“BIG MISTAKE” – Kari Lake drops truth bomb on reporter who claims people of color feel “TARGETED” by police [VIDEO]

A reporter made the mistake of telling Kari Lake that many “people of color” feel targeted by police and asked what she’d do about that.

Here’s how that went:

Just fyi Lake’s remarks to the reporter end around 1:39, where she turns it over to Abraham Hamadeh.

In her response, she plainly told the reporter that police do NOT target people of color:

“If you look at stats, you will look and see that police do not target people of color. That is a lie that’s been perpetuated by the left and then spread and disseminated and re-spread in the media. Check the stats.”

The reporter followed up asking “but you don’t believe that’s an opinion that a lot of people of color have?”

Lake responded like a boss…

I don’t. I think you guys find one or two people, three or four, and they’re activist oftentimes, and then you spread that narrative. Go into a neighborhood and ask the people in neighborhoods that are minority neighborhoods, do you want fewer police? Do you want to defund the police? They will look at you like you are the craziest person on the planet. Nobody wants that.

I love how articulate Lake is in these Q&As, not mincing words and not caving to reporters on questions like this, but hitting them back right in the face with the cold, hard truth.

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