Biden called out by WAPO fact checker for repeating same lie that got him FOUR PINOCCHIOS

In Biden’s ESPN interview last night, he repeated the same lie he’d said before about the new Georgia election law, claiming that it stopped voting at 5PM on election day, just when people are getting off work.

Glenn Kessler, WAPO’s fact checker, had already given him four pinocchios for making the false claim before. And now he’s calling out Biden for doing it again:

Biden actually tells at least two lies in this video (more on that below), but Kessler was focused on the one he’d already debunked: “In this interview, Biden repeats a Four-Pinocchio claim about the new Georgia law: “You are going to close a polling place at 5 o’clock when working folks just get off.” Nope, that’s not in the law.”

In fact the Atlanta Journal-Constitution finally came out yesterday and admitted they got this wrong, with this ‘stealth correction’ admitting the new law doesn’t change the voting times:

They then secretly edited their second paragraph to make the correction sound less good than their first attempt.

The second lie that Biden told in that clip above was that the law forbids people from handing out water to people waiting in line. But that’s not true either. As I posted this morning, the law prohibits anyone EXCEPT POLL WORKERS from giving water to voters in line. So poll workers can totally give people water if they need it. No big deal.

The media used to love focusing on how many lies Trump would tell. But with Biden’s lies, all I hear is crickets.

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