Truth and real journalism are now ultra rare commodities in the Western MSM. God bless bro.

        1. Yes, I understand. However, it seems Fox News sunday is quite balanced. The host asks a question of a conservative and listens to the whole answer. Then asks the Democrat what he thinks, and sometimes that person rambles on and on, and then is cut off.
          At least I can learn something, I stopped watching Meet the Press et al. The rest of my Sunday is 1- going to Church 2- Maybe visiting family OR watching some specific religious programs, and 3- Sports
          Do you know what I’d like to see happen, all in coordination.?? All conservatives, Christians and just ordinary good people cancel their cable, and stop going to movies. Then we write and tell the networks when they return to American traditions and morality in programming, and balance in conservative-liberal programming, we ‘might’ go back, unless we have developed a new media free lifestyle, and are much, much happier without them. Like what my daughter’s family has done, and a dozen other families they associate themselves with.

  18. Remember, Ben Shapiro graduated from UCLA and Harvard Law and his grades can be found and published.

    Likewise Mark Levin has an EARNED law degree.

    Neither received their degrees via affirmative action or foreign funding.

    1. Remember also, that Obama’s candidacy and presidency are violations of the US Constitution.

      Moreover, the Congress, FBI and CIA had to be complicit in this violation.

      This administration and this congress/senate is illegal, bizarre and Orwellian in more ways than one.

  19. I was lucky enough to have caught this last night.
    The guy is so young to be so sharp!
    …gives me hope.

    1. Yes – when i see him in action on these video clips, I keep thinking that he’s got a nice cheeky smile, and that I’d have him as son-in-law any time!

  20. And we are surprised?

    And now I read one of the questions asked of military leaders is if they will fire on civilians.
    Yes, they stay. No, they’re asked to leave.

    1. Do you have a link for that? Not that I doubt you, I just want to be able to show the leftists in this family I reside in.

        1. Oh boy. Get ready folks, Jesus is coming, but in the meantime……it’s not going to be pretty. Doggone stupid liberals…..

          1. Yeah, and Jesus said “Be anxious for nothing. These things must happen. Be joyful. When you see these things happen, look up, your redemption is near.” He stands with us. He sent the Holy Spirit to guide us. He is in control. Satan knows his time is limited, and he’s trying to take down a lot of humans with him.
            It isn’t always easy to remember these things in the heat of the moment. But we have faith, don’t we. One day we’ll look back at all this with complete understnding, and then get on with a great eternal life of happiness as children of God.
            Every time Obama says something wrong, say a prayer. It will help neutralize his attempts. He is defenceless against prayer, and will never find the right words to win us over.
            So, let’s be cheerful among ourselves, and don’t let the bad guys stress you out and make you unhealthy. Just laugh ’em off.

              1. It reads “But the Lord is faithful and He will keep you safe from the Evil One” and 2 Thessalonians 3:2 precedes it saying “Pray that God will rescue us from wicked and evil people; for not everyone believes in the message.”

        2. This is obviously heresay and until it is confirmed, we should treat it as such. Some of these websites you have to take with a grain of salt until it is confirmed. This Dr. Garrow character seems questionable to me.

          1. I think that this kind of weeding out has been going on for a long time now. What happened during and after Bengazi is telling, concerning what happens to military leaders who defy orders to stand down. They seem to retire directly thereafter. The federal government’s war on the American people is more than evident with all things considered. There is a lot of circumstancial evidence to back up the idea that the military is being groomed for violence against Americans. The effort to disarm the citizens is part of it.

            1. The enemy knows if America is defenceless, there’s a better chance to accomplish victory over other countries. If Americans would turn away from the sexual sins and abortions, those two things alone could defeat the enemy as America, once again, enjoys the protection of God.
              If not, the landslide will continue.
              Unfortunately, the enemy has one of their own in the White House, saying the words people want to hear, but the words don’t match up with his actions.

              1. I agree that if America had a revival that it would be blessed as a nation. Though, I do not subscribe to the idea that the US is a force for good in the world any longer. I don’t think that we have been for many decades. Our government has become corrupt to the point of legalizing murder of babies, then promoting this death through pubic funding of organizations that seek to kill as many as they can. We have gone a long way down the rabbit hole, and I believe that God will allow us to fall soon, and thus being unable to effect any good in the world. I don’t believe that the US will be a sovereign nation for much longer. We don’t even seem to appear at all in end times prophesy. When I pray for revival, it is not to preserve worldly things, but to bring on the great revival of end times, which I believe will take place after a global collapse and mass suffering and poverty. The US has gone the way of Sodom, and God will soon allow Satan to take it down, and use it for his own purposes. All presidents are installed by global elites who are serving Satan himself, so I put no special emphasis on the current regime, but rather recognize that our downfall is quickening.

                1. I’m going to pray to God every day, that God provides us with a new leader of His choice, well before 4 years are up. There are circumstances for bad people and bad leaders, too: Ghadafy, Hussein, Bin Laden, and hopefully Obama and company.

              2. Yes, the fact that G-d allowed evil to be installed back into the White House shows that we are under punishment. We, as a nation, have turned our backs on HIM and instead of heeding G-d’s warnings many Americans have adopted obama’s anti-God views.

                I believe that those of us that love the G-d of the bible and follow HIM will be under G-d’s protection. Proverbs 18:10

                2 Chronicles 7:14

            2. Yeah, it wouldn’t surprise me, nothing really does anymore where liberals are concerned, but I think until some other reliable source confirms it, we should put that one on the shelf.

        3. Excuse me while I go out to Home Depot to replenish my stock of duct tape… you know… for my exploding head.


      1. I read this too but the survey was issued in 1995 and was published by THE NEW AMERICAN (Vol. 11, No. 20 October 2, 1995) to some 300 Marines at 29 Palms and was NOT AN OFFICIAL GOVERNMENT SURVEY. It was distributed by John F. McManus on behalf of “Navy Lieutenant Commander Ernest Guy Cunningham who was earning his Masters Degree from the Naval Postgraduate School in Monterey, California”.

        “The survey was intended to confirm and then pass on to higher authorities his fears about “the lack of knowledge among the soldiers about the U.S. Constitution, the Declaration of Independence, and their heritage as Americans.”

        According to the Article:

        “One of the questions asked the Marines if they would be willing to be assigned to a “national emergency police force” within the U.S. under U.S. command. The survey showed that 6.0 percent strongly disagreed, 6.3 percent disagreed, 42.3 percent agreed, 43.0 percent strongly agreed, and 2.3 percent had no opinion.”

        The final question of the survey asked:

        While all of the questions in this survey should have stimulated concern, the survey’s final question has generated an enormous amount of attention:

        The U.S. government declares a ban on the possession, sale, transportation, and transfer of all non-sporting firearms. A thirty (30) day amnesty period is permitted for these firearms to be turned over to the local authorities. At the end of this period, a number of citizen groups refuse to turn over their firearms. Consider the following statement: I would fire upon U.S. citizens who refuse or resist confiscation of firearms banned by the U.S. government.

        The survey results: 42.3 percent strongly disagreed with this statement; 19.3 percent disagreed; 18.6 percent agreed; 7.6 percent strongly agreed; and 12.0 percent had no opinion. (emphasis mine)

        The survey can be found around the internet; it has been out there for a while, but the original article can’t be found on THE NEW AMERICAN’S website any longer.

        A copy has been pasted here:

        1. Thanks so much for doing due diligence and adding to this discussion. Appreciate your efforts. I feel better….well, as much as one can under bo’s dictator…er, administration.

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