BIDEN: Police should shoot people in the leg instead of the chest to stop them – [VIDEO]

In an answer to a question presumably about police violence in ABC’s town hall, Joe Biden actually suggests that instead of shooting to kill, that police should just shoot attackers coming at them in the leg.


Here’s the exact quote: “We can do this. You can ban chokeholds….but beyond that you have to teach people how to deescalate circumstances. Deescalate. So instead of anybody coming at you and the first thing you do is shoot to kill, you shoot them in the leg.”

What a moronic statement, and I can’t say that with enough emphasis. There’s a reason why police officers (and civilians with concealed carry licenses) aren’t trained to shoot people in the leg, because they would be DEAD if that was their training. A leg is a very small part of the body compared to the abdomen and much harder to hit in a panicked situation. But even more importantly, shooting an attacker in the leg would likely NOT incapacitate the attacker and stop them from coming at the officer, especially if they are on heavy drugs. They assailant would keep coming and the cop’s life would still be in imminent danger.

Heck, shooting someone directly in the heart doesn’t always incapacitate someone and, even 20 feet away, an attacker could still reach the officer and stab them with a knife or take their gun and shoot them with it before falling over dead. Haven’t you ever heard the stories of deer running for long distances when shot through the heart before collapsing dead? It’s the same principle.

A gun is a great equalizer, but only if you use it well. And clearly Joe Biden doesn’t know what the hell he’s talking about.

Now you know why so many police officers support President Trump and not Joe “shoot’em in the leg” Biden. Sheesh.

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