Biden and Buttigieg pressured Trudeau for crackdown that treated Freedom Convoy like they were Al Qaeda

I mean you can’t be surprised, right? Remember how Justin Trudeau’s regime cracked down hardcore on the Freedom Convoy trucker protest against covid lockdowns? Arrests, theft of funds, even theft of PETS took place as his draconian covid measures were defended by even more draconian anti-speech actions.

“I am absolutely, absolutely serene and confident that I made the right choice,” said the would-be dictator on Friday of his nefarious actions.

They used post-9/11 methods of money tracking and financial devastation against groups that raised money, remember that? It was the single most blatant authoritarian action taken in a Western nation since before the Cold War. And they got away with it because the American and Canadian media are so utterly enthralled of leftism they don’t do actual reporting at all now. They have no curiousity about it whatsoever.

So it tracks that they’re ignoring the inquiry going on in Canada right now over those INSANE methods authorized and implemented by iron-fisted decree from that 12-year-old in charge Justin Trudeau.

And that’s why they aren’t at all interested in the fact that the White House was egging him on. Politico reported on it somewhat, and Fox & Friends this morning talked about it.

Here’s more from Politico, writing about it BEFORE Trudeau’s testimony on Friday.:

The revelations were revealed in testimony and documents tabled Thursday at a public inquiry into the federal government’s decision to use emergency powers to end the ‘Freedom Convoy’ blockades and clear a weeks-long occupation of downtown Ottawa that started in January 2022.

“I could see for the first time this amber light flashing,” Finance Minister Chrystia Freeland told the Public Order Emergency Commission.

The inquiry is required by law as a result of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s decision to invoke the never-before-used Emergencies Act on Feb. 14 to end the protests.

Powers under the act were used to freeze the bank accounts, ban travel to protest sites and compel trucks to tow vehicles blocking streets. The commission must determine whether the Liberal government was justified in using those measures.

You’re gonna LOVE this part. That finance minister, Freeland, she told the inquiry that Biden’s top economic adviser Brian Deese expressed “urgent concern” to her about the convoy and bridge blockade. She asked for a phone call between Biden and Trudeau.

Politico points out that Trudeau chief of staff Brian Clow was already getting blown up by various top Biden advisors. Trudeau’s national security advisor Jody Thomas was reached out to by Biden’s DHS.

And then on February 11, Clow was able to make the Trudeau-Biden call happen, and prepped Trudeau for the call by telling him Washington had a singular message: end the protests immediately.

The president reportedly alluded to trucker convoys rumored to be heading to the Super Bowl in Los Angeles, as well as for the streets of Washington.

Clow’s text said Trudeau spoke with the president about American influence on the Canadian blockades, including “money, people, and political/media support.”

At the time, Fox News personality Tucker Carlson was one of the most prominent vocal American supporters of the Canadian protests.

Official readouts of the call from Ottawa and the White House offered fewer details.

And here’s little mayor Petey.

U.S. Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg was also preoccupied with the border blockades. The same day Deese called Freeland, Buttigieg got hold of Transport Minister Omar Alghabra to press his counterpart for “a plan to resolve” the disruptions.

Buttigieg initiated the call, an interaction Alghabra told the commission was “unusual.”

Trudeau testified before the commission on Friday and was “serene” about his actions, he said. Here’s more from Breitbart:

Appearing before the inquiry on Friday, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau defended his use of the emergency powers by invoking the potential of violence and death at the largely peaceful protests: “When there’s a national emergency and serious threats of violence to Canadians, and you have a tool that you should use, how would I explain it to the family of a police officer who was killed?

“Or a grandmother who got run over trying to stop a truck or … a protester who was killed?”

The comments were ironic, given that the public inquiry also revealed that Mr Trudeau’s own government ministers allegedly raised the idea of deploying military tanks to disperse the protest movement.

Mr Trudeau went on to — somewhat confusingly — say that protests should not be used to try to “demand changes to public policy… something that I think is worrisome.”

Trudeau repeatedly trashed the very idea of protesting against government policy when he testified on Friday, and that’s the guy whose best pals Biden and Buttigieg were urging to take ever more drastic actions.

Do you have any doubt what Biden wants to do here at home? What the entire left and media want him to do?

That’s why they are livid about losing Twitter as a propaganda tool. It’s why they try to convince advertisers to abandon Fox News. It’s why Google punishes websites like Right Scoop. Because they want to carry about these plans.

It happens right out in the open and people still don’t get it.

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