Biden to claim victory tonight over killing Al-Qaeda leader in zone attack [LIVESTREAM]

Biden is going to hold a national television address tonight explaining how the leader of Al-Qaeda was assassinated in a US drone attack.

The address will happen at 7:30PM:

Below are the details from Bret Baier on the drone strike that killed Ayman Al-Zawahiri:

So this is good news that the second leader of Al-Qaeda has now been assassinated. But pardon me if I don’t jump for joy.

Because this the same man who cowered to Putin early in his administration, who left Americans behind in Afghanistan which he gave to the Taliban, and helped bring about the Russian invasion of Ukraine by allowing Russia to complete their new pipeline.

Joe might want this to be his Osama-bin-Laden moment and I’m sure the press will act as though this is his biggest accomplishment and give him great coverage for it. But I’m not in a celebrating mood because we have a coward-in-chief on nearly everything else foreign policy-wise, including China.

So I’m gonna pass on this one. But you can watch it if you want.

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