Biden said some pretty outrageous CRAP after aides finally let him answer questions this morning [VIDEOS]

Biden’s White House aides finally decided to let him answer questions from certain members of the press this morning (using another list) and, as you might have expected, Biden said some pretty outrageous crap.

First on the list is Biden lashing out at the Border Patrol officers who rode horseback the other day to try and contain the Haitian invasion, saying those officers would pay for what they did:

Biden is absolutely reprehensible. He created the chaos at the border with this horrible policies and he has the audacity to criticize the people at the border who are trying their damndest to deal with this invasion?

It would have been better for him to say he’s reserving judgement because sometimes pictures don’t tell the whole story. But no, he bought into the furious media narrative that these border patrol agents had done something terribly wrong and promised that these officers would ‘pay’ and that there would be consequences for them.

When asked about his horrible withdrawal from Afghanistan, Biden make clear he wasn’t apologizing for anything, including all the Americans and allies he left over there:

Out of all the things Joe Biden has done up to this point, pulling out of a country and abandoning American citizens to a violent jihadi terrorist group is the absolute worst thing he’s done I’m not sure he can top that. That’s how bad it is in my mind, and yet he doesn’t feel the need to apologize? Of course an apology wouldn’t mean crap because the damage is already done. But he doesn’t even feel that the American people deserve an apology because that’s how much of an incompetent narcissist this coward truly is.

Lastly, Biden actually claimed this morning that his economic legislation will “fundamentally change the structure and the nature of the economy”:

Hello Obama 2.0. If this doesn’t scare the hell out of people listening to him, especially after seeing what Biden’s already done to the economy, then we are in for a very rough ride for years to come.

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