Big Chief Elizabeth Warren says she plans to be the last president elected by the Electoral College

Big Chief Elizabeth Warren posted on a video on her Twitter declaring that she planned to be the last American president elected by the Electoral College:

Notice in the video when Warren’s asked what she thinks about the Electoral College, she doesn’t explain what’s wrong with it. She just claims she wants to dump it and go with a “popular vote” because that’s how Democracy is supposed to work or something. She says “call me old fashioned, but I think the person with the most votes should win”.

I think we’ve posted this video here before, but it’s worth posting again. It’s Prager U’s explanation of why the Electoral College is so important that the framers adopted it:

Given how diverse America is around the country, you’d think that a true Democrat would hold fast to the Electoral College because it means every state matters and that every state has a voice. But Elizabeth Warren, with her “old fashioned” folksy wisdom, really only cares about power. She doesn’t care about fairness like she claims to, or else she’d be all for the Electoral College.

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