[UPDATE: White House reveals what Biden was SUPPOSED to say] – Biden said what exactly???

Joe Biden was holding one of his gun control speeches at the White House today when he said something very odd.

Biden was talking about what he said was the most significant gun safety law in 30 years when he said the law would keep guns out of the hands of domestic political advisors.

Yeah, he said that. Watch:

Who knew that domestic political advisors were the biggest gun threat we face? I would have thought he was going to say domestic terrorists, but what he said sounded nothing like that.

You know, I think one day Biden will open his mouth to say something and it will all be gibberish and nonsense. Because it seems that’s where he’s headed.

And the media constantly ignores all of this, unlike they did with the last president.

UPDATE: The White House scrambled to clean up Biden’s latest dementia moment and explained what he was supposed to say. According to the New York Post, who got a hold of the official transcript, Biden was supposed to say “convicted domestic abusers.” How he got “domestic political advisors” from that I’ll never know.

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