BET’s Marc Lamont Hill, formerly of CNN, and crazy ̵P̵s̵y̵c̵h̵i̵a̵t̵r̵i̵s̵t̵ ̵ RACIST say ALL White people are clinical PSYCHOPATHS

Marc Lamont Hill has a big platform. He used to be a CNN contributor, he’s now a BET host, as well as Black News Tonight on BNC (Black News Channel). He has half a million followers on Twitter, is an out anti-Semite, and is treated like a member of the club by the blue check media.

Dr. Aruna Khilanani is given a huge platform by people like Marc Lamont Hill and universities like Yale, where she says crazy things, which we’ve talked about here before. She said in the interview that went viral that there are “no good apples” in reference to White people, whom she fantasizes about killing. Or as she put it, fantasies about “unloading a revolver into the head of any white person that got in my way, burying their body, and wiping my bloody hands as I walked away relatively guiltless with a bounce in my step. Like I did the world a f***ing favor.”

Hill brought Khilani on his show, very popular among Black Americans as you might guess, not to challenge her assertions but to get her to emphasize them, triple down on them, and make sure as many Black people as possible heard her do so.

She was more than happy to oblige.

“Would it be fair to say, based on your expertise, that white people are psychopathic?” former CNN star and current well regarded Black commentator Hill asked.

“I think so, yeah,” lunatic ‘psychiatrist’ Khilanani answered. “I think that there’s many lies that — the way, the level of lying that white people do that has started since colonialism, we’re just used to it.”

Later in the interview, Hill asked her to clarify if she’s saying “psychopathic” at a “systemic” level, whatever the hell that means, or can we say that individual white people are psychopathic, or unhealthy, or out of their minds” and she said basically that it’s both things. She psychobabbled around it, but that’s what she said.

Marc Lamont Hill asked toward the end whether it was possibly harmful to say these things or the kind of situation where white people should just shut up and take it because they deserve it. You can guess her answer.

Then OF COURSE, he made HER the victim.

“You’ve been a target of the right” he says. A target? Seems like she is the one wanting to shoot people.

She tries to make it out like a professional talk, and says people that aren’t “ready” to hear her talk about how White people are inherently psychopaths. Marc Lamont Hill agreed with that.

“They have decided that there is a problem, but it’s you, because any type of race talk is the problem,” Hill said. “Anyone who mentions race or names race becomes the problem.”

Hill said earlier in the interview that he was just repeating her words and it wasn’t necessarily his personal opinion that all white people are individually psychopathic, just said at the end that white people simply weren’t ready to face the facts. That means he DOES agree and IT IS his personal opinion, a fact which was obvious anyway throughout the interview.

This is what’s going on in America, y’all. You’re too RACIST to accept that you’re a PSYCOPATH.

Chew on that one.

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