Biden sending $10 million to unnamed Palestinian groups

Biden has just announced to Congress that he’ll be sending $10 million in funds to unnamed Palestinian groups:

AP – The Biden administration notified Congress this week that it will send millions of dollars in U.S. assistance to the Palestinians aimed at promoting peace with Israel even as violence between the two sides rages.

As the conflict intensifies despite U.S. calls for restraint, the administration notified Congress on Thursday that it will provide $10 million to Palestinian groups in the West Bank and Gaza to support exchange and reconciliation projects with Israelis. The recipients of the aid were not named.

The State Department said Friday that the money is part of more than $100 million that the administration allocated to the Palestinians earlier this year, reversing a near total cutoff in support under former President Donald Trump.

In a notice to lawmakers obtained by The Associated Press, the U.S. Agency for International Development said the $10 million would go to support “people-to-people efforts to bring together conflict-affected groups to address divisions that may be rooted in group differences such as ethnicity, religion, status, class, or political affiliation in areas affected by conflict and civil war.”

It said the money would be spent mainly on cross-border projects between Israel and the West Bank and Gaza, but might also include programs for Jews and Arabs living in Israel.

What exactly is “people-to-people efforts to bring together conflict-affected groups”? That sounds like a bunch of bureaucrat speak for ‘they can spend the money however they like’.

Also, if the admin won’t name the groups receiving the enormous funding, how will Congress be able to tell if the money gets spent as it’s intended, or if the funding gets hijacked by or given to Hamas for their terror campaigns? This seems highly irresponsible, especially given the fact that Hamas is at war with Israel right now.

And where is the announcement of funding for Israel’s Iron Dome missiles? That would seem like a good thing to fund while the war is going on, unless Biden didn’t really mean that Israel has a right to defend itself…

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