Beto just compared Trump to the Third Reich – [video]

In what I believe was a response to Trump’s comments about ‘disloyalty’ of Jewish Americans to Israel, Beto just compared Trump to the Third Reich. Seriously.

Just outlandish comments from the man who had to go find himself after he lost to Ted Cruz.

To quote Nathan Wurtzel on Twitter who responded to this video: “I’ve been pretty blunt in re: Trump, but what he said is just a wee bit different than stealing all our property, chasing us out of the country (turns out they were the lucky ones), making us wear yellow stars, forbidding us to work or go to school, rounding us up and killing us.”

Democrats like Beto will say anything to try and get votes, no matter how nonsensical and hyperbolic. This is how desperate he is to rise out of the low single digits, which is where he’s been virtually all year. What’s so disturbing is that he believes this is what the Democratic base wants to hear, that they are so seething with hatred for Trump that they’ll eat this up.

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