Bill Maher: We’re Atheists, Not Vampires. If You Can’t Handle Seeing A Cross Now & Then You Picked The Wrong Country!

On Real Time with Bill Maher last night, the host spared a rare moment to blast liberals and their ridiculous habits.

Maher spent the first two minutes of his “New Rule” trashing Republicans, but then launched into this tirade about the political correctness nazis on the left. From Gwyneth Paltrow to soda-hating mayors, Maher pepper sprays the PC brigades in a much deserved and long overdue tongue-lashing. Even atheists take a shot from the maker of virulently anti-religion fake-documentary screed Religulous.

Maher’s Real Point? Democrats are good and Republicans are evil, but Democrats are too nice and sensitive to realize it. So he’s no hero. Just someone fed up the idiotic idiosyncrasies of the idgit left. Too bad the surest thing in life is that they won’t change one bit.

(h/t The Blaze)

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59 thoughts on “Bill Maher: We’re Atheists, Not Vampires. If You Can’t Handle Seeing A Cross Now & Then You Picked The Wrong Country!

  1. Don’t fall for it. He will be fair for a headline or 2 then return to ruthlessly attacking conservatives. All liberals do this. Boycott Billy Maher.

  2. I’m a card carrying NRA supporter, gun owner, Bible reading, conservative and I thought hell had frozen over because I laughed and agreed with almost everything he said!

  3. The left is reaping what they have sown. Unchecked, unthinking political correctness is what they have created.

  4. I’m surprised he managed to say all that without swearing once.

    I don’t know why he assumes that all atheists will necessarily be on the Left though. I’m an atheist on the Right, the far Right even, and I don’t go around suing people for having a cross on their building either. I honestly don’t care if people want to be religious. Each to his own. One should always have a rights-respecting attitude.

    1. I am a non-believer and am a solid Conservative, but not associated with atheists, whom I think are mostly those are agnostic or have had a bad religious life.

      How can one rail against, some thing they do not believe in:-) I have caught flack from some believers, but not that many and am just glad i was born in America:-)

  5. Is it just me – or does anyone else have a problem with cheering disgusting pigs for saying one thing correctly.

    Hear me out. Facebook page, people are running this and saying OH WAY TO GO BILL MAHER. Are you serious????? Did you listen to the end?? Do you not pay attention to what comes out of this disgusting pigs mouth ? Just because he may say one thing that is so called great, we cheer the man??? Don’t think so.

    People forget he caused the problem in the first place, and sees he is going into the trash. If it wasn’t for his hate, and his disgusting comments many wouldnt have felt so emboldened to what they do.

    So to make you wiggle and say there is “hope” for this idiot he says something okay. Just like Cobert, Stewart, and the rest of the trash out there.

    1. Maher would be correctly called a”useful idiot” as most of his followers would be classified. The rest would fit the lumpenproletariat model:-)

  6. The only thing he ever said that didn’t disgust me…..well, maybe a little….it was still him.

  7. Bill Maher is the poster boy for the arrogant, elitist idiocy of the left. He’s better than us (/sarc). So, just like most flaming liberals, he’s here to point out how flawed we all are… Sure he may be right from time to time (only by accident) but you can’t wrap candy in a steaming pile of stool and expect it to still be edible or appetizing.

  8. “… an artery clogged with hate butter…” Greg Gutfeld said that was the clumsiest metaphor he’s ever heard. The point of this is Maher’s prescient enough to know they’ll come after him next, after the right is silenced.

  9. Well, RS was gracious enough to let me watch Bill Mahar or whatever, but the Palin clip and the clip about the militias rising up…. THOSE videos wouldn’t come up. Oh well, who would ever want to watch them anyhow, RIGHT?????

  10. This response by lefty Bill Maher is interesting to me – I think back to late last year when Sarah Palin gave many interviews during her book tour – “Good Tidings and Great Joy -Protecting the Heart of Christmas”…

    a significant feature of this book, which she spoke about, was the ammo provided for Christians via consulting with Jay Sekulow of the ACLJ, wrt how to fight back when their 1st Amendment Rights (especially over Christmas displays, Crosses etc) were threatened with Court challenges ….

    Most Christians obviously want to avoid this kind of confrontation, and so they *can* allow their Free Speech to be **modified** … **controlled**

    Sarah Palin has challenged this mindset, and the *athiests* pressure group ..

    Then we saw Palin pal Phil Robertson challenge the GLAAD Stalinists when they tried to shut his voice down over expressing publicly his opinion of homosexual sex … with Sarah Palin’s loud public backing, the DD Public ROARED and Phil was re-instated … a defeat for that GLAAD pressure group …

    A few days ago we had Ted Cruz and Mike Lee SMILE at PETA after buying a tiger skin rug and posing for a pic – thus directly challenging that particular loud pressure group …

    … and then we saw the following pic taken after the Sasse Rally in NE yesterday …. with Todd and Sarah Palin, Mike Lee, Ted Cruz,. Ben Sasse and his young son, posing for a SMILING pic with the young boy holding a large, large toy gun, with his finger on the trigger(!!!) … LOL …. all of them smiling WIDELY at the gun control GUN GRABBER pressure group … **__**

    It seems to me that all these incidents are part of a wider America Restoration strategy, with the objective, in this case, to challenge and counter the pressure groups who would try to *control* the free flow of free speech in America …

    YEAH **__**

    #BeClingers ————-> #AmericaRISING

    EDIT: I’ve just read about Sarah Palin’s enthusiastically received NRA Stand and Fight Rally speech – again she challenged the PC Police, in this case groups like CAIR

    She called out and named Muslim Terrorists, not shying away from putting those two words together, despite media and other group pressure in America to do so. (See the efforts to remove the truth about Islamist Terrorism from the 9/11 Memorial) Sarah Palin told her NRA audience that if *she* were in charge, Terrorists would find out that Waterboarding was how America baptizes them **__**


      1. yup

        and I believe they were taken, and posted deliberately … for that very reason

        this new generation of leaders are not afraid of a FIGHT … in ALL aspects of The Bill of Rights, in order to PRESERVE American Freedom


    1. wrt the EDIT on my comment above, this statement by Rev Franklin Graham (another Associate, friend of the Palin family) is especially welcomed by a multitude of Americans:

      1. I love Franklin Graham. He speaks the absolute truth. We need to not extend our “religious tolerance” to this religion. It is in their “bible” to destroy Christians. That’s not a religion. It’s a cult. Get them out of here. Check out Dearborn, Michigan…over-run with Muslims. And they hate us and are not afraid to say it. Get out. Go home.

  11. Anyone who would dress up as the late Steve Irwin for Halloween, with a simulated sting-ray tail stuck in his chest (as did Maher) deserves no respect whatsoever, let alone giving him any more publicity than he is able to leech out of the state run media and the internet.

    1. We could only wish they were vampyres, since a stake or garlic would end them. These people are much more evil and just keep coming:-)

  12. He starts making sense then immediately starts un-making sense.

    He has half of a regular person’s common sense. And the sad thing is he’s seen as an iconoclast by the rest of the left because of it.

  13. The “idgit left” As far as I’m concerned, Maher as much as his screeds show an attempt at ‘balance’, he’s still stuck there and he and the rest of the idgits always will be.

    1. Bill Maher may have chosen to be an atheist, however, more than 77% of America relate to Christianity. So he speaks for himself.

      1. I can see that, but he seems to have a larger following, so either they’re all blind or they care more about being popular than they do being Christian.

        1. Maher’s HBO following is miniscule, in comparison to Christian America .If you’ll notice, he always presses hot button issues to try to keep his low ratings up. He’s a very small man, with a big mouth, and soapbox.

          1. Never watched him except years ago a few times when he was on reg. Tv, whatever his late night show was. But got so annoyed and stopped watching. I agree- small man, big mouth.

  14. Bill Maher isn’t exactly the poster boy for tolerance, especially when it comes to religion.

    1. I don’t completely agree. Obviously, he’s no fan of Christianity and mocks it as often as possible. But he’s an atheist. What would you expect? He thinks we’re idiots for believing what we believe, but he’s content merely to ridicule us. On the other hand, he has often taken on the morons who want to equate Christians and Muslims. He has, on many occasions, pissed off his audience because he points out Muslims are the ones who want to force you to convert. And while Christians are by and large against gay marriage, Muslims execute gays. There’s not much else I appreciate Maher for, but I do appreciate that. (Come to think of it, that’s probably the only thing.)

      1. Maher is an evil man as evidenced by his false witnessing to hurt others. I know many tolerant atheists, one of whom is possibly the most decent man I ever met. Maher’s atheism is separate from his evilness.

  15. Is it possible he actually watched some of his own previous rants? Naah; he wouldn’t consider himself among those ‘atheists’ – after all, he’s Bill Mayer (spell it the way he pronounces it).

  16. Everyone is born into evil because the world is still fallen. However, though Jesus Christ we are born again as children of God. Pure and clean sanctified and justified through Him.

  17. Willing to read the synopsis, but won’t watch his screed. Don’t care what he rails against. Who cares? Not me.

  18. Outstanding. Sometimes, an theist will be honest, and we get a gem like this. An ale for Maher, I say.

    I wish I could find another article by an honest atheist reporter who lived in Africa for years. He wrote an excellent article (obviously a hostile witness) about the many profound benefits of Christian missionaries there. How better and different were the believers’ lives, and just how very wrong are those who oppose them.

  19. He made a great point about Atheists acting like vampires when it comes to crosses. There is something worth thinking about in the comment.

  20. His line near the end when he says for every liberal who makes you want to say go shoot me, there is a conservative with a gun who will. Nice try but its the leftists that are the danger with guns. Conservatives do not shoot people unless they are breaking into our homes and threating our families.

      1. Maher is also wrong about one other point. The Democrats on the left are all bloodsuckers with the policies they support.

    1. I’d like Maher to name one mass shooter/assassin in our lifetime that was a conservative.

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