Biden: 3,300 people have died at the end of a gun since Sandy Hook

Biden is trying to bolster his gun-control argument by citing much larger numbers to evoke a more emotional response. Today’s number is 3,300 and where he gets it from I’m not sure, however I’ve seen a few blogs just citing it without a source:

At the hands of a gun? How about at the hands of another person?

And how many of those deaths could have been prevented if the victim had been able to carry a gun? We don’t know because Biden isn’t interested in actual facts, he’s trying to wow the crowd with a big number in order to get his unconstitutional gun-control packaged passed.

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89 thoughts on “Biden: 3,300 people have died at the end of a gun since Sandy Hook

  1. This idiot is next in line for the Presidency?  Lord, please protect obama!  It could actually get worse.

  2. How many of those deaths could have been prevented if the perpetrator hadn’t been able to carry a gone?
    In fact, in most cases, the victim is allowed to carry a gun, but carrying a gun doesn’t always prevent crime. Anyway, many people don’t want to carry a gun. The threat of murder isn’t so high in America that we have to always be worried.

    1. WaiGuoGuizi Those of us who carry aren’t “worried.” We’re simply prepared.
      The only thing that stops a bad guy with a gun is us. Law-abiding citizens who are prepared. And we will still be doing this long after you are dead, because the Second Amendment shall be enforced.

    1. bbhnkr He gets the numbers from facts. Are you saying that there is no gun violence in America?

      1. WaiGuoGuizi bbhnkr Please provide more information about these factual numbers. Really, I would like to know how he supporting this statement.

      2. WaiGuoGuizi bbhnkr You can read exactly what he typed, just the same as anyone else.  Why do you need to pretend otherwise?

      3. WaiGuoGuizi bbhnkr Of course there is violence, and we know who is responsible for most of it. We also know that it isn’t NRA members or duck hunters. As far as Biden’s numbers go I would like to know his source.

  3. Since the stimulus package was passed, they have saved or created 500,000,000,000,000 jobs and thats a fact. I cant believe anyone still takes this drunken blowhard seriously anymore.

    1. WBCSaint I think you left off a few “,000’s”.  There’s like, a whole lot of them in “a bajillionty.”
      OF course, no one knows how many. That’s leftist math.

  4. 90% of Americans favor universal background checks.
    If you don’t think that we should make sure someone isn’t a violent criminal or mentally ill before selling them a gun, you are an extreme fringe, you are wrong, and you are actually hurting your own cause with you unreasonable extremism

    1. ignatzz how about we get what we already have in place working first. If Gabby Gifford’s shooter can pass a background check with the mental health history he had, then universal background checks arent going to do a thing.

      1. WBCSaint ignatzz We don’t have background checks for private sales or gun show loophole sales. How bout we check if people aren’t criminals before they purchase a gun?

        1. WaiGuoGuizi WBCSaint ignatzz Because criminals don’t buy guns from people who run background checks. Look at the rising gun crime in Europe for evidence, and they let almost no one own guns legally.  So “background checks” have absolutely nothing to do with whether criminals own guns.  Never has, never will.

    2. ignatzz If you explain to people that the Obama administration wants background checks structured to create a national registry you get an entirely different answer.

      1. bbhnkr ignatzz If you ask people based on the facts of the bill–rather than adding conspiracy theories about gun registries that don’t exist in the bill–then you still get 90%.

        1. WaiGuoGuizi bbhnkr ignatzz I’m sure there are some black market gun dealers who agree with you. Pretty soon, you’ll need a background check to voice an opinion.

        2. WaiGuoGuizi bbhnkr ignatzz If you ask gun owners, which is a huge population, very few of them support background checks. Of any kind.
          But it doesn’t really matter. The Second Amendment shall be enforced. Of that there is no doubt.

  5. Damn Biden ! If you going to lie about the facts, you could at least do a better job as a Liar!!!!!

  6. How can this Regime think what they are trying to do…is OK and Constitutional?  Common Sense is totally Lacking in their LEFTIST Ideology…by taking weapons from the Law Abiding Citizens they must know that only leaves the guns in the hands of the Criminal Element.  After all, MURDER and using a Gun to Rob, Rape, and Threaten people is ALREADY Against the law.   And when seconds count, the Cops are minutes away!   They are not trying to protect anyone except themselves…and are attacking our God Given Rights to protect our selves from Tyranny.

  7. I guess it’s possible, but mostly in Chicago, and other restricted areas.  They REFUSE to listen to any statistics that don’t support their own views, so trying to educate them with facts is a useless task. They refuse, also, to do ANYTHING about the criminals’ sources of illegal guns, but they’ll do ANYTHING to take ours away!

    1. slhancock1948 Onama doesn’t care about those poor blacks in Chicago that are mowing each other down..They will take mine from my cold dead hands.

  8. Lefty propaganda. It’s all about control of the servants, NOT gun control. How dare this rat bastard stand before the American people and LIE.

  9. And how many have died from drugs in the same time period? Car crashes?

    They are pushing to legalize drugs, they support infanticide and they are trying to control guns for the sake of the children. 

  10. This reminds me of the scene in ‘Aliens’ when Ripley is confronting the corporate bigwigs:
    Ripley tells of finding a downed spacecraft with very dangerous lifeforms who get loose on her ship after an infected crewmember is brought aboard by the resident corporate agent and wipe out her crew.
    Bigwig: We have verified there are no indigenous lifeforms on (that planet).
    Ripley: What, did IQs just drop sharply while I was away?
    The liberals have a bad habit of allowing most all pertinant data go right over their heads and laser focus on something that has no meaning or even relationship to the problem at hand, but it makes them feel better to say something like ‘ oh nos, ban (item) and save one (item), whether said item is small fish, child, and so on. And wind up ignoring the 800 pound gorilla standing behind them. They are sickening.

    1. @famouswolf Which is strange considering we have young men and women willing to sacrifice their lives for the lives of those in this country. Each and every person who joins the military, is willing to die for our country. That’s a powerful testament to the American fortitude. To have liberals say, if we can just save one child…yes you can-end abortion.

      1. I know. I was one once, I volunteered before they sent the notice in 1968.
        Tragedy upon tragedy. STILL they focus on sticking expensive bandaids on manufactured slights while the patient (western civilization) bleeds to death.
        Hell, man, we could be colonizing Mars, have eradicated almost all disease, have boundless nigh free energy, eradicated hunger, have international peace for real…
        and instead, thanks to greed, fear, stupidity…we are facing ‘a thousand years of darkness’. Starting at a location near you in the near future. God’s justice and mercy on all the cretins who are responsible for this state of affairs, for they will have none from me.

  11. Just so you know that not only is the moron VP is not only espousing such information, but Obama’s spiritual adviser Jim Wallis’s organization is parroting the same stuff. For your edification I paste the beginning of the email that Sojourners sent me today.
    “Since December’s tragedy in Newtown, more than 3,200 people have been killed
    by guns in the United States. [1] This senseless violence needs to end.
    Galvanized by the horror of Newtown, people of faith have urged Congress to
    pass meaningful legislation to reduce gun violence. We have written letters,
    signed petitions, and held events.”
    and it goes on to leave a link to the source they apparently used which is Slate. As if that is the epitome of truth. 
    So now it has been almost five months and we have killed over 3,000 due to guns? Really? After a 1,000 deaths would not the brain dead media have used it earlier to add impetus to their agenda? 
    So we get Obama’s spiritual adviser to help perpetuate this lie, just as Jim Wallis only uses God to help bring the others under their spiritual spell. The difference is putting them back in those chains that they had escaped after they come to know Jesus as Lord.

  12. Probably had 3,300 deaths cause by morons talking on their cell phones while driving since Sandy Hook.

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  14. Sure, Joe. Most of ’em in Chicagoland.
    I wonder how many law-abiding citizens killed anyone in that same period, Joe?
    And how many of the guns used were purchased from a licensed dealer, Joe?

  15. More deaths are caused each year by tobacco use than by all deaths from
    human immunodeficiency virus (HIV), illegal drug use, alcohol use, motor
    vehicle injuries, suicides, and murders combined.1,2
    Cigarette smoking causes about 1 of every 5 deaths in the United States each year.1,6 Cigarette smoking is estimated to cause the following:1

    443,000 deaths annually (including deaths from secondhand smoke)
    49,400 deaths per year from secondhand smoke exposure
    269,655 deaths annually among men
    173,940 deaths annually among women
    Gun control is not about saving lives, but  making it easier for a tyrannical government to take over.

  16. There are many, various causes of death Joe. Cancer, heart disease, auto and motorcycle accidents, old age, stuff like that. Deaths from those causes dwarf gun related deaths, right? Any suggestions for limiting those? Why not? Are the people any less dead who die from non-gun maladies? 
    Does our Constitution guarantee us the right to a disease-free body, a perfectly healthy heart or an automobile that won’t crash? No, it doesn’t. It does however guarantee us the right to own guns doesn’t it?
    So, find another area for your “lifesaving” laws. Our  guns are guaranteed by that supreme document. Go after something that is not guaranteed…like criminals, rather than trying to turn us into criminals by forcing more stupid laws down our necks. Do something useful like repealing a few hundred thousand regulations. Kill Obamacare and free up businesses so workers can get their full hours back, and others can get that first job, or a new job. 
    Look at the gun/ammo stockpiling going on. The folks are on to your commie delusions of grandeur, and are ready for you to hit the fan. They’re not nearly as stupid as you are, and deeply resent you treating them like they are. Take a hike and give it a rest. You can’t have my boat or fishing poles either, even though they are not guaranteed. They too are my private property…protected by, you guessed it, a gun.

      1. NYGino Rshill7  My other pic disappeared and I couldn’t get it to go back on there. besides, me legs were getting cramped in that same position. Time to stretch a bit.
        Your pic is cool. very noticeable now. Aahahaha…”Wipeout”.

        1. Rshill7 NYGino   All part of a plan Rs.  I need the exposure, I’ve decided to run for President in ’16.  Want to be on my ticket?

        2. Rshill7 NYGino Great, but we can’t announce it till the convention.  We need a campaign manager.

  17. HUH!  He pull this number out of his ass or what?   Trouble is the LSM will give him a pass as usual.  Just think Ladies and Gentlemen this IDIOT is a heartbeat away from the presidency.  And to think he’ll probably run in 2016 if Emperor Narcissus gives up the reins.  How in the hell did this moron get elected in the first place???

      1. linguaphonica MadJack  and how many of those 3,346 killings by guns were done by Honest Citizens?  How many were committed by gangs, dopers and lifer criminals??

      2. linguaphonica MadJack – it would be interesting to see how many of the “gun deaths” were caused by a criminal using a legally acquired gun. Then, and only then, would the story have meaning. Otherwise, it’s just a meaningless number that lieberal politicians can use to beat law-abiding gun owners over the head with…just say’n.

      3. linguaphonica MadJack How many were killed by drunk driving? knives? Other blunt instruments? accidental deaths?
        Better yet, how many of those killed with guns were killed  by criminals who acquired their guns through illegal means? How many were Chicago residents? How many were shot and killed by police? 
        Let’s go even deeper! Since Sandy Hook, how many people have been killed by murderous dictatorial regimes or fanatics across the globe? How many could have had a fighting chance had their own governments not outlawed their means of protection (AT GUNPOINT by the way)? 
        Let’s go further….How many Soviet era citizens could still be alive today if they had been able to put a bullet in the head of Jospeh Stalin?
        No thanks! For every criminal with a gun there is a law abiding citizen who has cause to shoot him.

      4. linguaphonica MadJack We already know where to go for the sources.  We’ve been monitoring gun statistics far longer than the totalitarians.
        NRA-ILA tracks that stuff, and so does the FBI.  That’s not the question.  The question is, what’s Joe’s reference?
        After that, of course, is the obvious question: compared to what?
        The leftists continue to ignore and defame lawful use of guns in life-threatening situations as valid data.  Just like they ignore all the data  that prives there’s been no global warming for nearly sixteen years.
        Every day, more guns are used to save lives in this country than are used to take lives.  And fifty years from now, that will still be the case, because the Second Amendment is law, and the law shall be enforced.

      5. linguaphonica MadJack I didn’t go through all 3,346 but a number of them I’ve found to be suicides… hence the left’s use of the terms “gun deaths” and “gun violence” rather than gun murders. it’s pretty disingenuous… how do background checks and lower capacity magazines prevent suicides? just a thought…

    1. tinlizzieowner Just yank it out and toss in a wad of duct tape.  His IQ will go up ten points.

  18. One wonders what the MSM would say about Biden if he spelled “potato” with an “e”.

  19. 3,300 killed by the hands of a gun. hmmm, I think there are some 3300 people that have lost its way from Obama’s 16 million people who has new jobs 😛

  20. How many were in Chicago, DC, NY and LA where they have the strictest gun bans ole Joe?  How many were law enforcement shootings of perps ole Joe?

    1. OneThinDime 83, 22, 39, and 43 respectively. Also, 45 in Baltimore and 63 in Detroit. So… less than 10%.

      Actual number, according to slate which has sourced everything, is 3,346. Suicides and police shootings are not included in the figures.

      1. linguaphonica OneThinDime – so, subtracting the 83,22, 39 & 43…oh, and the 45 in Baltimore & 63 in Detroit…that equals – 295 (not including suicides and police shootings of course) – which means that 3051 gun deaths can be directly attributed to law-abiding citizens who legally purchased/acquired their firearms – all in less than 120 days…sorry, but I’m calling BS. This is Slate, after all. Not a bastion of truth like say, NYT, or LAT, or NewYorker, etc.etc.etc – LMBO!

        1. ChasMcCord linguaphonica OneThinDime Bingo. Even Jeanine Pirro said not 1 gun death she prosecuted was by a law abiding citizen.

      2. linguaphonica OneThinDimeThat’s also less than 10% of the big cities goofy goof, all of which have their share of gun-bearing gangs.
        I read one of your previous posts where you suggest that every state needs stricter gun control.

        1. Rshill7 linguaphonica OneThinDime I believe what I said was that it would be POSSIBLE to curb the flow of illegal guns with stricter gun control. I didn’t say whether or not we necessarily should, but just that the notion that we can’t reduce illegal guns (and the notion that gun control doesn’t work because there are lots of guns that make their way into Chicago etc.) is a total cop-out.

        2. linguaphonica Rshill7 OneThinDime  Guns are inanimate objects. They don’t make their way anywhere. Criminals make their living by violating laws. If you want them to violate more laws, pass a few more. You’re not simply naive…you’re downright oblivious to any level of wisdom, unless that level is a negative number.

      3. linguaphonica
         I’m afraid I’ve found a number of suicides to be included in the figures. example: Albert Alanis, Killed in Palmview,
        TX, Shot on 1/1/2013, Age: 26

  21. I love the pics you get for the posts of this guy, Scoop.
    That image of Biden is what it looks like in his brain, 24/7.

  22. Don’t let FACTS get in the Way of a good lie —  
    He just made that number up !
    BAN AUTOMOBILES – Over 30,000 deaths in 2012 
    It would be just as stupid! – Just like Joe Biden

      1. K-Bob famouswolf Wonder how many here were Fast and Furious weapons?  Wonder if Lanza or the CO or AZ shooters had any F&F weapons?  Of course we will never know because Obama will bury it deeper than his daddy’s grave.

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