Bernie Sanders just unveiled a new Climate Change plan that will cost even more than Medicare for All

Talk about fairytale economics. Bernie is out with a Climate Change plan that will cost more than his Medicare for All plan:

AXIOS – 2020 contender Sen. Bernie Sanders is going big on Thursday with the announcement of a $16.3 trillion energy and climate change plan.

The Vermont senator is battling Elizabeth Warren for 2nd place in the Democratic race behind Joe Biden, and polls show global warming is among the top priorities for the party’s primary voters.

Sanders’ plan calls for 100% renewable power and transportation systems by 2030 and decarbonizing the whole U.S. economy by 2050. The plan explicitly calls itself a Green New Deal, the sweeping idea popular on the progressive left.

So you might be wondering if Bernie can’t explain how he’s going to pay for Medicare for All, how is he going to pay for this?

The campaign says the plan would be funded through trillions of dollars in higher taxes on fossil fuel companies and the rich, scaled back military spending, and more.

Scaled back military spending? LOL! We won’t have a military the way Bernie likes to spend money. There’s no way we can afford a military and pay for his Medicare for All and Climate Change plan.

And trillions of dollars in higher taxes on fossil fuel (oil and gas) companies? That just really means more taxes on us, the consumer, because the price for oil and gas will absolutely skyrocket, leaving many people without the ability to heat their homes in the winder because it will be so dang expensive.

And all this is on top of the higher taxes to pay for Medicare for All. Does he really think the American people are this stupid?

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90 thoughts on “Bernie Sanders just unveiled a new Climate Change plan that will cost even more than Medicare for All

  1. I personally think the Dem candidates have a contest to see who can crash and burn the greatest… I look forward to the next crazy idea to come from the Liberal Thinktank.

  2. These Lefties are so arrogant they aren’t even hiding it anymore. They’re putting out their “plans” – numbers and all. Good!

    Those Trump ads are practically writing themselves.

    1. Never thought I’d say that…..but since our first half white potus everyone is wee-weed up and outta their minds.

  3. Under the Bernie plan, it’ll be sunshine, lollipops and rainbows and we won’t need a military.

  4. Look at the bright side. Things will get so bad, all the illegals will go back home on their own

  5. There’s going to be a lot of pissed off progressives when Joe gets the nomination. We need to encourage Bernie and that other commie Jill Stein to run as a third party together.

  6. Get back to us when you have convinced the rest of the world to put catalytic converters on their vehicles and have met the standards we have. Until then just light your farts , plant a tree and shut your pie holes.

    1. Evolution may play a part, though I think it goes deeper. Cannibalism has has existed in pagan cultures prior to the theory of evolution. The Azetcs, for example, were notorious for human sacrifice and cannibalism. They were also a very occultic society. Ultimately is may be a reflection of our spiritual condition. A lot of what I see going on in America today is a revival of that sort of ancient paganism, and one of the earmarks of a pagan society is the devaluing of human life.

    2. I saw that and my first thought was “are they nuts”? Of course that was rhetorical because we know they are. 🙂

  7. I love how people can talk about spending literally trillions of dollars with a straight face, as if it makes all the sense in the world.

    I mean, we’re in some seriously Austin Powers “why don’t you just say you want a kajillion bajillion dollars” territory here.

  8. But if his plan doesn’t kick in til 2050, won’t that be a little late to save the world? I heard we’re all going to be dead by 2029…

  9. Bernie Sanders Is a Communist. He was a communist collaborator during the height of the Cold War. If they had known each other, Sanders could have been one of Obama’s communist mentors. While attending the University of Chicago, Sanders joined the Young People’s Socialist League, the youth wing of the Socialist Party USA.

    After graduating with a political science degree, Sanders moved to Vermont, where he headed the American People’s History Society, an organ for Marxist propaganda. There, he produced a glowing documentary on the life of socialist revolutionary Eugene Debs, who was jailed for espionage during the Red Scare and hailed by the Bolsheviks as “America’s greatest Marxist.” …

    Sanders took several “goodwill” trips not only to the USSR, but also to Cuba and Nicaragua, where the Soviets were trying to expand their influence in our hemisphere. In 1985, he traveled to Managua to celebrate the rise to power of the Marxist-Leninist Sandinista government.

    There was a time when Bernie actually hung the Soviet flag in his office when he was mayor of Burlington — but today he is more careful to not explicitly declare his aversion for the United States.

  10. $16.3 trillion over what timeframe? $16.3 trillion over 30 years (2021 through the 2050 timeframe cited)? 15 years? 10 years?

    In theory, the plan (all other extravagant policy proposals set aside), could be feasible over a 30-year window. Shorter timeframes would be much less feasible to impractical.

    In 2018, nominal GDP was approximately $20.6 trillion. According to the latest CBO projections, nominal GDP will grow at approximately 3.9% per year. That means nominal GDP would average just over $42.4 trillion per year (2021-2050) and come to a cumulative $1,273.2 trillion. The needed average increase in net revenue (combination of tax hikes/spending reductions elsewhere) would come to around 1.3% of GDP. Under a slow nominal growth (2.0% per year/cumulative 30-year nominal GDP of $886.0 billion) scenario, the needed average increase in net revenue would be 1.8%. If the expenditures were to occur over a 15-year period, the needed average revenue increases would come to 3.6% (CBO average growth) and 4.3% (slow growth) of nominal GDP. Over a 10-year period, those figures rise further to 5.9% and 6.8% of nominal GDP respectively.

    To put these figures into context, the Trump Administration’s fiscal deficit is projected to come to 4.5% of GDP in 2019.

    In the real world, all other policy proposals and commitments are not set aside. The nation remains on a fiscally unsustainable course with its current commitments (Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid imbalances). Further, Senator Sanders has additional extremely costly policy proposals. That means the actual average increase in net revenue (combination of tax hikes/spending reductions) would be markedly greater. Worse, the magnitude would be sufficient to constrain long-run economic growth, which would further increase the overall funding burden.

    From The New York Times:

    Mr. Sanders said in an interview Wednesday night that his proposal would “pay for itself” over 15 years and create 20 million jobs in the process.

    There is no broadly agreed-upon figure of how much needs to be spent to decarbonize the United States economy, but one study estimated that as much as $4.5 trillion could be needed just to modernize the nation’s power grid.

    In the experience of Washington, and the 2018 tax policy changes are just the latest example, policy proposals seldom “pay” for themselves. Almost certainly, the Sanders proposal would not “pay” for itself. Instead, the nation’s debt burden would increase in absolute and relative terms at a time when the current policy path is fiscally perilous over the long-term.

    Moreover, the above lengthy discussion concerns finances, only. Technological success, among other variables, necessary to assure that the policy goals are achieved is uncertain. National security trade-offs also are not considered. Those trade-offs could be substantial, especially within the context of a changing global balance of power.

    Further, if the AOC “Green New Deal” is representative, this proposal likely contains extraneous economic and social policy provisions that have little to do with climate change-related policy. Such provisions could undermine the market basis of the nation’s economy, slowing growth and reducing the standard of living below what would otherwise be the case.

    Better approaches to climate change policy are very likely feasible.

    1. ‘…. this proposal likely contains extraneous economic and social policy provisions that have little to do with climate change-related policy.’ You think??

  11. Wow…this helps solidify my choice to vote for BS in the Dem Primary.

    I encourage all of my fellow conservatives to vote for him, if you don’t have serious Republican Primary issues in your precinct.

    I think Sanders would be a dream nominee for Trump to run against.

    That is some scary stuff…

  12. The U.S. only produces about 15% of the world’s total greenhouse emissions. So if we become totally “carbon free”, and the rest of the nations continue to pollute at their current rates, the planet will end in about 14 years instead of 12. So what’s the point?

    1. But he needs a way to spread OUR wealth to all the 3rd world countries so they can drag us down to their level. That’s ALL this is about–government money laundering. Oh and getting some of that “green” for himself.

  13. Hey, I’m in favor of cutting military spending. I’d cut it at the federal level by about 99%, and kick all management of defense forces back down to the states, where it belongs, constitutionally.

    But Bernie needs to do some math about his hair brained freebie schemes. There just ain’t enough money in the world.

  14. Plastic comes from petroleum products. Bernie could set an example by eliminating all plastic from his life. You’ll find him living in the stone age.

  15. Not only are the Dem candidates trying to “out Left” one another but also trying to “out spend” one another. It’s times like these I can hear my dad say “do you think money grows on trees?” They’ve now lost their minds and are unable to think rationally.

    Here’s Bernie praising bread lines:

  16. Breaking: LA police officer shot by sniper on the way to his own vehicle. He was wearing body armor and is expected to make a full recovery. Perp is still on the loose.

    1. Our LEOs all over the country are at a greater risk because their authority has be undermined to a greater extent than I have ever seen.

  17. Go for it, Bernie. Knock the legs out from under future generations, why worry? You aren’t going to be around to enjoy all the misery.

  18. I never thought I would see the day when there would be a candidate, much less an entire political party, try to win election to any office by trying to demonstrate who can be the most certifiable choice with the most suicidal policy proposals. I am even further dismayed that there would be any significant segment of the population that would consider voting for them. I really hope November 2020 restores some of my faith in humanity.

    1. This unhinged kook LEADS Trump in head to head polls. The ignorance of Americans is absolutely terrifying.

    2. No kidding. If this were a sane world, based upon the proposed ideas by the Democrat candidates, Trump would win the popular vote by 80% or more and take all of the states in the electoral college. Unfortunately ….

  19. John Prine’s song “The Lonesome Friends of Science”

    The lonesome friends of science say
    “The world will end most any day”
    Well, if it does, then that’s okay
    ‘Cause I don’t live here anyway
    I live down deep inside my head
    Well, long ago I made my bed
    I get my mail in Tennessee
    My wife, my dog, my kids, and me….

  20. Uuuh … 100% renewable, but tax on oil to pay for it. Somebody needs to tell him that if you outlaw the thing you are going to tax, you won’t collect any tax.

  21. Hey folks, living in stupidopia with your own tent and eating cat food forever has to be fun right! Don’t worry there are not enough idiot democrats to vote for such craziness right?

  22. To answer the question: “yes he thinks people are this stupid.” Because he’s talking to fools many of whom haven’t worked or paid taxes in their lives. They feel entitled to live off the sweat of other people’s brows. And since the people distributing all the freebies tell them Climate Change is imminent and deadly they go along with it.

    It’s not as if any of them have a brain or the ability to think for themselves.

    Politicians and the feckless – if it ain’t your money – spend it like you had it.

    1. It’s not fair that those who don’t bear the consequences can vote for people like this who advocate government theft of property

  23. Even Dem voters can’t be so stupid as to waste that kind of money on a scam. Could they? Yeah, I agree. THEY ARE!

  24. Commie-socialist democrats ALWAYS have such wonderful ideas with no experience at administering such programs or money to cover them. Like all democrats, Bernie is worthless as teets on a bull.

  25. More on the Sanders plan from The Washington Post:

    [I]t is Sanders’s willingness to marshal the emergency powers of the executive branch that set him apart from most of the rest of the Democratic field…

    President Trump’s own embrace of emergency powers to fund the construction of a border wall has spurred Democrats to talk more openly about ways to wield executive power. Most of the Democratic field, including Sanders, has said they will end coal, oil and natural gas leasing on federally controlled lands, for example.

    This resort to “emergency powers” to circumvent the legislative process is what a number of us were concerned about when Trump decided to pursue that avenue to evade Congress’ unwillingness to fund his border wall. We pointed out that there could be possible declarations of, among other things, a “climate emergency” or “gun emergency” to rationalize executive action to break policy deadlocks.

    1. And the best part is, there doesn’t even have to be a real emergency. Trump set the precedent for that too. He can take something that’s been a serious problem for years (according to only a certain amount of people) but yet nobody ever referred to as an emergency, arbitrarily decide to apply the term to it, and voila! In fact, he can even reaffirm that it’s not an emergency by just ignoring the damn thing completely after declaring an emergency, and it’ll still work.

      Future kings and tyrants have been salivating over this since Donald first brought it up.

  26. “Does he really think the American people are this stupid?”

    I am wondering if he is really this stupid? Or it’s just the socialism seeping out of him.

    1. There are people…a lot of people…who believe this crap. And soon they will be the ones in charge. Scares me.

    2. Yes. Yes he is that stupid. And so is his number one fanboi, with a minor in economics, AOC. Neither of them understand how a consumer credit card works.

      Seriously, they can’t comprehend basic math:

      Run, Don’t Walk Productions: AOC and Bernie Sanders don’t understand math.

  27. I was in a waiting room that thankfully didn’t have CNN on. Instead it had one of those Planet Earth type videos narrated by that old British guy.

    The visuals were excellent. But at almost every scene change he just kept claiming that climate change was causing whatever current weather hardship the poor animals were enduring.

    If Trump doesn’t get some level of change started at the universities, then in five years it will be as if he had never existed. The watermelons will rule us all, and prosperity will be gone.

    1. No amount of change will help. We’re way too far past that. If people can’t look at Venezuela and see the problem with socialism abstractly, then nothing else is going to get through their heads. If people can’t look at the Green New Deal spending and see the problem abstractly, then nothing is going to get through their heads. Et cetera. Et cetera.

      Except an object lesson. Firsthand experience. They’re going to have to suffer the consequences to learn the error of their ways. It’s the only thing that will change them at this point. Because lessons not learned in blood are quickly forgotten.

      Let it burn. Let it all burn.

  28. Oil and gas are a BLESSING. Without oil and oil products, the planet would be in DARKNESS. Economies would collapse. Absent the energy within oil and fossil fuels, Quality of Life would plunge… Literal starvation, literal freezing to death, literal black-outs… Thank GOD for OIL, a blessing to Mankind.

    1. This has been called the jet age, atomic age, space age, computer age, etc., but what it is is the petrochemical age.

  29. I can’t stand this man, he represents every thing wrong with people.

    Envy and jealously are the roots of his support. People who support him are thieves.

    It’s disgusting.

  30. “Does he really think the American people are this stupid?”

    Yes, because the mainstream will have to back Sanders or Warren (pushing the same things) when people decide Biden is too mentally incompetent to be President.

  31. Let’s say the US swallows this suicide pill with an actionable plan to “decarbonize” and switch to renewables. Sure, a lot of capital will move to companies involved in renewables (an artificial winner), but did anybody writing this consider what happens to oil and gas stocks the minute this passes?

    The companies will collapse financially. They’ll make Lehman Brothers look like a solid investment by comparison. In fact, the closer the plan gets to passing, the lower their stocks will go.

  32. “Does he really think the American people are this stupid?” Not all, but quite a lot… just look at the idiots who’d rather vote for anyone but Trump.

    Vote for Bernie! What could go wrong? /s

    1. Ha! I just mentioned that. Conservatives with TDS help idiots like Bernie. When they refuse to vote for Trump that’s one less vote this idiot needs to win.

  33. If Democrats get a super majority again we are so screwed. This is why “the lesser of two evils” process is legitimate unlike a lot of people here claim. You go ahead and refuse to support Trump or whatever conservative you hate while you in effect give support to idiots like this with your absence.

    1. I’m getting nervous about 2020 not because they might legitimately win, but because cheating and trickery seems to be in their blood.

  34. I have to admit, who ever thought of using “climate change” as a way to take over the US economy was a genius. It may take a while. But it’s happening. Not today or tomorrow, but it’s coming. My neighbor’s little kids just came home from school (I think around first grade or so) and they had papers they are supposed to color and label, and they were all about climate change. They’ve got the kids where they want them.

    1. I see the same stuff from my kids. Last year my son had to draw 6 pics of global warming and make it into a little leaflet. I’m a good father so I helped him. We drew the following:
      A volcano,
      the sun,
      a field of solar panels with dead plants under them,
      a bird flying towards a windmill,
      his teacher driving her Silverado to school (she lives 4 blocks from the school)
      and his teacher flying in a plane to Disney (she was always talking to the kids about this trip)

  35. So buying Greenland covers all the bases right? But, tell me if the ocean is rising so fast it’s a problem, why did Obama just buy a house on Martha’s Vineyard? 15 billion says he thinks its about bunch of hooey.

  36. Bernie and his ilk are cancerous leeches…Top-Pro Scoundrels and money-launderers.. why doesn’t he just….

  37. Medicare for all,Green New Deal,forgive student loan debt,guaranteed wage? It’ll be ALL taxpayers “feeling the Bern” under Sanders! And yes,unfortunately a lot of the people are stupid enough to believe in this freaking nonsense!

  38. This old communist has no chance to become president so why bother even laughing at his proposals?

  39. Man, frick it bernie just take everything everybody owns and ration it accordingly. Screw the cost analysis, forget fiscal responsibility WHOO CARES, we’re FREAKS! We’re just here to serve you. Williamson can be president so she can handle generating positive psychic energy for the country, combating dark psychic energies with the Department of Peace and being a positive role model for crazy cat ladies while you handle organizing our daily lives, m’dictator.

    Williamson/Bernie 2020

    1. Tucker Carlson is discussing this right now..He mentions Bernie still plans to fly his private jet everywhere he goes, tho. Hmm.

  40. I think ole Bernie’s folks didn’t get their money’s worth when he was sitting in math class. He is struggling with basic adding and subtracting methinks

  41. Hey Bernie, and Bernie supporters, what happened with the green energy company that Obama wasted multi millions, if not billion, of taxpayer dollars on, was it the Solyndra renewable energy that went bankrupt?

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