Bernie Sanders’ illegal alien aide is doing the anti-Semitism that Americans just don’t want to do

Now Bernie Sanders’ campaign is dealing with anti-semitism because of his spokesperson posting a comment on her facebook attacking the Jews!

She has come out and apologized already:

A spokeswoman for Sen. Bernie Sanders‘s (I-Vt.) 2020 presidential campaign apologized Tuesday after making “insensitive” remarks on Facebook questioning whether American Jews have “dual allegiance” to Israel.

“In a conversation on Facebook, I used some language that I see now was insensitive. Issues of allegiance and loyalty to one’s country come with painful history,” she told Politico.

“At a time when so many communities in our country feel under attack by the president and his allies, I absolutely recognize that we need to address these issues with greater care and sensitivity to their historical resonance, and I’m committed to doing that in the future,” she continued.

Here’s what she said in the anti-semitic post:

In a since-deleted Facebook post, first reported by Politico, Sanders’s national deputy press secretary Belén Sisa questioned whether U.S. Jews hold dual loyalty to the U.S. and Israel.

“This is a serious question: Do you not think that the American government and American Jewish community has a dual allegiance to the State of Israel? I’m asking not to rule out the history of this issue, but in the context in which this was said by Ilhan,” Sisa wrote in a Facebook thread, according to Politico.

There is a good argument that has been made by many here – it is only with the Jews that people accuse others of having “dual loyalty.” If you want a foreign policy friendly with Germany, you’re not accused of that, if you want good foreign relations with France, you’re not accused of that. The closest we have is when people on the left accuse republicans of being in the pocket of Putin to betray America, and when people on the right accuse liberals of having loyalty to some nebulous ideal of African interests or Latin American interests or something. But nothing comes close to animosity some use against the Jews….

Also what kind of nutty name is Belen Sisa. Sounds like a perfume or a salsa or something. “Pass me the Belen Sisa, I wanna put it on this taco and spray it in my underarms!” I would say.

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49 thoughts on “Bernie Sanders’ illegal alien aide is doing the anti-Semitism that Americans just don’t want to do

  1. illegal alien aide ? For anybody? what the hell is this, this country is going crazy.

    Call ICE and DEPORT her.

  2. Exactly how is this President and his allies attacking you? What; low unemployment or more money in your pocket through low taxes, how is this President attacking you? Is it because he said America will NEVER be a socialist Country? Are you an effing socialist and THAT’S how he attacks you? Well too bad! We The People totally AGREE!!!

  3. Sure, it’s OK to be an illegal and protest with a Mexican or El Salvadorian flag, though. :exclamation: :exclamation:

  4. Leave it to the left to combine anti-Semitism with a serious concern like dual loyalty, so they can undermine the right when they question the motives of Muslim invaders in the near future. Nothing they do is a coincidence, and they can count on the mainstream media to cover all their political calculations and double standards.

  5. I don’t think DACA recipients should be called “Illegal Aliens”. They are legally able to stay in the USA….for now. As long as they can’t be deported, they are here legally (for now). I think its a misnomer that we call them illegal aliens. If that was true, I’d expect ice to head to Bernie’s campaign headquarters and arrest her on the spot.

    1. If you’ve knowingly crossed the border illegally, logically, you’re all but a convicted criminal. The federal court system unconstitutionally undermined the current President’s decision to rescind the previous President’s executive order, and no policy has made them permanent residents, so they’re still temporary residents. I’d have deported them one by one when they turned 18, but neither party believes in actual deterrents.

    1. @bikerhoop 0 unconstitutionally used his largess to allow it by EO, and of course, Tromp’s EO to stop it was blocked. But those were probably rhetorical questions, anyway.

  6. She is disgusting. Illegal too? Spewing filth without consequences? You can be sure she is and has been a voter. Kiss your Republic bye-bye.

  7. The headline says that Sanders’ aide is an illegal alien. It’s bad enough that they pander to illegals, but it’s a spit in the face when they allow them to be involved in the political process.

    1. @kong1967 That’s exactly what the Democratic Socialists are doing, spitting in our faces, but most of the sheeple are too ignorant to realize it.

  8. And Bernie is a Jew! Talk about self loathing behavior… Sheesh…! This Jewish guy is so sick of Jews supporting Dems I want to vomit.

      • I never could wrap my head around the fact that the majority of my Jewish friends, vote Dem. I have given up trying to understand.
  9. I wish Bernie was with the poor people in Venezuela getting water running off sewer lines and tell them how great socialism is. I despise that stinking hypocrite.
    #Fire her, lock them both up.

    1. Just thinking, hmm, illegal?? How about her allegence to Mexico? After all, she is currently not a citizen here.
      What about it salsa gal?

  10. How ’bout the people here who fly the Mexican, El Salvador, Guatemalan etc flags…no one ever addresses THEIR allegiance or loyalty. Why is this happening w/ the Jews? The hypocrisy is overwhelming.

      1. @nc-checks-and-balances oh heck, I’m known for being a hater for much less than that, Iv’e learned to not be a snowflake lol :hmm:

          1. @nc-checks-and-balances Good! I had to learn how to do that, I was ALWAYS getting my feelings hurt as a younger person, extremely sensitive. I think you could say now that I don’t give a rat’s patoot…very liberating!! 😎

              1. Amen on that! We had a blizzard today, and as I watched everyone around me trying to get to work, I’m sitting on my sofa in my jammies drinking coffee and watching the news…gotta LOVE retirement :envy:

              1. @msliberty I think it’s probably true of a lot of females. My dad must’ve told me a million times, “You need to grow thicker skin”. I didn’t, until my last few years of working. Hope it came easier to you! It’s a valuable tool, my life is a lot more peaceful 😳

                1. It did not happen until about 40! lol Now, I just don’t care what people think. Heck, I chastise idiots in public all the time now 🙂
                  I’ll be 60 this year so….whatever. I so relate to you!

                2. @msliberty me too! 40ish! And like you, I have no trouble mouthing off to idiots in public! Have to be careful, it sometimes gets me in a bit of trouble lol Too many crazies carry guns now, you know? :mrgreen:

                3. 😆 Hubs reminds of that all the time, but it does not deter me in the slightest. I do it all the time. It’s funny though, I talk to other women around my age, & some of them are worse then me…I didn’t think that was possible lol.

                4. @msliberty Oh those have to be the one’s that were born that way, not the late bloomers like you and I !! :halo:

                5. I agree, and girls today definitely need more of those tools. They need parents not friends!!!
                  My father would tell me, “no one stands on the street corner handing out fair cards!” in response to my sobbing.. “but… but.. that’s not fair!”
                  I had a profound sense of right and wrong with a distorted sense of justice. I would become very upset if I felt that someone was victimized or mistreated.. When I became a parent, I found it difficult to switch gears when I realized I was raising two lambs for the slaughter. I trued to teach them the simple facts of life- “people will steal, and it’s not because they are homeless or starving and in need of food” (In my child’s mind, people would only steal when they hungry or homeless). Growing up in the Adam Walsh Era, we had a school presentation about the stranger danger. I must have tuned it out or daydreamed through the entire event, as it was obvious I learned nothing from the presentation. My school called my parents to report they had overheard me telling my schoolyard friends something to the effect of… “people kidnap children because they are lonely and they really want children. They aren’t bad people, they just want a family of their own”. If someone tries to kidnap you, you need to tell them you love your mommy and daddy, so they need to find a child who needs a new mommy and daddy”.
                  The Apple didn’t fall far from the tree. I decided that I will not shelter my children like I was. I set out to teach them how to be aware, question that which seems wrong, listen to your gut feeling and if something seems wrong it likely is. If something seems to good to be true, it likely is. There is no Nigerian Prince and you will never win an IPhone X by clicking the pop up, etc….
                  As young girls we were supposed to be “seen and not heard”. No More. Today’s girls have many advantages and opportunities, I pray they don’t squander them.

                6. @karebou I agree w/ everything you just wrote! :thumbsup: I blame social media for so much of the crime against young women today. Thankfully I didn’t have to deal w/ THAT growing up!

  11. Leftists especially do this a lot: Say something horrible or insensitive (meaning it’s how they really feel), THEN… if they are called out for it, they issue a lame “apology”. They’re NOT sorry.

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