Biden angrily SCREAMS at grads about 140!!! heads of state asking SAME fake question. Boebert calls BS.

Dementia Joe gave a commencement address in South Carolina and it was an utter disaster. From half asleep to sudden angry shouting, from forgetting everything to sputtering and muttering, it was a humiliating display of incompetence and fabrications.

Lauren Boebert called him out for one obviously fake story.

Not one person asked him that. Libs will say he’s just paraphrasing but they wouldn’t let any Republican get away with it. CNN would be on the phone RIGHT NOW asking individual world leaders whether they actually asked this literal question, and be doing big FACT CHECK segments on it.

But the only place you find anyone fact-checking is among the right online.

But he just gets to say it and nobody gives a damn.

He also forgot who George Floyd is, something CNN wouldn’t forgive for any Republican, either.

He called Kamala “President Harris” but that may not be dementia as much as it was a Freudian slip.

He’s a clown and our government and media are a joke.

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