Biden accuses Trump of NAZISM over THIS ad — And here’s what they got wrong AGAIN

The media and Joe Biden went nuts today over a video Trump posted to his Truth Social account, calling it Nazi imagery and more.


Here’s the ad:

Here are screenshots from the ad.


I know, hard to believe right? But as it turns out … (emphasis added)

Other parts of the ad featured placeholder text about “the European great powers” and the digging of trenches next to headlines such as, “Border is closed. 15 million illegal aliens deported,” and “Peace through strength.”

The placeholder text about “the creation of a unified Reich” also appeared at the end of the ad underneath the slogan, “MAGA!”

While the ad caused an uproar on social media, with President Joe Biden’s campaign accusing Trump of “echoing Nazi Germany,” the controversial text appeared to be leftover placeholder text from a video editing template for Adobe After Effects.

The “Newspaper Vintage History Headlines” template, which is available to download as part of a subscription service online, includes the same placeholder text about World War 1 which was spotted in Trump’s ad.

While many are aware of the term “Reich” in the context of the Nazi Third Reich, the term was also used by the German Empire – or the Second Reich – from 1871 until the end of World War 1 in 1918.

SO … They didn’t make the ad, the ad uses a standard Adobe template, and the line wasn’t even about the THIRD REICH. You know — the Nazis?

But guess who that didn’t stop?

It just doesn’t matter if it’s true. It only matters if they want to say it’s true. Even when you’re right they find a way to still say you’re wrong and evil.

Start it out open below y’all.

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