Biden abuses his power to extend eviction moratorium after admitting he doesn’t have the authority

Dictator wannabe Joe Biden has extended the eviction moratorium that the Supreme Court has ruled was illegal, and even acknowledged that he’s not sure if this is even legal:

DAILY WIRE – President Joe Biden reversed himself Tuesday, reinstating a ban on evicting renters who are behind on rent payments despite potential legal challenges.

Last week, Biden called on Congress to put legislation on his desk that would have extended a federal moratorium against evictions. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D) and other top Democrats failed to wrangle the votes necessary in the lower chamber, however, after a number of their caucus’ moderate members rebelled.

Biden argued last week that he lacked the authority to extend the moratorium without Congress’ approval, citing recent signals from the Supreme Court that any potential extension would be struck down. Biden reversed himself following the failure of House Democratic leadership, reinstituting the ban that had lapsed over the weekend and attaching stiff penalties for landlords who violate the order.

This reminds me of when Obama reversed himself on DACA after claiming that he didn’t have the authority to do it.

CNN is covering hard for Biden on this, pointing out that he’s said he doesn’t think this is legal but still treating him like some kind of hero for daring to do it anyway:

Even President Joe Biden doesn’t know whether his new federal eviction moratorium for renters is legal and sustainable. But crushing humanitarian and political pressure left him no choice but to take a chance on an emergency move.

The new US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention scheme was announced after the White House, hampered by a Supreme Court ruling and Congress’ failure to act, had repeatedly argued it had no constitutional authority to extend the moratorium. Biden himself said on Tuesday that the new moratorium may not be constitutional, and is essentially an attempt to buy time to get backlogged funding out of state coffers and into the pockets of renters and landlords alike.

The conundrum threatened to force millions of Americans who lost incomes during the pandemic out of their homes in an appalling twist to what has already been an agonizing year. The problem was that the moratorium expired on July 31 at a moment when much of the more than $40 billion in funds already provided by Congress to pay landlords for back rent for tenants is still yet to be handed out by states and local authorities.

To head off mass evictions, the White House came up with a classic Washington fudge — not unfamiliar in an era of Capitol Hill gridlock — in which presidents, especially Democrats, have improvised with executive power to shield constituencies from consequences of a malfunctioning political system.

See, it’s the malfunctioning political system that’s the problem, not Biden and his unconstitutional eviction moratorium.

It’s amazing how nothing Biden does is a scandal to the garbage media. He’s responsible for the largest humanitarian crisis at the border in decades, an economy where inflation is increasing and hitting poor people the hardest, and abusing his power with illegal edicts that he acknowledges are illegal. But no scandals.

And after he’s out of office they’ll give him the Obama treatment, saying he never had any scandals during his administration.

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