Biden signs new anti-cop executive order and here’s what it does…

Biden has just signed a new anti-police executive order today after blaming Republicans for blocking his George Floyd Policing Act bill that was introduced last year:

The new executive order only applies to federal law enforcement because they are the only one under Biden’s jurisdiction.

According to the Daily Caller, the bill restricts federal law enforcement officers from using certain techniques and tactics:

Biden’s executive order focuses on federal law enforcement groups and doesn’t apply to local agencies – though it includes incentives for local police departments to change various, often controversial tactics like chokeholds.

Under the order, federal law enforcement agencies will be banned from using chokeholds “unless deadly force is authorized,” according to the White House. No-knock warrants will also face new restrictions.

The executive order also creates a bad cop federal database:

Federal law enforcement agencies will also have to participate in “a new national database of police misconduct” and new standards will be implemented regarding use of force. The database will track officer misconduct and disciplinary records, and federal agencies will be required to refer to it amid the hiring process.

And it forces diversity/sensitivity training on officers:

Biden’s executive order doesn’t stop at new rules and regulations. It also aims to provide law enforcement with better training, including an “annual anti-bias training requirement.”

This is nothing but an anti-cop executive order. It is premised on the fact that there is systemic racism in law enforcement and that a lot of cops are bad and it’s a slap in the fact to the fine men and women who put their lives on the line to protect us.

I hope someone challenges this and the courts strike it down.

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