Bernie Sanders just unveiled a new Climate Change plan that will cost even more than Medicare for All

Talk about fairytale economics. Bernie is out with a Climate Change plan that will cost more than his Medicare for All plan:

AXIOS – 2020 contender Sen. Bernie Sanders is going big on Thursday with the announcement of a $16.3 trillion energy and climate change plan.

The Vermont senator is battling Elizabeth Warren for 2nd place in the Democratic race behind Joe Biden, and polls show global warming is among the top priorities for the party’s primary voters.

Sanders’ plan calls for 100% renewable power and transportation systems by 2030 and decarbonizing the whole U.S. economy by 2050. The plan explicitly calls itself a Green New Deal, the sweeping idea popular on the progressive left.

So you might be wondering if Bernie can’t explain how he’s going to pay for Medicare for All, how is he going to pay for this?

The campaign says the plan would be funded through trillions of dollars in higher taxes on fossil fuel companies and the rich, scaled back military spending, and more.

Scaled back military spending? LOL! We won’t have a military the way Bernie likes to spend money. There’s no way we can afford a military and pay for his Medicare for All and Climate Change plan.

And trillions of dollars in higher taxes on fossil fuel (oil and gas) companies? That just really means more taxes on us, the consumer, because the price for oil and gas will absolutely skyrocket, leaving many people without the ability to heat their homes in the winder because it will be so dang expensive.

And all this is on top of the higher taxes to pay for Medicare for All. Does he really think the American people are this stupid?

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