Biden’s Afghanistan RETREAT is even WORSE than you think, and STILL hasn’t reached bottom.

Just for fun, a quick review. Biden and his woke generals took time out from their busy CRT reading schedule to orchestrate one of the most humiliating defeats in the history of international military operations, surrendering a country to terror, women to oppression and slavery, an army’s worth of American weapons, vehicles, aircraft, and equipment to a terror group, our intelligence operations to nothingness, and all while betraying our allies and creating an enormous global spectacle trapping Americans, international press, and Aghan military and civilian employees that worked for us and will be punished for it.

And for icing we started dabbling in human trafficking.

And the humiliations aren’t even over yet, Because you know what else “we” are doing? Here, I’ll let Sean Parnell tell you:

Yeah. We’re trading Americans for terrorists. Not the way Obama did it. A fancy new Biden way, in which we leave Americans in Afghanistan and import terrorists (with child brides, mind you) here to America.

What’s Blinken got to say about it?

Same as Biden. Not a damn thing.

This will only get worse. All the talk of “vetting” is coming from the same people who spread covid infected illegals across southern states to help Biden politically. Hell it’s coming from the same people who organized this hellish retreat in the first place.

In Biden’s Afghanistan debacle, each day brings new light to how dark the days really are. Ahead, expect terror attacks. I’m telling you now: expect them.

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