Bill Maher explains why MASCULINITY is good, important, and “why our SPECIES still EXISTS on Earth!”

“Look you can go on about how masculinity is itself toxic, or you can be horny Volodymyr Zelensky, but you can’t do both.” That’s what Bill Maher said on Friday and it’s pure logic. Which most liberals hate but which has been making inroads with Bill Maher for a while now.

He’s right of course. The world needs “grown-ass men” and that’s a fact, and liberals getting mushy when they see one far away and calling it toxic when it’s here at home is absurd illogic born of the woke movement.

“Could it be that as much as women may want to create the perfect man there’s always going to be a little bit of toxic mixed in with our masculinity, and no amount of training will turn us into your favorite ‘Twilight’ character?”

That’s a mic drop.

“Masculinity is like coffee. Even when you decaffeinate it, there’s still a little caffeine in there.”

The middle of the vid he goes through some of the negative effects on society that the woke anti-masculine movement has created. It’s good.

There’s some profanity and crassness, so man up before you watch.

“Now there’s certainly no denying that there has been a lot of toxicity associated with men throughout history, oceans of brutality, all of which is horrible, and some of which is why our species still exists on earth.”

Is another BOOM mic drop. Of course he’s right, there have been toxic men. And real men to stop them. And there are a lot of other bad things out there in the world. And we’re still here. It takes nothing from women to say so. It takes nothing from even a strong, warrior woman to say that man’s primal masculinity is an asset. Thinking that is like thinking one guy being rich means another has to be poor.

“If there’s one thing we’ve learned from the crisis in Ukraine, it’s that everyone loves, and the world still needs, grown-ass men.” That was the opening remark but it’s the perfect closing summary.

I hope we have learned it from Ukraine, but we should have learned this lesson from Kandahar or Fallujah or Serbia or Somalia or a thousand incidents every year in the United States when a grown-ass man stands up to a scumbag one, stops a church shooting or a mugging or a French train being taken over by terrorists.

Consider this an OPEN THREAD.

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