Bill O’Reilly explains Trump’s biggest problem and what he should do about it… [VIDEO]

Last night Bill O’Reilly was on Newsmax to discuss President Trump and he was asked about Trump’s fame and how he’s been a household name for decades.

But O’Reilly believes Trump’s penchant for being famous is his biggest problem and cost him the 2020 election.


O’Reilly said…

“I think Donald Trump’s fame has hurt him. …You’re absolutely right, from age ten he wanted to be famous. But he has to be in the center of attention everyday. And in order to do that you have to whip of controversy, you have to do things that ultimately some of them came back and hurt Trump.

I’ll give you an example. A woman named Maggie Haberman writes for the New York Times. She has over the years excoriated Trump, brutally excoriated him. He gives her access, three interviews for her new book which is gonna, again, rip Trump’s throat out. Why would you do that??

Because Trump wants to be the center of attention, even if it’s negative attention. And I think that has hurt him. I think he would have been reelected, because he did do a good job as president, without all the so-called baggage of a controversy du jour.”

I think O’Reilly is exactly right. Many of us have wondered why in the heck Trump would keep going back to these people who hate him in the garbage media, over and over. But it’s because he loves the attention he gets from them. He loves being the center of attention.

BillO says Trump needs set aside his ego if he runs again, but can he? I kinda doubt it. He’s been doing this for too long and it’s definitely part of him. While he is clever when it comes to commanding the media and putting them in their places, I think people are generally tired of all the drama he brings to the office, which is why I would love for him to pass the baton to DeSantis. But that’s clearly not going to happen.

There’s more so be sure and watch the entire video above…

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