Biden backpedals on his “minor incursion” comments about Russia invading Ukraine [VIDEO]

Biden really created an uproar yesterday over his comments about Russia invading Ukraine, and now he’s backpedaling hard to try and convince Putin that he’s a serious person.

Biden starts by saying that any invasion by Russia will be met with a “severe and coordinated economic response”.

He emphasized that further saying, “Let there be no doubt at all that if Putin makes this choice, Russia will pay a heavy price.”

I really don’t think Putin gives a crap what Biden says at this point. After all, the proof is in the pudding and the pudding was Afghanistan. Putin knows Biden is a coward who can be easily bullied and that the time is now to invade, before someone like Trump gets back in office.

Ukraine’s President Zelensky tweeted this morning:

“We want to remind the great powers that there are no minor incursions and small nations. Just as there are no minor casualties and little grief from the loss of loved ones. I say this as the President of a great power.”

This is why Biden rushed to the mic this morning to make these remarks. He’s lost the trust of our ally Ukraine.

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