Berkeley police arrest OWS protesters and tear down tents

Looks like Berkeley decided it was time to stop the OWS protesters from camping on campus and brought the police in to end it. As you could probably imagine, even after being warned, the protesters stood their ground and then whined like babies when the police started removing them:

BERKELEY — Moving quickly to quell a protest on the site where the Free Speech Movement was born, UC Berkeley police in riot gear on Wednesday tore down tents and arrested at least seven people who had established an Occupy Cal camp.

The violent clash was in stark contrast to peaceful speeches about protecting higher education from budget cuts and a short march that started the demonstration in front of Sproul Hall at noon. By 3:30 p.m., protesters linking arms were facing down lines of police officers as the Occupy group tried to protect a handful of tents that had been erected on a lawn in front of the building.

After warning protesters that camping at the university is illegal, officers moved in and shoved
demonstrators out of the way as they pushed toward the camp. Six UC Berkeley students and an associate professor were arrested; charges included resisting officers and failing to disperse.

“Stop beating students,” the crowd chanted as officers subdued several people.

“He’s breaking my wrists,” a man shouted before the police officer arresting him cut off his cries with a chokehold.

Chancellor Robert Birgeneau had warned students in an email Monday that camping would not be tolerated. A police spokesman said overnight camping is illegal on any California campus.



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54 thoughts on “Berkeley police arrest OWS protesters and tear down tents

  1. The phrase “whined like babies” is really offensive. These people were exercising their right to free speech and assembly. For that, they were brutalized by the police. Apparently you don’t care about democracy or the rights we are supposed to have in the USA.

  2. These people have been so cheated by their parents and schools that they cannot see the complete contradiction of their simultaneous condemnation of government authorities and demanding more and bigger government. We have millions of Americans who do not know what the principals of the country are or how to think for themselves. That is the work that needs to be done, the education of the young, unfortunately I think for most of the leftists in this country it is too late for them.

    1. Your comment tells me that you’ve not done any research on this movement at all. The movement is not condemning the government; nor are we demanding a larger government. One of the messages we’re trying to convey is that we want our government to be governed by the elected officials and not bought and run by corporations. We want our government to be free of monetary incentives and to listen to the citizens of this country in a true democratic fashion rather than one specific population being favored over another. I’m sure you’ll be surprised to read this, but I am a registered Republican and it is my fiscal conservatism that has brought me into this movement. This isn’t a political movement by any means and making comments about leftists or righties is moot in discussion. I, like many other occupiers, are tired of watching our country go deeper and deeper into debt when there are fair and balanced solutions that could be implemented by our government that would help reduce our deficit to the ratio it should be. The problem is that no changes are going to made in the right direction while our government is up to the highest bidder. This is a democracy, not a damned auction.

      And lastly, Mark, to address your concerns regarding the education of “these people.” Both the participants of the Occupy Wall Street movement and those who oppose, such as yourself, feel that their way is the best way and that the other side is uneducated and wrong. What makes this harder is that there is an “us against you” mentality happening here when in reality many of the problems we are protesting against are the same problems many of you see in our government; the only difference between your ideas and my ideas are that we have a different way in which we’re choosing to address them. We shouldn’t be fighting each other. We should be working together. I know what principals my country was founded upon and I am exercising the very morals and values set forth for American citizens by NOT keeping quiet against the fiscal injustices that are happening in this country (which affect all of you regardless of whether your wallet actually feels it or not).

      1. Your second paragraph is excellent. However, there are a few unsettling issues.
        1. You don’t want the government to be bought and run by corporations. What about the unions and the likes of George Soros? Are they OK in your view?
        2. You claim that the occupiers do not want the country to go deeper into debt. Yet, they are asking for bailouts for educational and mortgage loans.
        3. I am not sure what you mean by fiscal injustices that are happening in this country. I hope that you are not advocating the need for more government-subsidy programs and at the same time, you want our country to be free of debt.

        1. It is my personal opinion that our country’s workforce has greatly benefited from unions by way of 8 hour work days, regulations on working conditions, minimum wage, social security payments, overtime pay, Americans with Disabilities Act and the Occupational Safety and Health Act to name a few. I am pro-union and feel that there is nothing more important than the right to collectively bargain. I have had discussion in the past regarding similarities between unions and corporations, but my stance is that unions are non-profit rather than for-profit entities. One could say that unions have shareholders because their members are required to pay dues, but these are internal members of an organization that works to ensure better working conditions. They are not shareholders who profit financially from an upswing in business like those of a corporation. So, yes, there are similarities (more than what I mentioned), but just because it has webbed feet doesn’t make it a duck.

          I’ve never once demanded bailouts for any population of our country. In fact, I was absolutely pissed when Obama bailed out the banks and GM and every other drowning corporation. I’m a college student and I don’t believe that my financial aid should be zeroed out. I chose to seek higher education and there is a financial responsibility that comes along with making that decision. I am against the 5 percent tuition increase that happens once a year at my university and feel that if the level of educational development isn’t raising then my tuition should not either. Although, I do understand why people are upset that they’re being held to a higher standard than Fannie Mae; which was also bailed out by our government and is currently begging for more money. And as for the mortgage bailouts….the banks shouldn’t be bailed out and neither should those who made the poor decision to purchase a home with an adjustable mortgage or a balloon mortgage. Both the banks and the consumers made extremely bad decisions when entering into those contracts and both are equally responsible for the situations that they are finding themselves in now.

          And finally, the fiscal injustices that I mentioned are based on the deficit, the economy and taxation. It is a sad state of affairs when the percentage I pay in federal taxes on a $20 thousand yearly salary is more than some millionaires and billionaires pay in federal income tax. In 2009, there were 1,467 households that netted well over $1 million in earnings that paid zero in taxes. Further, there were corporations, that same year, that netted over $2.5 billion and never paid a dime in federal taxes. Those who earn their money through investments also pay the same percentage of federal income taxes that I pay regardless of the amount they earned. Tax breaks of up to 38 percent are available to people who make over $600 thousand a year; there are offshore accounts, as well, that allow people to pay 15 percent or less (in Ireland it is only 2 percent) in taxes on all of their money regardless of how much. The middle class does their share. Why shouldn’t the upper class, as well? The Bush Tax Cuts should be allowed to expire and those who have (literally) profited from these tax incentives should be made to pay a fair tax on all of their earnings; regardless of how they earn and foreign accounts should be illegal. The statistics I’ve mentioned are easily found in IRS statistical data.

          If these elite rich and corporations were responsible for paying taxes instead of receiving government welfare then there would be billions of dollars collected yearly that would positively affect our deficit and boost our economy. So, yes, I want our country to be free of debt instead of breaking the backs of the 99% by demanding that we carry this burden alone.

          1. Wow, Christina. I’m shocked. I realize now that we agree on more points that I originally thought.
            Regarding bailouts for corporations and individuals, I also think that they should have never occurred.
            As to the issue of fiscal injustices, I agree with you to a large extent. The tax loopholes for the rich should definitely be eliminated. However, I also think that government-subsidy programs have gone haywire. For instance, social security disability benefits should be awarded to the truly disabled people (those who have a severe physical or mental disability and they cannot survive on their own). At the present time, people who have the “beginning” of arthritis, or are under “stress”, qualify for disability benefits. I’m a middle-class person, and my wife had two jobs for 25 years. We never asked for a dime from the government. Having read your earlier comments, I have the impression that you may agree with me on this point.
            It was nice chatting with you.

            1. I always enjoy a good conversation, so I appreciate the fact that you took time to ask me instead of attacking me about my part in the occupation. A lot of the “conversations” I have about the subject usually begin and end with ignorant remarks like the ones above ours. Of-course, those are the people who truly don’t care and aren’t willing to spend even a fraction of a minute to ask what’s really happening. Instead they choose to sling insults and make assumptions and I find that truly disheartening. Thanks again!

  3. Each and every one of the people who have commented on this are assholes. You may not agree with what is happening across this country and that’s fine. But, you should be concerned with the fact that people who are attempting to peacefully assemble (a right afforded to them by the constitution) are being physically assaulted by the very police forces that are supposed to protect the public. If their rights can be trampled on so easily, then so can yours (if and/or when you grow the balls to try and exercise your rights as an American citizen). What kills me is there is father on here talking about how he has taught his children right from wrong and is criticizing the protesters. It isn’t about right or wrong, pops. If your children aren’t willing to stand up against something they wholly disagree with then the only thing you’ve taught your children is how to be cowards and take whatever is shoved their way. Way to go, pops! That’s what America needs more sheep. And as for the rest of the sanctimonious comments on here….you talk about real patriotism? Well, you’re watching live…this is exactly what democracy looks like. We (and yes, I’m an occupier in my own city) don’t hate this country, in fact, we love this country with more reverence than you can imagine. We are standing in solidarity with one another to allow a unified voice to be heard above all of the corporate greed and income inequality in this country. And before you begin tossing insults my way I’ll key you in on some truth: I have an education (and am currently working on a masters). I pay taxes. I’m not on welfare. I’ve never received assistance from our government for anything. I don’t do drugs. And I, like 80 percent of occupiers, have full time employment and this is my OCCUPATION. Turn off your TVs, open your eyes and take a stand instead of acting like a bunch of hypocritical assholes. It really isn’t becoming of you.

    1. Don’t forget that your first sentence applies to you too.
      If the OWS demonstrators expressed their views and then vacated the premises by the end of the day, I would have sympathized with them. By overextending their stay, they are hurting many small businesses in the occupied areas. I have zero tolerance for this type of behavior.

      1. Funny, I have a feeling people said the same thing about the Albany Movement. If those young people had just left those lunch counters when they were told to, people would have sympathized with them, right?

  4. Oh man what I would pay to see 10 Syrian Cops at that rally.
    On the other hand Berkeley shaped and molded these little dirt balls so
    let me make more popcorn.

  5. Time travel is possible, folks. Welcome to the 60s. Back in the 60s, the Great Unwashed did the same thing, in reference to the Vietnam War. When the weak president gave in to them, playing politics, instead of playing to honor the commitments of Soldiers and Marines, and especially the Special Forces, countless innocent Vietnamese were exterminated.

    In case you don’t remember what happens when America abandons an ally, I’ll refresh your memory, or tell you something you don’t know:

    In Vietnam, the new communist government sent many people who supported the old government in the South to “reeducation camps”, and others to “new economic zones.” An estimated 1 million people were imprisoned without formal charges or trials.[1] 165,000 people died in the Socialist Republic of Vietnam’s re-education camps, according to published academic studies in the United States and Europe.[1] Thousands were abused or tortured: their hands and legs shackled in painful positions for months, their skin slashed by bamboo canes studded with thorns, their veins injected with poisonous chemicals, their spirits broken with stories about relatives being killed.

    How many people will their selfishness kill, and who will it be, this time? Maybe this time, the JOOOOs the bigoted, cowardly left hate so much.

  6. What they need to do is make it clear that if arrested, the arrest record will not be removed and if they think getting work is difficult, try getting a job with a criminal record.

    Make it clear that it CANNOT be expunged.

  7. Useful idiots. I love it, keep arresting them and then time for rubber bullets and the water trucks 🙂

  8. Great move by Berkeley’s chancellor Birgeneau. You’ve got to remove the cancerous cells before they grow. New York’s Bloomberg was too timid and politically correct. Now New York is stuck with these lunatics for the unforeseeable future.

    1. Well that goes against the reports of two weeks ago that the Bumberg was ready to deal with these people. Complaints from the people that have to put up with this daily refuge was going to be acted upon. I guess he had to go to a party and forgot.

  9. Berk officials said … “wait I did’t mean here!!! I wanted you to take your anti american sentiment that i instilled in you, out there not in here!!!!”

    My dad always told me watch out for what you wish for you might just get it!!!

    Berkley chumps getting what they wished for!!ROTFLMAO!!!!

  10. Their encouraged at school to occupy everything but the school where they should be occupying. Protest everything except the schools who constantly raise tuition to issue garbage degrees of social conscience to kids who now think their the smartest people in the room. Fools taught by fools, exalting themselves in their own foolishness.

  11. Why occupy berkerly, oakland, san diego, they are already liberal hippyville. Why not occupy maricopa county only conservatives there and a sheriff named JOE APAIO and he does not have any billy clubs none at all

    1. The’re not interested in facing real Americans. Too much patriotism and common sense to deal with and they have no answers. They would prefer to occupy liberalvilles where they will be treated with politically correct ‘understanding’. Of course, since this is happening in Berkeley, they might be running out of places to infest pretty soon.

  12. Any sane American, who who could vote for an administration and party (Democrat)–that openly supports these imbeciles, baffles my mind.
    Wake up, America!!!!

  13. It’s a damn shame these ungrateful, clueless young turds (along with all the other “occupy” commie-wannabes in America) couldn’t go back in time to 1989 to join the Chinese students at Tianeman Square so they can actually experience what REAL socialism will do for them…

    (From getting hauled off to “re-education/ labor camps” and secretly TORTURED for the next 15-20 years or just get mowed down by artillery fire under Chinese martial law. Not to mention their entire family must disown them or face similar fate.)

  14. Do you know what I see? I see a whole generation of children that only watched TV growing up. They never had parents that taught them right and wrong, respect for the law, and appreciation for rules. I see a generation of “winners” without losers who get bailed out of every situation and never face consequences.

    It is a scary world where these people become middle aged and never have to face the results of their actions. If my kid were in that school, at that protest, pushing against a police officer or breaking the law, they would not be arrested. They would be dragged out of there by ME their FATHER.

    But, my kids would NEVER do that. They have been taught about respect, obedience, punishment, and right and wrong from a very early age. And, I have monitored and raised them up where reward is given for good and correction for bad. I KNOW my children. The moron parents of these morons couldn’t care less about what their kids are doing and they will keep bailing them out, writing checks for tuition, and praising them for being stupid. Sad state of affairs…


      1. AMEN. At that point we will all forget the laws and prayer will return to schools, led by the teachers, who are praying for their lives…

  15. At some point, they are going to have to do something in Asheville, NC. They have people sleeping on the sidewalk in front of the federal courthouse, but they really want to take over Pack Square, which is the newly renovated park where various activities take place over the year. Last Saturday, about 100 ows protesters took over another park and started marching down the middle of the street with no warning or permit. The police were overwhelmed, and video taped the march. A handful of people were arrested, but the police said they did not have the capability at that time to do any more. They are reviewing the video tape for possible further arrests. In the meantime, the local newspaper never reported on this incident! Finally, three days later they mentioned it under a headline story that was about a police dept. employee, the one who was doing the videotaping, who was suspended from their job because they wrote a nasty comment about the protesters on their private facebook page while at home and not working.

    My prediction: well, we have a lot of really wealthy people in this town, like the Vanderbilt family that still owns and operates the Biltmore estate, a major tourist destination, and we also have the Grove Park Inn, where all the wealthy people stay when they come to town, including Obama. If the protestors go anywhere near these two places, I surmise the police will suddenly have more manpower. Also, when downtown businesses start losing money because tourists are afraid to come into town and/or the upcoming Holiday parade is disrupted, then they will have to do something. But, honestly, the businesses and town deserve what they get, because they support these people. In fact, the town originally gave them a place to camp, that is until the state told them that the location was in violation of an agreement the city had with the state.

    I know I am a bit leary about going into the downtown at this point; apparently the ows march was down a one way street and cars were turning around in a panic to get away from this wall of people marching towards them.

    1. You just described mob rule. This is the end result of electing marxists who have a great hatred for America.

      1. You’re right. The laws do not seem to apply to certain people. Since when is it legal to sleep on a sidewalk and march down a street without a permit? This is indicative of an attitude I have observed in other situations: the laws apply to everyone except ME.

        1. The speed of the team is the speed of the leader. The criminal in the White House doesn’t obey the laws so why should his followers?

    1. I tried the link and it is down for the time being. You have pulled a “RUSH” on thier site. Power to the Numbers!

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