Big Chief Lyin’ Liz Warren is on the WARPATH after insult from John Kelly REVEALED!!

Big Chief Lyin’ Liz Warren is on the warpath after Buzzfeed News revealed an email they got through a FOIA request showing that John Kelly mocked her in 2017 after they had a terse debate over the phone in front of their staffs.

LOL! Dang she’s really riled up. Now to be fair, I could see how she might be upset at how poorly they ruled out the Muslim ban, but on the other hand they’d act upset no matter what Trump did. And on the other hand, I could see how John Kelly might not be terribly responsive to requests from the meddlesome weirdo.

Here’s the email that Buzzfeed uncovered:

So who’s in the right? Who cares. It’s entertaining. Now let’s all point at big Chief Warren and laugh.

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