Biden admin ramping up to go after QAnon ‘domestic terrorists’

The left has been fixated on whatever the heck QAnon is over the last half year, all because they also supported Trump. Now the Biden administration is set to use the power of government go after them:

OAN – Joe Biden’s national security team will reportedly take actions against domestic extremism in the wake of the Capitol Hill demonstrations as well as ongoing threats to Washington, D.C. and state capitol buildings.

According to reports this week, Biden transition officials and his incoming national security team are seeking to shift government resources for counter-terrorism to fight domestic threats.

During Senate confirmation hearings Tuesday, Biden’s nominee for director of National Intelligence, Avril Haines, said she would draft a public report of the conspiracy theory QAnon, which has been labeled by the mainstream media as a “cult” and part of the fuel that led to the January 6 violence.

If she is confirmed as the nation’s top intelligence chief, Haines promised to work with federal law enforcement agencies conducting these political probes.

“Obviously the Intelligence Community is not in the lead in managing these events,” she stated. “It’s the FBI and the Department of Homeland Security, but the Intelligence Community I hope will have an important role in supporting their work and ultimately in particular looking at any connections there are between folks in the United States and externally foreign.”

They aren’t planning to go after Antifa, which literally is a domestic terrorist group and is responsible for tons of violence around the nation, especially in Portland. No, they intend on targeting QAnon because they supported Trump.

Look, I don’t really care about the QAnon group at all. If their members are violating the law, just like at the Capitol, they should be arrested and punished. But to selectively put them at the top of the list over leftwing groups like Antifa – well that just smells of left-wing partisanship that is not based in reality.

Which is why this is really an effort to go after Trump supporters, who the media keeps comparing to ISIS and other terrorist groups:

We’ve already seen the purge happening across social media. Now we are about to see it come directly from the Biden administration.

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