Biden’s catch and release is a COVID superspreader

Apart from the children being put in ‘cages’ at the border by the Biden administration, others are being ‘caught’ and ‘released’ to take buses to wherever their destinations are in America. And some of these illegals are testing positive for COVID before they get on the bus:

NBC NEWS – Miriam Izaguirre, a 35-year-old asylum-seeker from Honduras, crossed the Rio Grande at dawn Monday with her young son and turned herself in to the authorities.

A few hours later she was released, and the first thing she did was take a rapid test for Covid-19 at the Brownsville bus station. They told her her test came out positive.

“Right now we were tested for Covid and they separated about eight of us because we were positive,” she told Noticias Telemundo Investiga. “We are waiting right now.” She was waiting to catch a bus to Houston.

Other migrant families who also said they had tested positive were waiting to go to other destinations: North Carolina, Maryland and New Jersey.

The city of Brownsville administers these rapid tests at the bus station, after migrant families are released by the Border Patrol. A spokesperson for Brownsville confirmed that, since they began doing these tests Jan. 25, 108 migrants have tested positive for Covid-19, which is 6.3 percent of those who took the test.

Several of the asylum-seekers who tested positive told Noticias Telemundo Investiga they were planning to leave Brownsville for their destinations; one of them bought a bus ticket for the journey.

Eva Orellana, 29, who is from Honduras and who tested positive, said she was going to take the bus to North Carolina with her 3-year-old daughter. “On the way, we were wearing a mask all the time, gel, washing our hands,” she said. “Really, I don’t feel anything.”

Those who tested positive and spoke to Telemundo did not have any document indicating their Covid-19 test results; they said they were simply told by the station workers after taking the test.

Catch and release is bad enough, because many of these illegals applying for asylum never show up for their court date and just become part of the 20-30 million illegals statistic in the US.

Now it’s even worse because we have the additional worry of Biden’s Catch and Release program spreading COVID all over the US, during a pandemic! And who knows what strain they could be carrying.

If Texas ends up having to go back into some form of lockdown or mask wearing because of an increase in COVID, this will likely be to blame.

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