Biden made a BIG ‘mistake’ this morning in his comments on Roe v Wade. Did you catch it?

I’ll be the first to admit I didn’t catch a ‘mistake’ Biden made when he was giving his off-the-cuff comments about the potential Supreme Court decision to overturn Roe v Wade.

And I put ‘mistake’ in quotes, because it’s not really a mistake. But it is if you are a pro-choice Democrat who wants to keep lying to the public about abortion so the ignorant or evil will keep doing it.

Here’s the video where the mistake happened:

You catch it? I can’t believe I missed it earlier, but I have been busy with other things this morning so I’ll just blame that.

I’ll let Lila Rose fill you in:

She’s right. Biden just made the biggest pro-abortion faux pas: he admitted the unborn baby is a child.

Good on her for catching that and good on Biden for slipping up and admitting the truth, that abortion kills children.

His handlers will probably just blame the mistake on his senile mind, and I would agree with them. Except I think it’s his senility that kept him from hiding it like he normally would. If he were clearly thinking like the younger Biden, he’d have never made this mistake.

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