Ben Stein speaks TRUTH to reporter trying to play down left’s mob like tactics against McConnell!

As many of you know Mitch McConnell and his wife were assaulted by some left-wing loon the other day while they were trying to eat in a Kentucky restaurant.

TMZ caught up with Ben Stein to ask his opinion on it:

The TMZ reporter was totally trying to play down what happened, calling it “democracy in action” and “non-violent protest”. But Stein wasn’t having it, telling TMZ that democracy in action is voting, not yelling at someone and throwing away their food in a restaurant. Stein definitely felt that this was “violent”.

Stein went even further, however, pointing out that these mob-like tactics are exactly how the Nazi’s started out – noting that he is a student of both World War II and the rise of the Nazi Party.

I’m not a student of the Nazi’s and World War II, so I’ll have to take his word for that. But the rest was just awesome and Stein is exactly right. Just because you aren’t punched, shoved, or physically harmed in any way doesn’t mean that what happened wasn’t violent. I like how Stein put it…

Anybody using violence or threats of violence or any kind of sudden action to deprive people of their rights and their peace of mind is disgusting.


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