Big Tech’s TRANS LOCKDOWN is continuing to gain speed. Federalist editor latest SILENCED by Twitter

“Big Tech will eventually silence everyone who dissents from their woke ideology. They’re not even trying to hide it anymore. If you say that Rachel Levine is a man, they will come after you. Doesn’t matter that Levine is in fact a man. Truth is no defense.” That’s what The Federalist’s John Davidson wrote that Twitter shut down his account over.

As Mollie Hemingway says, they won’t let him back unless he RETRACTS this accurate statement.

Big Tech is monstrous blight and the single most powerful tool of the far left woke in America. The majority of people who work at companies like Twitter, Facebook, and Google are so far out of the mainstream, so far left that they are unrecognizable as Americans. Did you ever see the show Silicon Valley? The lampooning of Big Tech culture wasn’t satire as much as it was foresight.

You’d be more accepted as a Satanist than a Christian at any social media company. Trans is the norm, normal is a transgression.

And free speech? It’s on their radar alright. But not defending it. Crushing it. They target it, they don’t believe in it. They want to engineer you, engineer society to suit their debauched and perverse worldview.

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