BILL O’REILLY: Forget what you’ve heard, here’s what really happened with Tucker Carlson’s firing [VIDEO]

Last night Bill O’Reilly was on with News Nation’s Chris Cuomo to discuss the firing of Tucker Carlson. In the interview O’Reilly tells viewers to forget what they’ve heard and lays out why he says Tucker was fired:

For starters, O’Reilly says the decision was made Sunday night, not Friday night.

He says that Tucker’s news show was having their morning meeting yesterday to lay out what was to be on last night, when: “In the middle of that meeting they got word that their host was not coming to work ever again.”

O’Reilly states that Fox News didn’t actually want to fire Tucker Carlson because he was the most well known individual host and the second highest rated program on the network, just after The Five.

But, O’Reilly notes, there are lawsuits coming in the wake of the Dominion lawsuit, one of them being Smartmatic. He said there are also two individual lawsuits, one of them already filed and one that may be filed. He says this was the key.

One of the lawsuits is Abby Grossman, which I’ve already told you about. O’Reilly says tapes will likely be released in her lawsuit that are not favorable to the Tucker Carlson Show.

The other potential lawsuit, O’Reilly notes, may be from Ray Epps, who told 60 Minutes that Tucker ruined his life and that of his family by accusing him of having a provocative role in the January 6th riots. O’Reilly says this could be a massive lawsuit.

Counting Dominion, O’Reilly says that’s three lawsuits and there will be more by shareholders against the Murdochs and the board of directors who are angry about the 800 million dollar settlement.

Here’s the bottom line from O’Reilly:

“Faced with that, the board of directors said we gotta start cleaning this up. So Dan Bongino was the first domino to fall even though he wasn’t involved with the Dominion thing. They couldn’t get to a contract settlement with him, he’s gone. And then Carlson, because of the impending litigation, was harpooned this morning. Carlson didn’t know. There wasn’t a discussion.”

It sounds like O’Reilly is saying here that it was the board of directors who ousted Carlson, not Fox News itself. Which would consist of Rupert Murdoch, his son and, among other names, Paul Ryan.

If there’s anyone who would know about the inner workings of Fox News, it would be O’Reilly.

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