Biden revelers BEHEAD and ‘murder’ Trump effigies to support … UNITY?

Joe Biden’s supposed call for “lowering the temperature” and “unity” really hasn’t been selling. And I don’t mean with Republicans, I mean Democrats. In fact, the only people buying it, or pretending to, are the fawning media, especially CNN where they basically hailed Biden’s short victory speech blather as the greatest collection of words ever put to lips in the history of the universe and beyond.

For everyone else? The trite nothings whispered late at night by a less than ideal teleprompter reader fell on deaf ears.

Take the Biden celebrations yesterday and today. Let’s see how “unity” obsessed THOSE were.

Oh I see.

Ah. So unity. Very decency.

They don’t want unity. They want what they’ve wanted for four years: revenge for Trump winning in the first place, retribution against conservatives for existing.

It’s only going to get worse, not better, with the press calling it for Biden.

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