Biden says ‘IN ALL PROBABILITY’ there’ll be MORE Covid restrictions; Update; Jerome Adams predicts ‘CLOSURES’

Joe Biden was on his way to Camp David this afternoon and, before he left, was asked about the imposition of more COVID restrictions on the American people and the answer was that of course he’ll be doing exactly that because OF COURSE he’ll be doing EXACTLY that.

REPORTER: Should Americans expect more restrictions because of COVID?
BIDEN: “In all probability.”

Notice he’s not wearing a mask while breathing all over reporters to say he wants to impose restrictions on others? Classic Dem behavior the media won’t criticize. Class media behavior.

Psaki stand-in Karine Jean-Pierre at the briefing today said that the White House is “not going to head towards a lockdown.”

Maybe after telling Joe to eat the crud on his face they should’ve told him to keep the coming lockdowns quieter, hey?

UPDATE: Former Surgeon General Jerome Adams: “As I said last week, more mitigation. And as I’m telling you this week, I am predicting closures, in the future, because we are not going to be able to rein this variant back in, before we get enough spread that’s going to start causing closures, again.”

“Our freedoms are being impinged upon because we have far too many people unvaccinated.”

Well ain’t that grand? I mean, you COULD say “our freedoms are being impinged upon because THE GOVERNMENT IS IMPINGING UPON THEM,” but hey, maybe I’m just a dumb Texan.

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