‘Bernie Bro’ plotted to MURDER Joe Biden. Bet Biden doesn’t pull a WHITMER and blame Bernie for it.

A North Carolina man who is a defendant in a child pornography case and a dedicated ‘Bernie Bro’ is also a thwarted would-be assassin, who was planning to assassinate Democratic candidate Joe Biden.

It’s a messed up tale. The 19-year-old Alexander Hillel Treisman had posted about killing Biden. Eventually, he “allegedly looked up Biden’s home address, purchasing an AR-15 in New Hampshire, going to a Wendy’s within four miles of Biden’s home, and writing a checklist ending with ‘execute,'” explains a href=”https://lawandcrime.com/crazy/man-detained-in-ongoing-child-porn-case-because-of-alleged-plot-to-assassinate-joe-biden/” rel=”noopener” target=”_blank”>Law & Crimetoday, (H/T to my favorite headlines site Liberty Daily).

“Treisman allegedly wrote on Reddit that he had to ‘save bernie,'” just days after Sanders withdrew from the race, it’s reported. On his computer, investigators found a Polish passport with his face edited onto it, and had other fake IDs in his possession.

From The Blaze:

“Treisman conveyed to the interviewing officers that he had an interest in terrorist incidents and mass shootings, and that he watched YouTube videos and read Wikipedia articles about such incidents,” the search warrant application states.

According to court documents, friends and family stopped speaking to him because of his “remarks and jokes” about mass shootings and the 9/11 terror attacks.

Treisman drove around the country, purchasing firearms in different states, authorities claim.

There’s more at The Blaze and Law & Crime, but here’s my question…

When the alleged plot to assassinate Gov. Gretchen Whitmer was uncovered and stopped, before any facts were known the media tied the criminals to Trump. As the investigation was still unfolding, Gov. Whitmer and other Democrats also said this, over and over and over. They said it on CNN and MSNBC, they said it pressers and in tweets. Even when several of the plotters were revealed to be anarchists who OPPOSED TRUMP it was still laid at his feet. Whitmer has been making bank on that since day one and continues to even this week.

So will anyone ask Bernie about the many, many incidents of violence from Bernie Bros? Will they tie this assassination plot by A SUPPORTER WHO SAID HE WAS DOING IT FOR BERNIE to Bernie Sanders the way they tied the ANTI TRUMP Whitmer plotters to Trump?

Will CNN even ASK Bernie about this AT ALL?

The answer is no of course, on all of this. They don’t do those things because they think it’s the right thing to do, or because they believe Trump caused the plot or any of that. They do those things because they are activist partisans with an agenda and are working on that agenda every hour of every day. From Christiane Amanpour to Angry Brianna Keilar to Jake Down the Crapper, to the Fat, Dumb and Bald Guy.

Just like all the rest of our enemy press.

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