Bill de Blasio says the lately out loud part EVEN OUT LOUDER: ‘I’d like to say very bluntly, Our mission is to redistribute wealth.

“A lot of people bristle at that phrase,” said Bill de Blasio after stating “very bluntly” that the city’s mission post-BLM protests is to “redistribute wealth.”

Democrats are fairly open about advocating socialism out loud these days, but you gotta admit just saying it right out like that is even more out loud that usual.

“The work of reforming the NYPD, of deepening neighborhood policing, of changing police culture – that work must intensify and it will in the year 2021,” he said on Friday.

“The bottom line is we can never accept a broken status quo, we can never go back to a past that didn’t work, the Covid era has taught us that so clearly, and we need to do better and we will,” he continued, in a presser that was theoretically about the city’s plan for schools, and, you know, going back to school. “And that means a commitment to fighting disparities and inequality in every part of the life of New York City.”

It’s then he brought up the “problems of disparity” and “structural racism” affecting so many things including education.

And then he said, specific to education but with the stated and explicit intent that it be understood to apply to all areas of life in New York City, that “redistribution of wealth” is the primary agenda item.


So there’s two things here. He’s so dumb to put that out loud in a clip that can be trimmed and used, and I can’t wait to use it and see it used against him. He’s awesomely dumb and I’m just so darn grateful.

But it’s not just that it was a dumb move because it can be used as an isolated sound bite. It’s saying what the principle involved is. He said in his rambling preamble that this is all the same problem, that it’s the same for the police department as it is for education as it is for every other part of the city, and then he said the cure is redistribution of wealth.

So he doesn’t JUST mean, taking resources in the massive NY school system and shifting it between schools. He’s saying clearly and explicitly that this is the underlying principle to fix “structural racism” and “disparity” among the city’s residents.

He’s saying communism. He’s saying socialism is what works and that’s what they need. It’s not a gaffe, like putting something wrong. It’s not an error, like underestimating how words can be taken. No, it’s a statement of principles. He made it. Every democrat in the country agrees.

But yeah go ahead and blow off the Georgia vote and lets get some MORE democrats in power. That’ll help!

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