Beware of FOX’s Lego Masters show…

FOX’s show Lego Masters, where teams of lego builders compete against each other, is apparently carrying the LGBT agenda and, as this Christian parent points out, can be really traumatic for kids:

I don’t like involving my family in what I write, but I feel forced to do so in this case. We were sitting around as a family watching the “LEGO Masters” building battle TV show on Fox when it happened. I guess it’s partly my fault for not vigilantly researching the show, but Fox caught me off guard. It felt like a kids’ show, but we soon discovered that some of these adult contestants are quite “diverse”, like a skirt-wearing bearded man.

The contestants were building their creations, hoping to win the contest and not get voted off by the judges. Then, smack in the middle of the drama of LEGO-building, Fox threw in a well-placed little shot of physical affection followed by a soundbite with two of the male contestants talking about how they got married.

My youngest son’s jaw literally dropped. My little girl looked confused.

It was a clear moment of innocence stolen from my children. My son shot me a look as if to say, “What in the world does that even mean?”

I asked him later if I could talk to him. He was actually so disturbed that he told me he didn’t want to talk about it. As a parent, I still needed to give him as much of a brief, God-focused explanation as I could muster, but I could see his mind still couldn’t grasp it.

The show is about legos, which kids love! You’d think it’d be the perfect show for kids to watch.

But as we’ve seen so many times in recent years, that’s just not the case. Hollywood just loves to shove the gay agenda down our throats and they are increasingly targeting kids.

I tried to find the clip of this “shot of physical affection” to see exactly what it entailed, but I was unable to find it. Even so, I think we can all imagine what occurred and can understand how kids, especially young ones, could find that so disturbing. I know I would have…

And by the way, it’s not just TV shows. I’m seeing more and more commercials doing the same thing. I saw one the other day with two dudes kissing and was completely disgusted. I can tolerate certain things, but that’s definitely not one of them.

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