Billy Nungesser is brutally honest about poor Fed response to Gulf oil spill

UPDATE: The uploader of the video below on YouTube responded to my request for the recording date:

To the best of my understanding this video was recorded on 2 June 2010.


I hope this will upset you, as it does me. The Obama administration’s response to this oil spill is horrible at best, and you can hear it in the voice of this very frustrated President of Plaquemines Parish. What’s sad is that we have to hear his complaints through a video on YouTube, and not from the MSM.

But really, doesn’t it feel like we’ve moved on from the oil spill? Where are the voices in the MSM hitting back against the Obama administration? It’s like Obama says “stand here”, and that’s where they stand. There is no way in hell they would have let Bush get away with this kind of dictator-like control, keeping the press away from the oil spill. No no no, it wouldn’t have happened.

According to Nungesser they are dying a slow death down there because of the incredibly horrible response by the feds. All I can say is we need to make 2010 and 2012 about this issue, kick these corrupt politicians out of office for good.

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