Biden does NOT sound well…

Joe Biden does not sound well today. His voice sounds like it just dropped for the first time or he swallowed about twenty frogs.

Actually he sounds like he might be coming down a common covid.

I certainly don’t wish Biden ill health. I’m not a leftist. I do hope he gets over what’s clearly ailing him.

But here he is in a separate clip claiming oil and gas prices are lowering around the country with his sickly voice…

I honestly don’t know what Biden is talking about. A quick perusal of today’s gas prices in my area show they haven’t dropped hardly at all. Maybe a nickel. That’s nothing.

He’s really only saying this because he wants people to think that he’s doing something about it, when in reality he’s doing nothing to solve the problem. People aren’t stupid either. They know how much they spend.

So will the garbage media ever hold him accountable for these lies? Don’t count on it. They kept a list of every ‘lie’ that Trump spoke but could care less about destroying Biden because he’s THEIR president.

UPDATE: Biden says it’s just a cold that his one year old grandson gave him or something:

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