Beto just compared Trump to the Third Reich – [video]

In what I believe was a response to Trump’s comments about ‘disloyalty’ of Jewish Americans to Israel, Beto just compared Trump to the Third Reich. Seriously.

Just outlandish comments from the man who had to go find himself after he lost to Ted Cruz.

To quote Nathan Wurtzel on Twitter who responded to this video: “I’ve been pretty blunt in re: Trump, but what he said is just a wee bit different than stealing all our property, chasing us out of the country (turns out they were the lucky ones), making us wear yellow stars, forbidding us to work or go to school, rounding us up and killing us.”

Democrats like Beto will say anything to try and get votes, no matter how nonsensical and hyperbolic. This is how desperate he is to rise out of the low single digits, which is where he’s been virtually all year. What’s so disturbing is that he believes this is what the Democratic base wants to hear, that they are so seething with hatred for Trump that they’ll eat this up.

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35 thoughts on “Beto just compared Trump to the Third Reich – [video]

    1. I think pot is the least that he’s smoking. Several drug experts have pointed out that he’s got all the earmarks of an habitual user of stuff much harder than marijuana.

  1. Honestly, if this guy wasn’t in politics he would probably be a serial killer. Just watch him without the sound. Have you ever seen him talk without him flailing his arms around like a complete nutjob? It’s quite disturbing not to mention the fact that he wrote stories about driving over kids and eating dirt. There’s something wrong with him.

    1. Don’t know if he’d be a serial killer but I could see him hanging with the homeless hipster druggies in San Fransicko though I wouldn’t wish that on anyone.

  2. He’s getting left in the dust by Joe Biden, a senile old man and the fake Indian Elizabeth Warren. If I were O’Rourke, I’d be desperate too.

  3. I don’t understand why Beto is still in the race. Jay Inslee dropped out today and Hickenlooper last week. Beto should think about getting a real job.

    1. Real jobs are hard.

      Desperately parading yourself around like a complete clown, vying for donor money from a donor class that is equally desperate to find anyone to beat Trump.. now that’s the easy life.

  4. Did he have his collar open and his sleeves rolled up.You know like the average blue collar worker when he said it.

  5. Shame on NBC News for being a mouthpiece for this dangerous hyperbole, and giving it legitimacy by tweeting it out regarding “Trump’s comments on disloyalty.”

    I’ve been around for awhile, and I don’t let “words” get under my skin very often, but this constant comparison by Leftie/Dem leaders – people with great influence – to Nazis and concentration camps is beyond anything I have ever seen. It is dangerous. And the Media just fans the flames.

  6. This guy sucks at branding.

    Politics is all about marketing these days and all this clown has to market is his dark psychic energy, leftover from the beating he took from Cruz.

    1. He’s branding a losing campaign quite well – the problem is he’s a loser! You can only put so much lipstick on a pig!

  7. Let’s take this Nazi reference a little farther. If Trump and his followers were Nazis then:
    All liberals have to wear an L on their clothes.
    Liberals can’t own a business or go to school.
    People running for the leftist nomination would be in real concentration camps.
    Anyone not a liberal can beat up liberals without repercussions.
    All liberal children need to spy on their parents and their teachers and their friend’s parents.
    No more than four liberals can meet at any one time in any one place.
    So to all you liberals and leftist and progressives, is any of this happening? Any one of these? After all, that was what happened to the Juuwish residents of Germany in the 1930s. And a whole lot more. President Trump is not doing anything even remotely like those actions. He hasn’t even suggested it. So who put the idiotic idea in your heads that President Trump is like Hitler? You don’t like his words??? So what?? We don’t like a lot of what your side says. In case you didn’t know it, the First Amendment was established to protect all speech. Even the speech you don’t like. Even the President’s speech.

  8. Beto is such an as&hole I just want to punch him in that idiot face of his. I doubt he even believes half of his own bul*sh*t.

  9. To Be or not to Be? Metaphysically don’t really know. But it is Beto all scrambled up. And that seems about right.

  10. He compares Trump to the Third Reich. I get the rhetoric but Beto has a big problem.

    The morons he’s talking to are educated in public schools where Nazi’s were glazed over.

    These dolts don’t know what he’s talking about

    1. Or, like most like him, Robert Francis has been indoctrinated in public schools and purchased as a shill for the evil of this world. Either way, I do not understand why anyone is giving this loser the time of day. He will never be President. He is much too stupid…and perverted to boot. Nobody in their right mind dresses up like a rabbit and performs in a pink dress. Not only are you correct that he is crazy, but he is also just plain satanic.

  11. Like islamofascism, Hitler and every dictator every in existence, the democrats are all about controlling and manipulating the American people and they use useful idiots like Robert Francis to make it happen….I do hope they are failing. As usual, everything democrats accuse others of being is what they are.

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