Billy Nungesser is brutally honest about poor Fed response to Gulf oil spill

UPDATE: The uploader of the video below on YouTube responded to my request for the recording date:

To the best of my understanding this video was recorded on 2 June 2010.


I hope this will upset you, as it does me. The Obama administration’s response to this oil spill is horrible at best, and you can hear it in the voice of this very frustrated President of Plaquemines Parish. What’s sad is that we have to hear his complaints through a video on YouTube, and not from the MSM.

But really, doesn’t it feel like we’ve moved on from the oil spill? Where are the voices in the MSM hitting back against the Obama administration? It’s like Obama says “stand here”, and that’s where they stand. There is no way in hell they would have let Bush get away with this kind of dictator-like control, keeping the press away from the oil spill. No no no, it wouldn’t have happened.

According to Nungesser they are dying a slow death down there because of the incredibly horrible response by the feds. All I can say is we need to make 2010 and 2012 about this issue, kick these corrupt politicians out of office for good.

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14 thoughts on “Billy Nungesser is brutally honest about poor Fed response to Gulf oil spill

  1. It isn’t over till until all trces of oil have vanished. The same goes for the mess that hurricane katrina left behind.

  2. Bush should thank his lucky stars that this well didn't go down under him. No motter how fast the gov responded it would have been too slow.

  3. Not to defend CNN, BUT .. I heard a similar “cry” from a shoreline business owner about two weeks ago on CNN. It was a small bleep though. This whole thing is clearly being used for politics, and actually as I tlak to people many get it.

  4. I feel so bad for the citizens of… well, all the citizens of the Gulf Coast. Billy Nungasser is one of the first to speak what is on everyone's mind. I cannot believe we have a president that doesn't give a damn for our country, nor the people in it. Adm. Thad Allen is a joke. The government says do everything to delay cleanup, and they go out to inspect the skimmers for life vests and fire extinguishers. What the hell is wrong with this country??? What happened to everyone pulling together in a time of great disaster???? Where are the skimmers?? Where are the people doing cleanup??? What is happening to the birds, the fish, the marshlands??? For all intents and purposes, they are all gone. Possibly, probably for many many years. The seafood industry is dead and gone. The fishing industry is dead and gone. The tourism industry is dead and gone. So now what do all these people do?? They'll get a pittance from BP. Big whoop. So now that everything is destroyed, what do they do?? Stay and do what?? Meanwhile, our yo-yo president is on ANOTHER vacation. Thanks for all your concern.

  5. I am from Louisiana and Billy seems to tell it like it is. The Feds don't care. As long as George Soros can get more Drilling Rigs to Brazil, where he has big investments, that seems to be most important. Lets not forget about the 2 billion the Kenyan gave to Brazil to explore their offshore oil deposits. That was important to Soros and he got it. In the meantime the Kenyan wants to shut down our own offshore industry. Why? How about 3 Floaters (Drilling Rigs) being shipped to Brazil for their exploration. Lets hope November changed things around. Pray people. Please Pray.

  6. They totaly took the power away from local authorities. Surprising thing is all of a sudden chan 7 Good Morning American and Diane Sawyers went to the oil spill last week and low and behold they got the cap on.

  7. The reason why a lot of bad things happen is because most of the time people do things that aren't that smart or that effective. If you want things to change, how those who have power accountable using this plan.

    So, whatever your (general “your”) complaints are, instead of ranting and raving or singing songs you wrote at public meetings, come up with real questions and have a trial lawyer or other experienced person ask them. Then, upload that to Youtube.

  8. It is TOTALLY backwards when we, THE PEOPLE can be utterly stopped in our tracks by mere words and threats of 'litigation'…

    …the now-openly MARCHING ENEMIES OF US, and our Republic DON'T EVEN BAT AN EYE, let alone slow their stomping pace as they gleefully work to put their “boot on our throat”.

    Winston Churchill was RIGHT, when in March of 1942 he boldly told his nation ~

    “We must not lose our faculty to dare, especially in dark days.” –

    DARE, America! Dare to STAND for what you KNOW to be RIGHT.

    I've said it for many years (it was my “signature” on various forums for years):

    “The Cost Of Liberty Tends To Run Very High.
    The Cost Of APATHY… Incalculable.”
    ~CM Sackett~

  9. At some point, people (Bobby Jindahl, parish presidents, US… when/if something happens in our jurisdiction) are going to have to just DO THE RIGHT THING… with our without “federal APPROVAL”.

    Let the bastards file suit… ON THE AMERICAN PEOPLE!



    …it is time to ACT.

    As a NATION, as the VAST MAJORITY of citizens of this Republic… JOIN FORCES, JOIN HANDS, JOIN FORTUNES and simply DO what needs done (from Arizona enforcing long-standing border SECURITY, to Louisiana building the damn ISLANDS, RUNNING THE DREDGES, S A V I N G THEIR SOVEREIGN STATE'S LAND, ECONOMY, PEOPLE!!!).

    And when and if these dogs in Washington begin to growl… Stand, AS A NATION, against them (and any 'force' they send against us).

    I'm CM Sackett, and I damn-sure approved this message.

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