Big Chief Liz Warren announces 2020 campaign near site of violent Indian raid on white settlers

Not only did Big Chief Liz Warren announce her 2020 presidential campaign near the site of a violent raid by Native Americans on white settlers, but her supporters were doing the tomahawk chop during the announcement!!! OK, actually the second is an embellishment.

Here’s her nutty announcement:

It’s in Lawrence, Massachusetts, which includes part of the community of Andover. And I’m sure they didn’t intend for this, but coincidentally, our fake little Indian lady is announcing near the site of a Native American raid in 1688:

Even after the war was officially ended, Abenaki raids on the English colonists continued. On March 4, 1698 Pigwacket Abenaki Chief, Escumbuit led a group of 30 Indians in a raid on Andover, Massachusetts, the last and most severe Indian raid on this town. There was also another raid by the Natives of Acadia on Hatfield, Massachusetts in 1688, where they killed two settlers.

For shame, Pocahontas!!! This is worse than blackface, if you ask me. And my family is Mexican, so we’re probably Native American somewhere back there. BOOM!

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