Bill O’Reilly: I don’t think Obama is trying to hurt people like the ‘hard right’ believes…

Bill O’Reilly says Obama’s heart is in the right place and that he’s not trying to actually hurt people like the ‘hard right’ believes:

I don’t think he’s trying to injure people. The hard right thinks he’s a Communist and wants to destroy the Republic. That’s what they think. I don’t think he wants to injure people. I just think he’s wrong on a lot of things and I tell him tonight. I actually tell him that. I said here’s the difference between you and me – it’s a good sequence tonight. But I don’t think he wants to hurt anyone but I do think his policies are hurting people.

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450 thoughts on “Bill O’Reilly: I don’t think Obama is trying to hurt people like the ‘hard right’ believes…

  1. Bill, I used to watch you every night. I’m extremely disappointed that you have drifted left. Your eyes are cloudy when it comes to obama. Look around you. Our country is falling apart, and obama is to blame along with his minions out to destroy us!

  2. Oh, yes, Bill. Obama does want to hurt US citizens, while busing loads of illegal Muslims and Mexicans into our country. He is a hateful, typically Muslim Communist. His fondest wish is the destruction of the West, and we, the people epitomize the West. Yes, he is trying to hurt us, and even made it clear that he has no compunctions on WHO he hurts. #RememberTheSequester #ImpeachObama #BanIslamInAmerica

  3. O’Really is kinda stupid these days, (Not ignorant) I think. Perhaps he’s never met anyone with an actual agenda, like BHO. This might actually help him to grow in his job as an ‘objective” journalist by seeing for himself how this President answers the simplest of questions or criticism. Mr. Obama IS a megalomaniacal maniac, we all already know this.

  4. I really appreciate that you are all so active about politics..
    Now please sit down and open up your eyes…

    Before you call yourself a Republican or Democrat,
    You must first know about the Democratic Republicans..
    Who Started it and why?

    If you cant answer this in 5 seconds you have no business claiming allegiance to my Constitution.. or joining parties which claim to serve it.

  5. I know that, as one of the originals out there, O’Reilly gets kudos. Yet I’ve noticed a disturbing squishiness about him when it comes to the “Celeb Factor”. He fawns a bit. Thus, the cover given to Obama. That and the fact if he had really pressed Obama and gone off the reservation of pre-cleared questions, he would have lost whatever access he had to the seat of Celeb Power. Obama doesn’t have a Cabinet to advise him – he has a “Posse”. O’Reilly can firmly insert himself there as the Token Right Winger.

  6. Unfortunately, Obama’s actions speak louder than his words and O’Reilly was being polite giving him the benefit of the doubt. But those of us suffering and being victims of his policies and BS know the truth!

  7. Bill O’Reilly lost me when he and Rove laughed at Conservatives for calling Boehner and McCain Rinos when Obama shut down the government. They laughed and said “they think they are winning”,.

  8. Bill O’Reilly is a typical “moderate” and “independent.” They have nor core values and worship at the altar of compromise. It’s all about getting along.

    You know it’s funny. O’Reilly occasionally gets riled up about the deficit and spending yet refers to the people who want to control spending the “hard right.” Because he is all over the map and his opinions have no rhyme or reason to them I hardly watch him anymore. His time at being the top dog at Fox is slowly coming to an end. He is pushing 65 and I’m curious if in fact Megyn Kelly’s ratings have surpassed his.

  9. I understand that O’Reilly cannot force Obama answer a question and I do agree that viewing the evasiveness of this man can show something about the individual. That said, I saw two narcissists in a kabuki theater play. What a waste of time.

  10. O’Reilly is always sucking up and looking for that next interview with Obama to try and legitimize himself, his show and his next opportunity to promote himself with a ghost-written book. O’Reilly’s been consistently been more critical and denigrating of conservatives than he has ever been of Obama since he’s been in office. O’Reilly is no different than the rollover media that he gets Goldberg on his show to snipe at and accuse of being soft on Obama. I haven’t been able to stomach watching Billbag O’Wind’s show for at least a year. Fair and balanced, my toe.

  11. O’Reilly is a good progressive that tells the American People that Obama’s policies have not hurt us…are you kidding? We have steadily watched as jobs have been cut, buying power reduced to dust and the future of our children decimated because of the huge federal deficit and spending in Washington. It is a tragedy.

  12. Bill likes, above all things, to hear himself talk. This is just another ploy so Bill has the opportunity to hear all about what Bill wants to say.
    What does he really think? I doubt that Bill has any consistent ideals and I also doubt that there are that many “Folks” who care.

    1. Yes, Bill is such a bag O’Wind. O’Reilly has successfully played the game on his show and built a gullible audience as a fence-sitter, the kind that sports talk show host Jim Rome derides with his motto, “Have a take, don’t suck.” But O’Reilly’s anything but a fence-sitter, denigrating anyone who might keep him from getting that next self-aggrandizing, softball, legitimizing-me-as-a-journalist big interview with the President.

  13. I like O’Reilly, but he is wrong. Obama wants to destroy this country. He announced it when he was running. He said he wants to fundamentally change America as we know it. That is because he hates America. He is the worst thing that happened to America in it’s entire histroy.

  14. Oreilly, the typical Northeastern liberal Obama suckup.
    I haven’t listened to or read anything from that idiot for years and this is why.

  15. Father was a Marxist, mother a socialist, went to Ivy league cesspools of socialism (“Progressivism”), pals with Rev Wright, Bill Ayers, Rezko, Frank Marshall Davis, etc…

    And we’re supposed to believe he’s a good ol’ American as Apple Pie capitalist?

    Yeah, okay.

  16. O’Reilly is not conservative, nor is he “moderate”

    He is a RINO republican who only supports conservatives when it’s in the best interest of the establishment RINOs

  17. I have never doubted for a moment your true Liberal Agenda, that you have a job and put on this act of being conservative is how you make money. The truth about you, is you are one of them, not one of us.

  18. Bill, your conclusion is not helpful. Whatever his intent Obama’s ACTIONS damage this country and hurt her people. TOLERANCE OF EVIL IS EVIL.

  19. What a crazy world we live in. Where are people’s morals. Any thing goes . why are people not punished for what they do.

  20. this thread has been played to death..But I still have one more comment 🙂 LOL…..I have concern about Anyone that would attempt to convince Americans to NOT beware of Obama. I can’t believe that Billy O is this stupid so he must have an agenda in there somewhere. Obama has been VERY harmful to this country and it’s citizens and those that are awake know we can’t let our guard down and we can’t expect anything but more harassment and attacks from this outlaw administration.

      1. Zach Z…Take a another hit of LSD With a shroom chaser and go back to bed…If you don’t know what’s happening by now you never will so why worry your little brain about things you will never understand…

      2. We can start with obamacare, go to Benghazi, he lies people.died, the the nsa and irs. Wait till you lose your health insurance in November.

  21. Actually he has done NOTHING but hurt people. He has divided us as no other president has…I think he plans to try and become a dictator….that will hurt everyone. He has knowingly crushed us with taxes…inflamed racism and sorry Bill but his heart isnt in the right place….he has no heart. He lies at the drop of a hat. So be pithy Bill and tell us his good points…I’m listening.

  22. For goodness sake – Obama has lost our trust with his lies and inability to answer for corruption. Has Bill forgotten that Obama almost started WWIII with Syria? This is not leadership but recklessness. This is not transparency by having no answers for IRS and Benghazi. Reagan went over Congress just to communicate openly and honestly with the American people. He was accountable for everything he said and did…providing citizens with answers for issues that reflected his good intentions to uphold the Constitution. He never threatened us like Obama’s unanswered corruption has and he never violated Religious Freedom which is also a threat. How can one trust someone who lies (You can keep your doctor…)? He’s got Bill fooled…and I’m a good Catholic like Bill. There comes a time when one has to choose the greater good!!! Wake up Bill!

  23. Of course he does not think he is hurt the country. Obama believes he Marxist theory is perfect and we are flawed.

  24. This is the same guy who said (with a not so bright look on his face) that anyone who believes that the only way to heaven is through Jesus, is an extremist.

    Well Bill, I don’t know about a Catholic but that is what an evangelical Christian believes — all 300 million of them.

  25. Bill O”Reilly, good Catholic boy that he is, ought to be reminded that those who refuse to make a decision in terms of righteousness, continually being Luke warm, neither hot nor cold, the good Lord, Himself, even Jesus Christ, has little use for but to spit out!

  26. Bill has turned into a light-weight. Obama’s NSA must has dug up a lot of dirt on O’Reilly. Sounds like JE Hoover days are haunting us today.

  27. Thank god this country belongs to the people, the fools we trusted can be THROWN a hell of alot easier than voted out. They are OUR servants, OUR voices have not been loud enough ! Not sure about the rest , but when my mom was ignored, she came out swinging, we moved our asses in a hurry !! WE be wont heard, no matter how loud we yell, we need to be felt, it is going to take a massive march, let him say MARTIAL LAW, thems fightin words, AMERICA NEEDS TO RISE UP !!

  28. OReilly has got some strange ideas. I think he is dead wrong on this. I think obama is selfish, self-centered and does not care about this country. I think this presidency has been at the least for the obamas a joyride at the expense of the taxpayers, and his real agenda has been to destroy capitalism and pave the way for muslims, and to wipe out Christianity, and he really doesn’t care who gets hurt.

  29. The reason O’Reilly doesn’t see that Barry IS purposefully trying to destroy this country is because his ideologies are halfway to Barry’s. Socialism (O’Reilly’s ideology) is a necessary first step to Communism (Barry’s). Most Catholics don’t read the Bible and are progs; they like the religion but lack the faith and have no relationship with God.

      1. I’m not sure they even read the New. And without the Old, they’ll never fully understand the New and see the big picture.

  30. O’Reilly is a liberal puss, throwing softballs @ Obama, with weak follow up. only Juan Williams is more liberal than O’Really

    1. O’Reilly is a professional, a Centrist, and refuses to pin himself down. As such he is probably the fairest reporter on the planet. That is not to say he is always correct, and I think he is too kind to Obama, although he was excellent eyeball-to-eyeball.

  31. Come on Bill. The questions were great. Did anyone really think Obama would come clean. “Heart I the right place”? If you can not see what this Corrupt Ghetto Trash is doing to country on purpose you are a complete Fool!

  32. I think O’really has gone over to the dark side and off the cliff….what the hell is he talkin’ about with this Loon in the WH having his heart in the right place….I can’t believe this crap is coming from Billy O….I want to hear what Dennis Miller has to say about this fragment of fantasy….I’m acromonious about this coming from O’really, who is apparently a Loon also and has been nippin’ at the WH Kool-aid…

    1. Check the record. Bill’s answer for every problem is a new guvmint program, a new law, “to help the folks.” He is swimming in the Statist Kool-aid.

  33. What is this “hard right” crap? I’m not “hard right” I’m right down the middle. I am a constitutional conservative as opposed to liberal; social libertarian as opposed to authoritarian on the political spectrum. Obama definitely wants to destroy any and all opposition to his far left, authoritarian big government agenda.

  34. So if Obama cares about us – and surely he’s aware that he’s hurting us – why doesn’t he change his policies? If Obama doesn’t care if he hurts us by his policies – as long as he achieves his goals of fundamentally bringing down America and the Constitution – maybe that’s why he isn’t changing his policies.

    1. It’s not his agenda, it’s Alinsky’s, Ayers’, Marx’s, Lenins and Frank Marshall Davis’.

  35. What a goofball. If Obama and his Demonrat friends aren’t trying to hurt the American people they’re doing a darned fine job!

  36. This is an outstanding example that shows O’Reilly is an over-educated, egg-headed dunce. MAObama, the Stealth-Muslime-Marxist-racist, taqiyya practicing narcissistic megalomaniacal semi-closeted homosexual pervert is intent on destroying our Constitutional Republic. He very well may succeed as long as there are useful idiots like O’Reilly to pave the way. obaMAO is a repugnant, repulsive degenerate, a flim-flam man, con artist extraordinaire. He will continue to prove the be the most dangerous America-hating enemy of this great nation that has ever lived.

      1. I notice you didn’t dispute the fact that the Stealth-Muslime Marxist is destroying America, or is that O.K. with you? The true hater extraordinaire, as you have conveniently overlooked, is Barack Hussein Obama!

  37. I realize Bill is Roman Catholic, but he shouldn’t have brushed off the “Bible Thumpers”. We need “Bible Thumpers” and “hard right” people in office. After all, Abe Lincoln’s speeches were laced with scriptures- and he was the 1st Republican president. I wouldn’t mind Bill quoting the Pope or Mother Theresa. Being moderate, like Bill O’Reilly, John McCain, Mitt Romney, and Lindsey Graham, isn’t gonna cut it anymore.

  38. What is the “hard right”? Start with the Constitution and the amendments, Now, who is to the right of the constitution? Who is to the left?

  39. There is no “hard” right…. we are CONSTITUTIONAL CONSERVATIVES – AND WE ARE NOT THE RADICALS in America!!!

    And this encapsulates everything that is wrong with Bill O’Reilly! He
    believes what Obama says – Obama who is a pathological liar!!!

    1. Exactly! Constitutional Conservatives only became right-wing-radical-extremists when Obama – using his Saul-Alinsky-radical-tactics – became prez and started calling us what he, himself, IS!!! He is the true radical! He is the true extremist! Thanks O’Reilly…for further emboldening this hideously dangerous and treasonous radical!

  40. Obama is clearly trying to hurt the religious right and suppress the conservative vote, while oppressing America’s business community, as well as bamboozle the public through the leftist mass media, which donates tens of millions to his campaign and that of the Democrat Party’s, including that of the Anti-American, pro-abortion, pro-homosexual religious left. If this isn’t hurting people, what is?

  41. O’Reilly is either an idiot or he agreed to say crap like this as payment to Obama for doing the interview. I gladly stopped watching Bill five years ago. Americans are RIGHTLY concerned – and angry – about Obama’s behavior and actions; yet, there’s O’Reilly ALWAYS giving Obama the benefit of the doubt and down-playing our VALID concerns! He is clearly drawing a line in the sand between him and RINO’s, and us. Well that’s fine. I’d rather Bill show his TRUE colors so people can decide whether they want to add to his ratings…or NOT!

  42. You’ve got to be kidding me! OReilly is such a two-faced idiot! Every time he gets close to the Exhaulted mystic ruler…he gets sucker punched! Is there no antidote to the kool-aid poison?

  43. Google the terms “Taqiyya and Kitman” and see if they don’t explain a lot about our Muslim-In-Chief.

  44. I disagree with O’reilly. I think Obama and his handlers know exactly what they are doing. Their agenda is to destroy the America we know and love. His idea is a Socialist workers paradise except we won’t have any workers!

    1. I really thought O’Reilly was intelligent enough to see Obama as the Corrupt Piece of Shit Ghetto Trash that he is. You would have to be a complete fool to think everything going on in the country is just bad management.

  45. Obama is wrong in his agenda… and O’Reilly is wrong on his conclusion!!!! If I’m wrong in my thinking… just tell me what O has done for America except give it up!

    1. What has Obama done for America? Our health care now rivals that of Zimbabwe or Rwanda. O’Reilly is excited about it, though.

  46. I respect Bill O’Reilly very much but I DO NOT agree. I think that Obama knows exactly what he is doing. I believe his agenda is to destroy first of all Christians and turn America into a Muslim nation. Secondly he wants to do away with the constitution and freedom and make a socialist nation of America. Thirdly I believe he wants to become the dictator over America. Maybe I’m just on the far right Mr. O’Reilly and I hope you are right but I don’t think so.

    1. I agree with your assessment. O’Reilly doesn’t disclose anything new. He gives Obama a credible venue via FoxNews to flaunt his lies. Obama’s smooth talkin jargon sounds like a used cluncker salesman’s bottom line sales pitch. He should join the rest of Hollywood to peddle their garbage.

  47. O Reilly showed once again he s a fence straddle , very very disappointed in his butt kissing,,but then again ticking off the King prob. wouldn’t help his book sales,,,or an audit would be disenchanting to say the least. Hannity is the only True Consv.left.

  48. I COULD CARE LESS this SCUM OF A NOTHING LOSER JOKE thinks he is soo above everyone and he speaks for everyone and he is so sane and down to earth…WALK THAT MIDDLE JERK…..OFraud is really a nice guy…right SCUM FACE….that is why our country is at its worst politically, socially, economically and viably…but hey HE IS A GOOD GUY RIGHT PUNK….Billie the Bend Over Boy just wants to make sure he gets another interview where he thinks he is a GOD….This Acne Mark on the butt of humanity is laughable and no one and I mean no one ever mentions this clown as an influence…compared to Rush, Hannity, Levin and others Punk Face could not be found with Sonar…he is totally irrelevant, incompetent, egotistical, self absorbed and a BIG MOUTH!!

  49. Bill O’Reilly is not a right-winger, he’s a no-winger! Pseudo-intellectualism has pickled his brain. He needs to sit in on more of Krauthammer’s talks.

    1. I could just see BOR cutting Krauthammer off every 3 seconds because he thinks he makes a better point.

  50. What kind of drugs is O’Reilly on? Come on now! Is he now going to be a supporter of this POS?

  51. Bill O’Reilly is GULLIBLE and quite PATHETIC

    and I think he will regret this statement in the not too distant future, when it is put on a never-ending video loop in Conservative-Ville USA … I think many of ‘the folks’ will be dumping him at that point …

    Who is B H Obama? #MoreFakeThanWendyDavis! A Columbia University Prof with long tenure makes a sobering comment ~>

    1. The Columbia University that Ostupid went to is actually in the So. American Country of Columbia….he had his records sealed so that the truth would never be known….

  52. When O’Reilly was promoting his “Killing Kennedy” book (what’s next…killing Garfield? McKinley?) he spoke about Oswald getting shot and referred to the Dallas police as a “bunch of rednecks”. He’s a jerk.

  53. Yes & BO is Trustworthy per Boehner! His actions prove differently as does his ability to be Trusted!
    That says so much about all 3 men!

  54. Bill O’Reilly has always given Obama the benefit of the doubt. But Bill has come along way from where he was a couple years ago.I believe Dennis Miller helped him on that a little bit .

    1. After the 2008 election, I definitely got the impression from O’Reilly that he had voted for Obama.

      1. He definitely bought everything BHO was saying for a long time and still seems to think it’s all just a big boo boo and not marching to a goal but maybe he’ll fully open his eyes one of these days.

  55. Bill O also thinks Schumer is a good guy… How does anyone continue to watch/listen to this fraud.

  56. I like Bill O’Reilly, and thought he did a good job interviewing Obama yesterday, but he was wrong in telling Obama that he has a good heart. I know that none of us are Obama’s judge, but I also know the Bible says that ‘by their fruits you shall know them’ and based on Obama’s words and actions, he doesn’t seem to have a good heart and why Bill would say that baffles me. O’Reilly isn’t a liberal like many of you think he is, he’s an independent, I think his only crime is being naive and showing a lack of common sense sometimes.

    1. what o’reilly showed he is a two faced hypocrite as-h-le,it is what it is,and he is a koolaid drinker.obama’s new hoe

  57. Communism is a very contagious disease and O’Reilly was not vaccinated…..he did spin in his own spin zone;his questions never get the answers and now everybody knows why: the one who is “looking out for us” is nothing bur another “obama’s fan “

  58. What did he do for the interview? That’s all these a-holes live for. Bill has gotten the deck reshuffled m any times at Fox. Hell, he eve got a couple of people fired that weren’t towing his line. He keeps O going.

  59. I’m glad to see people recognize the true Billy. He afforded Obama a huge audience by conducting the interview prior to the Super Bowl. You may recall Billy gave Obama huge coverage when he last interviewed him shortly before McCain accepted the GOP nomination at the 2008 convention.

    Lastly, when Billy refers to the ‘hard right’ who do you think he’s speaking about? IMO, it’s Rush, Hannity, Levin and so forth. I’m bias and not fond of O’Reilly based solely on ideology. IMO, he voted for Barack twice and that’s why he’s the only person at Fox to get to interview him.

  60. Billy O really is a stupidMoron…..He has changed a lot in the past 10 yrs…after he got is but sued by the Dixie chicks he has been waffling and fence riding…really hasn’t been worth watching for a long time now…I haven’t see his show in over 7 yrs. I do miss watching some of the guests he has…the show would be better without him

  61. If he’s not trying to hurt people, but his policies do hurt people, what’s the difference? The result is the same. He can change his policies so people are not hurt. I think O’Reilly wasted his time doing the interview. Additionally, Super Bowl Sunday evening was not the time for this. Obama got his points out, and O’Reilly was skunked. Obama spun right through the “No Spin Zone”.

  62. O’Reilly is a putz! No, wait, a putz with blinders! Ovomit was born and raised and mentored by Communist’s! Everything he’s done is within the scope of his three playbooks, Communist Manifesto, Rules for Radicals, and Cloward-Piven! Does O’Reilly NOT know these things? Sure he does, he just wants to be able to get interviews with Ovomit for his ratings! If Fox had any sense, they’d put Bill out to pasture!

  63. Bill oh really,thats why he (Obama) tap danced around every question.Either yes or no,not some dumb rant or excuse!

  64. Mr. O, You have been spun right out of the galazy by the best deceiver in the universe. What say you?

    1. You;ve got that right…Mr. O’Reilly thinks he was hard on Obama…Obama just used him and this interview as his own stage to tell more lies and take it to Fox News and O’Reilly himself!

    1. He’s a BSer. I lost respect for him years ago and can’t even watch him any more. He climbed up on the fence after his first “interview” with Obama and hasn’t come off since. He has made a career out of talking out of both sides of his mouth. And now Obama is a great guy who isn’t trying to hurt Americans???? O’Really??????

  65. If we believe that O’Reilly is not stupid… than he’s a liberal in closet trying to persuade us that he’s “an independent”. I believe, he’s simply arrogant and stupid, as his hero (Obama) is. With this interview he proved it to me.

  66. While Obama may “seem” like he doesn’t want to hurt anyone, the people pulling his “puppet strings” – (the “ubra-left”, so to speak) are making him do it. The American people are getting sick and tired of his outright lies to serve the left’s progressive agenda! And the lapdog mainstream media are covering up for Obama by calling anybody who is against him a racist! The hard left is playing the Saul Alinsky “Rules for Radicals” to the hilt! Come on, Bill, you of all peiople should know this!

  67. O’Reilly is an unconscionable bastard, to give this man a forum to lie. I quit watching him and FOX four years ago. I can see they’re still complicit in the harm he’s doing to America. Go to hell, O’Reilly.

    I wouldn’t give this man ratings. He’s getting rich off of spewing lies to the public. What a POS.

  68. O’Reilly has it wrong. Every dollar redistributed, every burdensome mandate imposed, and every liberty that gets diminished as a result of Obama wanting to fundamentally change this country hurts people.

  69. During the government “shutdown” Obama tried to make it as painful as possible for the citizenry. O’Reilly is a pompous, naive idiot.

  70. Bill…

    I’m shocked to say-the-least you would make such a statement about ‘his heart is in the right place.’
    His intent is to turn this place into a communist country, re-distribute YOUR and my money, AND Fox News will be the 1st to go…

    I used to have respect, a lot of respect for you…but after these remarks…well, what’d he serve you a big ole glass of koolaid for which you imbibed…???
    Of all the people I never thought I would hear this uttered from your mouth..then again, maybe like Roberts, Baynor, et all, you were bought as well…?? Just sayin’..

  71. BHO is an enemy of the United States and Mr. O’Reilly is an opportunist. I read his first book and will never read another. FOX is not that much different from it’s mainstream media cousins in the deception department and just as many LowInfoVoters get their world view from FOX as do the “liberal’ channels. Until people learn that television is entertainment – not NEWS and start holding their congress reps accountable for the damage being done to the country by electing enemies of the US to high office there is little hope for our society.

    1. Fox USED to be different, but I have watched them gradually swing the ‘other’ direction…

      Very sad…bout the only people we can count on are on 1 hand…

  72. So four dead in Benghazi isn’t hurting people? People dying because of Obamacare isn’t hurting people? The IRS targeting and silencing conservatives isn’t hurting people? 90 million out of the workforce isn’t hurting people? Stoking and fomenting racial division isn’t hurting people? Driving the nation toward economic collapse isn’t hurting people?

    Man, Billy O, put down the Obama bong.

    1. Woo hooo! Excellent comment! You should send that into O’Reilly. If he were to respond, however, you know he would say something arrogant to justify his divisive comment. Still…you should send it in!

  73. O’Reilly, you seem delusional. You did not even notice he did not answer your question as to WHY he wants to transform America in a fundamental way. That’s my main quarrel with the President. He is sworn to “preserve, protect, and defend the Constitution,” yet his action does not show it to be so, that he lives up to the oath of office.

  74. O’Reilly, you’re an idiot. You’re one of the reasons I cancelled the cable. Listening to you made me angry. Because, as a FOLK, I feel like you’re doing your best to feather your own nest, by exploiting ME and those like me.

    Here’s a clue. People who reason through deflective appeals, upon emotion, setting aside objectivity, these are NOT people worthy of public office, because public office rests in TRUST.

    The ideas which they form, THROUGH fallacious reasoning, are not worthy of consideration.

    This is because these people are RELATIVISTS!

    Relativism rejects objectivity.

    Objectivity is ESSENTIAL to ‘truth, trust, morality and justice.

    No Truth, no trust.

    No Trust, no morality.

    No Morality, no justice.

    No Justice, no “Liberty for All”.

    YOU setup invalid reasoning FOR CONSIDERATION, because you make money DOING THAT. Lending to the perception that invalid reasoning is equitable with valid reasoning.

    Making YOU: Part of the problem.

    The Folks.

  75. President Obama has a political agenda that is driven by his
    donors as well as his personal philosophy. He has a Socialistic agenda, which is also the mission of Community Organizers: “The simplest way to describe community organizing is to say it is the practice of identifying a specific aggrieved population, say unemployed steelworkers, or itinerant fruit-pickers, or residents of a particularly bad neighborhood, and agitating them until they become so upset about their condition that they take collective action to put pressure on local, state, or federal officials to fix the problem, often by giving the affected group money. Organizers like to call this ‘direct action.'” [Source: York, Byron, “What Did Obama Do as a Community Organizer?”, National Review Online, September 8, 2008.]

    To Bill O’Reilly’s credit, he asked questions that have never been asked in such a direct manner by mainstream media journalists. For example: “Did he tell you, Secretary Panetta, it was a terrorist attack [on the day it happened in Benghazi?] To wit: the AP’s headline was: “Obama defends himself from array of Republican criticism in Fox Super Bowl pregame interview.” Republican criticism only?

  76. So you’re saying “he was for us, before he was against us”? Bill, you are a tool! A legend in your own mind! No wonder the best parts of your program are the “guest hosts”!

  77. When your policies have proven over and over again that they are not good for this country and the “folks” are getting hurt…and he is continuing to bear down on the policies in stead of adjusting them…..he is intentionally hurting people. You have either drank the Kool-Aid, were intimidated by him or you simply do not understand the facts as they are. Any rate, we do not need another cheerleader for this man.

  78. Mr. O’Reilly couldn’t you have just said “His policies are hurting people.” We the people.

  79. Glenn Beck is defending O’Reilly, mentioning the intimidating atmosphere, etc. Personally, I don’t think it’s possible to get to any truth in a 10-minutes interview with a pro liar.

  80. If he doesn’t want to hurt anyone, but knows his policies are hurting America, and continues with his policies . . . then I say, “he’s wanting to hurt Americans!” Bill, put a level on your head and see how far off you really are leaning . . . . Obama (or whatever his name is) has you right where he wants you. Stop reporting if you are not willing to identify the facts and instead are using your emotions. . .

    1. Truth is based on ratings. O’Reilly has great ratings appearing to be an understanding non-partisan independent, any mention of the truth that moves that needle will get deleted or spun….pun intended.

  81. Bill might be right on this one. I haven’t felt this guy was really a bad guy but I have thought he was ignorant of the harm he was doing and very childlike given all the “play time” he gives himself and his family golfing and vacationing etc. Seems like that is the bulk of his administrative duties. His policies are hurting our country tho and turning it into a socialistic state and I hate that.

    1. I agree. The guy isn’t evil, just misguided, ignorant and detached. Unfortunately, his “for the greater good policies” don’t work. Also he can’t accept responsibility for anything and will blame others for his lack of leadership.

    2. So when he intentionally closed the WWII Memorial he must have been trying to protect those old vets from???? He was intentionally trying to hurt our “greatest generation” for political gain. BillO is full of crap.

    3. Obama AIN”T dumb…Obama knows ZACTLY what he’s doing all with intent and purpose…you are ‘bought’ if this IS your rationale’…

      1. No I’m not “bought” just had a moment of charity for the man. I cannot stand his politics nor how he and his wife abuse their position. For a moment I considered Bill was right because I really want him to be right however this guy has done too much damage to our country to have done it in ignorance. I take my post back.

  82. Bill, last time I heard a comment that wrong was when Bush once said he looked Putin in the eye and got a “sense of his soul”. Way off as Bush sadly learned.

  83. Bill is neither a good conservative nor a good Catholic, I have been saying this for years. He has let his popularity go to his head like all of them do! He has no problem with Obama lying, no problem with homosexuality, he probably leans left on abortion more then he likes to say. He is a pompous ass in the league of Piers Morgan! Fox has let O’Reilly, Sean Hannity aka Karl Roves puppet Shepard Smith and a few others ruin them. The women on Fox have bigger balls! Put Judge Jeannie in Billy Boys place she’s not scared of Obama!

    1. You did great til you added Sean Hannity’s name. Not sure though whether you attached Karl Rove to Shep or Sean. Sean has NOTHING for Karl Rove.
      The last sentence is where you hit it out.

    1. None…they are one in the same…this makes no sense. Me thinks Billy boy has let the fact that he has interviewed bummer twice go to his head and he has lost all reasonable deduction…might be the Harvard degree….

      1. Hannity is benign, and that’s why he’s there… he repeats the same talking points over and over again, and constantly makes naive statements alluding to Obama’s “incompetence.” (HAH) Hannity is not in the same intellectual league as Beck, Levin, and Limbaugh.

  84. ‘Bill O’Reilly says Obama’s heart is in the right place and that he’s not
    trying to actually hurt people like the ‘hard right’ believes:”
    Then you are even a bigger blowhard than I gave you credit for being. Quit walking the fence Billy Boy, the left doesn’t watch you anyway. :-/

  85. Next thing you know, you’ll be golfing with him Bill. Boehner did, look what happened to him. Come to think of it, maybe you have already. Tell us Bill, does he cheat and lie on the golf course as well and as often as he does in his job?

  86. Gotta Wonder if NSA didn’t find something useful on Old Bill’s computer that Obama used to leverage his cooperation….

  87. Bill !!! Every time you talk to that A_ _Hole you turn a little bit farther to the Left, Glen Beck was right, You Love The Obamas .. Admit It.

  88. Wake up conservatives, Bill O’Reilly is not to be watched and believed. He is in the Spin Zone all the time. Just a showman. Glenn gave him some credibility for a while but if you listen to a real patriot that knows what is going on with these communist you do not want to waste your time on BO. He obviously does not know a lie when he hears one.

  89. Bill is an idiot. He is the only one on Fox that I can’t stand. I guess Fox has to have their share of idiots to have their so called balance.

  90. Right, Bill Blow Reilly; he doesn’t want to hurt our Catholic religion either by going after nuns who nurse the poor and dying. And that is just the tip of a huge iceberg. I’m not “hard Right” Blow Reilly, and I would tell you that to your face if I could get inside the limousine you ride in.

  91. Bill O’Reilly used to be considered an alienating commentator, as he was one of the few hard hitters left in media, particularly around the time he wrote “A Bold Fresh Piece of Humanity,” where he highlighted the growth of progressivism. That book got a lot of attention, and he was turned into a right wing nut by the rest of the media for many years. That has never been him, and I think he has tried to prove himself as more of a moderate since. In recent years, though, he has ignored the liberal track record often and been the ever-present faith-in-Obama voice that is heard by Republicans and needed by the left. So, he has been played.

    Of course, along the way, he has belittled people like myself who believe in the adage, “fool me once, shame on thee; fool me twice, shame on me.” I never had faith in Obama, and his record has simply confirmed my fears. Is that because I’m on the hard right? No, it’s because Obama’s policies have been repetitive failures time and time again, and he has refused to ever take responsibility for any of them. I never considered myself to be ‘hard right’ but blind commentators like O’Reilly and whining politicians like Obama, Schumer, Boehner, et al have done a bang up job of casting folks like me as extremists.

    Wake up, Mr. O’Reilly. I was once on your side, but your willingness to ignore the facts and try to defend undeserving Democrats and establishment Republicans, coupled with your massively unappealing ego, has drawn out your true colors. You have now transitioned, with these comments above, to being a commentator whose opinion I can no longer trust.

  92. If he didn’t want to hurt the American people why does he keep doing what he’s doing. There isn’t one thing he’s done that hasn’t hurt the American people.

  93. O’Really can be smart at times, but the loofah story made me realize, the man is truly out of touch in a lot of areas.

  94. I’ve noticed a change in Bill OReilly about a year ago. Since then I have not watched his show as deligently as before. The change came after his claim that Obama was helping him with the wounded soldiers project. I think he would be better to keep his opinions to himself and just report the news.

    1. IS the wounded soldiers project the one that uses so much of its money to pay the head office. Is mr rioley paid by them, if so, it no wonder he would be leaning to the obamasssss. Many many other help the military projects out there that are much, much better. Remember the USO, Salvation Army, whom I consider two of the best. Stay away from the red cross, bunch of crooks. But do agree with Sharon he started to change a few years back for the worst.

  95. Hey, Bill: If you don’t think his policies are hurting people, you’re a fool. Or perhaps you like the idea of an impotent US, that is.

    Friends and foes alike look at the United States today and see a powerful nation comfortable with its impotence and — so far, at least — willing to accept the new world disorder that such impotence leads to. We have been here before, and we have always had to learn the hard way that American retreat is not cost-free. Letting other countries “get along the best they can” may sound appealing in the abstract. In the real world, we invariably regret it.

  96. Utter BS, BOR is a cowering RINO who just wants what “The Folks Want” which too is utter BS. I stopped watching BOR years ago when Juan Williams was seen as an adequate fill in host. Blech

  97. It is not a secret as to what a communist or socialist is. It is well defined and the countries that have applied those policies have never had freedom and suffered from constant Government intrusion. When politicians believe and apply those policies here in the U.S. and we don’t call it for what it is, we are only endangering ourselves. Bill OReilly apparently leans to the left or he would not have excused him at all.

  98. He has been groomed by someone to ruin the United States since he was a child, I believe this with all my heart and I am not a conspiracy theory person, it is just the only thing that makes sense.

  99. He threw FOX under the bus twice.
    Ether OReilly has gone soft or OLiar had a taser wrapped around Bill’s testicles during that interview.

  100. I had to stop watching O’Reilly a year ago because of his lack of logic even when presented with facts. When you have avowed communists as parents, grandparents and a mentor…you are what you know. A sheik who paid for your Harvard education, a terrorist that helped start your political career, involved with the Saul Alinsky crowd, it’s NOT a coincidence that someone who didn’t even manage as much as a Dairy Queen was put into power by a group of people funded by foreigners…
    And O’Reilly thinks obama isn’t out to hurt anyone? I’m surprised people even continue to listen to his dribble.

    1. Obama is involved with members of the Weathermen Bill Ayres and Bernadine Dohran two terrorist who were not convicted under a technicality. Saul Alinsky and the Corrupt Chicago Political establishment this man has had every communist, socialist, as part of the crowd he hung with, he’s even admitted to seeking them out. Isn’t out to hurt anyone, give me a break.

  101. I think the White House made him say that. They would never let him do anything that made Obama look too bad. I think it made Bill look like a fool,

    1. I suspect it’s more like the head of Fox is slowly shifting left because of Roger Ailes. I miss watching Kelly Files, The Five and Judge Jeanine, but I’ve pulled the plug on cable. Tired of paying for garbage.

  102. And to think I was defending Bill’s interview. Now, Bill, you have thoroughly disappointed me. Just wait until Dennis Miller comes on Thursday. WoW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  103. Bill, you were the one who set this up as a boxing match between two Alpha males, remember? And you got schooled in this the third round on my score card, you failed to connect due to the President’s ducking. He avoided and stonewalled on almost your every advance. Not since 1974’s, Ali vs Foreman match, has there been such a display of,” the rope a dope”. Obama fell against the ropes, arms up, using the,” we have had all sorts of hearing on all this, and then offered spun up talking points. Including it’s Fox News’ fault. No facts, no remorse for the mistakes, or wasted tax dollars, or harm he’s done to the folks. He displayed condescension and arrogance with no sense for a need to try something different for different results only we going to continue to pursue the same course because in his thinking, he is getting the results he wants and let the folks be damn.

    1. agreed,Couldn’t connect.Keep in mind that he still has to show respect,as much as it kills us.Obama keeps showing the people what hes really all about.He’s got that gift of gab.He can take a question and talk for 20 minutes and never answer the question.I think most people have finally see him for the bullshitter he is,albeit

      too late!

  104. O’Reilly the fool. Sells his soul to sit at the feet of Obama and be liked and invited back. Sorry Bill. Your no spin zone is bull…… BTW Bill..Did you buy his response about not wanting to transforn the US? He blew you off on that question …then away for the entire interview.

  105. Bill – you looked like an Obama butt boy last night. You never pressed him to actually answer a single question, you let him spew his lies and gave him credibility by doing so and finally you bashed the GOP for him by speaking for the “right wing” when you have NO CLUE what the GOP believes. You just lost a fan today. – God – you are either feathering your own nest or you are just another media idiot!

  106. He uses the IRS to punish his political enemies. He stopped the rescue of the ambassador in Benghazi and fired Gen. Ham for trying to save Stevens.He shows up for work at 10:30 and leaves at 2:30 . He told so many lies about obamacare that you just assume he lies about everything. Bill does more harm to the country by pretending to be a conservative and letting PBO lie to us without reproach. I hope it is because he is just a stupid man, not that he has the evil in his heart. When will anyone stand for the unborn, the constitution, religious freedom , and my personal freedom

  107. O’Reilly (NO RELATION) is a gay man’s wet dream. His ass is so wide from sitting on that pole that is part of the fence that…ok I won’t go any further. Boycott his show and his books.

  108. O’Reilly has fallen for Obama’s BS, he really has… Ask those soldiers he has left unprotected in Afghanistan, ask those people whose Health Insurance has doubled and tripled, ask those Americans that have given up looking for work, ask those families who lost loved ones in Benghazi, ask those citizens that were singled out by the IRS for just being conservatives! Obama is supposed to be a smart man and so are you O’Reilly… The only problem is you both underestimate the intelligence of the average American…

  109. You couldn’t be more wrong, O’Reilly. Thanks for selling out. And now you know why I haven’t watched your program for years.

  110. Oreilly quit you have lost your freaking mind. You are siding with a radical Muslim imposter illegal. In our White House illegally. 100 million Americans are our of work and Obama refuses to uphold our laws and respect our constitution. Fox needs to fire you and bring back Glenn beck. You are so two faced.

  111. He has hurt the country and the delay in the Keystone Pipeline is just one example. Bill O is certainly entitled to his opinion but let the “folks” decide for themselves how they feel about the job the President is doing without a commentary.

  112. wel 0 sure made a fool out of you Bill O’Reilly. Didn’t answer your simple and direcr questions. He talked down to you and made your interview look foolish. Sorry. I used to watch you bit now listen to wiser voices like Levin and yes, even Beck.

  113. OK, I’ll play along. Obama demands that lawmakers and regulatory agencies implement his policies, and usurps Congress’ powers for himself in order to do what he says must be done. These policies cause great harm to people and our nation. Obama, rather than change himself, lies about his words and actions (to your face, I might add, Bill!), blames everyone but himself for the results and and then doubles down on his policies and usurpation. But Obama’s true intent doesn’t include causing injury to anyone or to our country generally.

    How is that worth defending in any way, Bill? And how are you any different from Chris “Tingles” Matthew?

  114. Billy O If you believe that you are a fkn moron. I just lost all faith in you. your just like him you aren’t looking out for the folks. you deciever. or is it idiot, which is it Bill

  115. Disagree…He has hurt this country in so many ways. He keeps going and going. I cannot even watch him he makes me sick. And its time to stop the spin Bill and start playing hard ball with this criminal. Its not the world according to Billy O.

  116. Disappointed in O’Reilly. The Pretendident failed to answer questions directly and even blamed BO and Fox for his troubles instead of Bush, the weather, the Constitution’s constraints, the GOP, the Founders, or everyone else born since 1700. I don’t believe he’s a Communist, just a Marxist-Socialist who is stupid but as sly as a used-car salesman. (No insult to all the decent used-car salesmen out there.) Maybe next time Megyn can take the interview?

  117. Pure BS O’Reilly! Oblamer’s heart belongs to communism and fascism. He couldn’t care less about Americans and/or our way of life. He has launched an attack on those who disagree and/or embarrass him. Dinesh D’Souza is a perfect example. His movie about Oloser gave us a good glimpse into what a fraud Oblamer is. But, he did come prepare to take on O’Reilly and blame Fox News. What a loser. This Fraud-in-Chief has yet to take any responsibility for any of his failed policies.

  118. I was looking forward to the interview, but sorry to say this Bill, too much hype for nothing. The spin kept on going and didn’t stop.

  119. I disagree…I think he wants to punish those he feels have been “lucky” for too long.

    An SEIU telemarketer actually called my house to find out if I was aware of Covered California. I told him I was. He asked if I have signed up. I told him I had not because while getting my taxes done, my accountant had gone on the website and put in my numbers and told me we didn’t qualify for a subsidy and told me my new rate. It had SKY ROCKETED. Way higher premium, deductible, out of pocket and copay…PLUS, meds were subject to deductible with new crappy plan. He asked if actually saw the website…I said I had. He said: Oh, ok…just wanted to make sure there were no “ambiguities”. So I let him have it. Told him that the only ambiguities were from the president when he said rates would go DOWN, that we could keep our old PLANS AND DOCTORS. He LIED LIED LIED. I was not so much as “happy” with my old plan, but it was somewhat affordable for my family and we could make it work. His response? OH, you were one of the “lucky” ones. JERK! I let him know…NO, we weren’t LUCKY, we just worked A LOT, and always put health care at the top of the list…what Obama has done has change premium plans to catastrophic plans, but at premium prices.

  120. Yeah right, he’s trying to destroy the Tea Party…all I can say is, “Out of Touch” is not just a song from Hall & Oates!

  121. I humbly disagree with Bill, this man in the White House is either the most stupid person on earth or evil, I don’t think its the stupid.

  122. The leprechaun has been a joke now for many years. Just proved it again during Sunday’s interview.

  123. ‘Ol Billy is pandering. He doesn’t want to sound too extreme.. When he slaps Obama with kid gloves, like most of the media do, I just tune out. Hannity is the only commentator I watch consistently anymore.

  124. Why why why, Bill, do you do a good thing and then turn around and insult yourself by being a doofus?

  125. Bill is clueless. If you need any evidence the left wants to annihilate conservatives just take a gander at That’s site is communist.

    1. spoken like a true defense attorney (Weswieann—I’m guessing) whose only job is to “create reasonable doubt”. Asked and answered does not apply if you are lying…or at least it should not, and we wonder why we have problems….I am not a big O’reilly fan, but if I am holding 2 birds in my hand, and you ask how many birds are in your hand and I say 1….that does not make it so….no matter how many times I say it. And Reasonable Doubt is the standard by which people are acquitted…it certainly is not going to fix things…it was a safety measure to insure innocent people get every benefit of the doubt. If you are guilty as sin you are supposed to take responsibility……or at least thats how it used to be.

  126. I thought the O’Reilly interview was going as well as could be expected up to this point. There was no reason for O’Reilly to inject this comment if he was serving as an unbiased reporter/interviewer.

    When Obama stated that there was not one smidgeon of corruption pertaining to the IRS,OReilly should have reminded Obama about Lois Lerner pleading the 5th. If there was not one smidgeon of corruption,why plead the 5th??

    Overall it was okay but what can you expect these days.

  127. Then Bill should explain in complete detail what the IRS targeting is for.

    I’m tired of his arrogant idiocy.

  128. If Obama has his heart in the right place then O’Reilly has his head where the sun doesn’t shine.

  129. Someone Paleeeeeese take that pitcher of Kool-Aid away from Billo!! It just reinforces why I can’t like or trust him.

  130. If Obama’s heart is in the right place, why doesn’t he listen to what Americans want. O’Reilly is still living in the twilight zone.

  131. O’Reilly’s interviewer was not particularly bright himself. His retort should have been: If he’s not intentionally hurting America at the moment, God help us when he finally gets round to it.

  132. Scoop, no need run billy boy clips….see no evil , done no evil? …. no logic in billy’s think’n, and this is a thinking person’s website.
    And notice how many times billy closed his eyes and looked down during the interview….not his normal

  133. Some people cannot understand the evil of others. A lot of them work at the State Dept. I don’t know if BOR is truly blind or if he’s just a sycophant. I know he’s arrogant as hell and always thinks he knows best.

    1. He’s not a liberal, a progressive, or a RINO. Ted Baxter is just an opportunist who doesn’t really believe in anything except his own “brilliance.”

    2. He sais he is an independent. And so he can be everything he wants at any moment. Lately he had so horrible points! For example, he said that the republicans should stop opposing raising the minimum wage, that $10 is very reasonable – otherwise there will be exploitation!!… I almost fell off my chair… Doesn’t he know that only Marxists are using that word?…

  134. Hannity thinks Amnesty is the thing; Beck thinks fighting for America divided it; O’Reilly says Obama doesn’t want to hurt America… Like Dominos, the fakes and frauds are falling and outing their soiled underwear hidden underneath their flag-coloured suits, one by one. The only question is: Who’s next in line to fall?

  135. Bill O’Reilly; “I don’t think…”

    Never before has Bill O’ made a more poignant, astute, an accurate statement!

  136. Hahahahahahaha… I’m telling you folks. Michael Savage might be a bitter, self-infatuated, old man but he doesn’t half get it right when it comes to Bill O’Reilly and his friends at Fox. If O’Reilly was here in the UK, the universal theory would be that he is seeking a knighthood, hence his obsequiousness. But y’all have no such thing in the USA, so it looks to me like the Leprechaun is just mining for some plain ol’ brown nuggets up Obama’s rectal canal for the fun of it. Guy was never on our side anyway. It only paid him to make do as if he was.

  137. Gee thanks O’Reilly. I know I’ll sleep better tonight knowing you think Obama is on our side, trying to help us.

  138. there’s a slot available at LSDnbc willy…haven’t watched this bozo or the other empty suit in 6 years…Media whores ..AT BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. You know, that would actually be a very interesting experiment: have Fox News cancel Bill’s show, and then let’s see if his audience would legitimately follow him to MSLSD. I’m betting they wouldn’t, and then Bill’s ego might actually suffer an epiphany worth having.

      1. Indeed…wouldn’t require Quantum Math to figure his ratings…fur sure, fur sure. Put Judge Jeanine is his place..HE!! put her in the WH…

  139. O’reilly has kissed O’s a$$ for a long time to get an interview, he got it and then Proceeded to kiss his behind for almost 4 years after that to get his second interview. Way to go Bill!!!!

  140. Hitler, Stalin, Castro, all cared about the people and their country.
    Bill – you would agree their hearts were in the right place along with Obama. Right? I mean they wanted to help people so they wound up killing people, to help people. Makes sense to you Bill?

  141. Mr. Bill is obtuse or so enamored with being part of the DC/NY elitist crowd that he cannot see the truth. Mr. Bill, if you “think his policies are hurting” the American people, why do you think he is continuing those same policies…in fact, he is doubling down on them.

    BTW, most of us never considered ourselves “hard right.” We’ve been pushed into appearing that way – simply because we believe in America as she was founded, we believe in the Constitution to protect the people from tyranny and a fascist government, and we have beliefs which are Judaic-Christian fundamentals – just like the Founding Fathers.

    1. I agree I’m not a ‘ hard right ‘ either and Mr. Bill should know better than to lump us all in a little pkg. We are Americans, We love and die and bleed for this land that Obama is wrecking …either he’s a destructive, harmful human or a complete burn out . I think he is intellectually challenged

  142. Ted Baxter let BHO control the interview, BHO never answered the questions about firing Sebelius, IRS and let him get away with lieing about BHO saying he said the next day it was a terror attack, another lie. Ted Baxter needs to do some research there are videos O’Reilly. I’m getting sick of these air heads saying far right, o’reilly define the far right. The people on the so called right are educated care about this country want the constitution followed, im all for that so you say im a hard right person no im an american who does not see that in this administration. You have had Palin and others on your show and were harder on them than you were on Obama. O’reilly did you ever research Obama’s background, who his mentors were, who his friends were and the fact he is a student of Alinsky as is Hillary what difference does it make Benghazi.

  143. I haven’t watched O’Reilly for 6 months and since then I have lost weight,I am healthier, and I’ve made an additional $300.00 per month.
    O’Reilly has a “man crush” on Obama and he hates conservitaves. Even when he criticises Obama it is mild. O’Reilly is just a bag of hot air.

    1. I much happier as well Froggy. I used to listen to O’Reilly for what might be news. With the internet, by the time it’s 8:00 pm on the east coast, his news would be better placed on the history channel. Further as much as I enjoy Dennis Miller, I question him as I can’t see how anyone would want to spend that much time on tour with the pompous assery of O’Reilly.

      1. I only switch over to O’Reilly for a few seconds when the commercials are running for repeats of The Big Bang Theory on TBS.

  144. How sweet of you Bill. BO’s heart is in the right place and that’s why he is arming Muslim jihadists, hurting Israel, giving Iran his blessing regarding nuclear energy. His heart is in the right place by trashing our laws and constitution, demeaning SCOUS and congress at each SOTU address.
    His heart is in the right place because he and Holder cover for every infraction against the people by ruling as dictators.
    Five years of Obama’s treachery and and you say his heart is in the right place. Bill, I think your head is up your …where the sun don’t shine.

  145. I’m fed up with “He’s really a nice guy” garbage. He’s not a nice guy, he’s a tyrant wannabe on the way to becoming. Anyone who would vote AGAINST medical help for babies who SURVIVE an abortion is NOT a nice guy.

    1. Reminds me of the night John McCain threw the presidential election away, deliberately? – Remember him saying “Mr. Obama would make a ‘fine’ president.? I knew it was all over that night.

      1. I knew that election was over when McCain said, “I hereby accept the nomination of the Republican Party.”

  146. For all the “bloviating” that pompous SOB did all week on his show talking about how he was going to take it to the Presidents.. “Two Alphas” going one on one, he looked like a whipped dog. That pansy a$$ O’Reilly is right at home with Obama.. Lots of talk, very little real bite. They both obfuscate and talk around and out talk their “opponent”. Neither has a principled moral bone is his body. O’Reilly likes to toss his Catholicism around but his fruit bears witness to his true nature.. No need to comment on Obama’s fruit or nature.. it’s painfully obvious to everyone of us with half a fricking brain and moral mind. For twerps like O’Reilly, the man still walks on water.

    1. The barricades at the WWII monument and just about every national park and he’s not trying to hurt anyone? Bill, you’re a damned liar. Ask for a room next to Barry and you can compare burn marks on your butts

  147. I would rather hear O’s meeting with the Saudi king, where BHO will be read the riot act for pandering to Iran, leading to a nuclear armed Middle East.

  148. Gee Bill, how else can you explain his unconstitutional power grabs other than what we perceive? Bill has a serious case of Cranial-rectal disorder and I don’t believe Obamacare covers it despite having to pay for female reproductive care.

    1. It will be covered. Obama said preexisting conditions will be covered. And we all know he always speaks the truth.

    2. I believe the correct medical diagnosis is; OsteoEncephalitis, inflammation of the brain caused by a bone in the head.

      1. No, Bill’s head is stuck in his rectum which causes depletion of oxygen and a build up of toxins in the blood causing his brain cells to die thus continue to speak as if he’s intoxicated.

  149. Who cares what Obama’s intentions are and whether he’s doing it purposely or not. The end result is policies who are hurting people.

    BORs semantics just try to make him seem “reasonable” and not “hateful” like the dreaded “hard right.”

    Also what’s the difference between right and “hard right?” His definitions are so arbitrary, just like a good liberal, he continually moves the goal posts of language.

  150. Bill, lies are hurtful and Obama has been telling lies (repeatedly) about the ACA from the getgo; those lies were intentional.

  151. the mindless and the meaningless , two empty suits, from what I heard. Was My night to watch grass grow..Far more informative.

  152. and another thing…. When will these “interviewers” ask these leftists… “what is a hard right person”… Throwing out these generalizations to smear people is nothing but a leftist tactic ti discredit a person from the debate!! MAKE THEM DEFEND THEIR LIES!!!

    1. That’s one question that will never be asked. It would either stop liberals dead in their tracks or, if they try to give a description, will expose them as the anti-American fools that they are.

  153. Bill that’s your opinion. My opinion is vastly different. I believe he is trying to cripple and dismantle America as we know it. And he’s no friend to a lot of Americans…his policies are hurting more people than they are helping! And he’s doing that deliberately in my opinion.

    1. Yes, like when he answerd the question from a viewer.. he rambled and threw out nothing but rhetoric… The reason the middle class is shrinking is due to business over-regulation… 3.50 gas, and nobama care!!!!

      1. I was explaining that tactic to my husband the other night: how Obama will drone on and on with his ‘answer’ that isn’t an answer until the listeners can’t help but tune out.

          1. I believe you are giving him to much intellectual credit. Such a design would require cognitive powers he has as yet failed to demonstrate!

          2. It also has a wearing-down effect on the rest of us. I can’t stand to hear his voice as it is. It’s like being aurally waterboarded.

    2. Of course he is crippling and dismantling America, he said that has been his intention via “transformation”. You cannot transform without destroying that which was.

      And the Democrats and far to many “Republicans” are OK with that transformation. Else, if they were not both parties would have initiated impeachment proceedings a long time ago.

      The Democrats are particularly pleased with all actions Obama has taken to this point as if fulfills one part of their dream when their ancestors wanted George Washington to be our next king. It also fulfills the other part of their intentions to enslave since they figured out having the KKK murder in their name “bad form”.

      Not that they totally learned from that experience since their current day “army” the Occupy Wall Street folks have done the same to a lesser degree. But have made things a little more “interesting” by raping and destroying private and public property.

      Such lawlessness by their past and present groups fits well with the Democrats, as Obama’s lawless actions via selective enforcement of our existing laws is clear dereliction of his duties.

  154. bill you do not have to contort the truth to give a liar the benefit of the doubt…..
    He lied, the IRS was used to intimidate Americans from participating in the electoral process by deliberately “delaying” their organizations status!!
    When you get a letter from the gubmint telling you that you could go to prison if any info is incorrect that’s intimidating! or what books you read or a LIST of members, or what PRAYERS you say!!! Really billo… hes a bad man, and a good liar!

  155. So, Bloviatin’ Bill stroked his massive ego along with the even bigger ego of the Imperial President, did he? That will keep him in shows I won;t watch for at least a week. Nothing to see, folks, move along here.

  156. “I don’t think he wants to injure people”

    BULLSHIT! He hasn’t done one thing to correct his punishment on the middle class taxpayer! PERIOD!

  157. Obama acts as a dictator signing executive orders making, changing, and even omitting laws from enforcement! The executive branch is only supposed to enforce existing law NOT make new laws! Fast and Furious? IRS hit squads going after political opposition groups and individuals? NSA spying on all of us? Benghazi-gate where they let 4 American’s die in stead of admitting terrorists were to blame, keeping it quiet until after Obama’s re-election? Unconstitutionally changing laws after they were passed over and over again? Failing to uphold his oath of office “to preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States of America? There is much more lawlessness too! Bill is a blithering idiot! He is not a Conservative! He is what is wrong with the Republican party! They don’t have a spine and are comfortable with their lavish lifestyles. They are in it for their own personal gain NOT to represent ‘We The People’. Ted Cruz is the only Republican I see fighting back against this criminal lawless regime!

  158. Bill O lost control – Obama said NOTHING

    Bill wants to stay in the good graces of the WH

    Bill should have thrown Obama off guard by asking – “If you knowingly LIED — why should we believe anything you say?”

    He is a good bloviator – but a terrible objective journalist

    The sad part is – he is very popular even though he is average at best

    ALSO – Bill can’t comprehend that Obama IS Sociopathic and EVIL and will do ANYTHING to pass his socialist agenda

  159. So then Obama, Biden, Pelosi, Ried, Bacaus, et al should start going to/paying for the funerals caused by O-Care.

  160. Fox News. Fooling America into thinking it is conservative, 24 hours a day.

    O’Reilly is no better than Hussein Obama.

  161. So tired of hearing God fearing, patriotic, law abiding, fiscally responsible, morally upright citizens be described as the “hard right.”

  162. Bill’s got to stop sucking up to promote himself for more interviews.

    Being “fair and balanced” may sometimes involve bending a little bit, but it should end at bending the truth.

  163. Don’t be a fool O’Reilly. Look at his record, look at his lies, look at the damage he’s done to all aspects of American society. You are definitely not ‘looking out” for us and you certainly aren’t pithy, you’re a pity.

    1. O’Reilly knows damn well what is going on.

      He plays his role and draws his paycheck from the Kabuki theater. He got a call last night from the theater Director that he ad-libed too much last night and pissed off show’s the temperamental lead actor

  164. He may not WANT to hurt anyone, but he doesn’t give a DAMN if his policies does! It’s Dead people, sick people, unemployed people, people losing their homes because of HIS policies are all just “glitches” and “Bumps in the road.”

    1. Nope. Chamberlain was genuinely mistaken. O’reilly knows what he’s doing. You mean, Said Vidkun Quisling.

  165. “I don’t think he’s trying to injure people. but I do think his policies are hurting people.”
    This is what O’Reilly said. Does this makes sense ?

    1. No. Only an apologist for the con man and a thick skulled pin head separates the policy from the POLICY MAKER. A policy maker that uses his “pen” in ways no other President has in the past.

  166. Billy needs to study the con man’s background. Frank Marshall Davis, an avowed communist was the con man’s mentor. Why that alone doesn’t speak volumes to “pin heads” like Billy escapes me all together.

    1. Bill’s apparently above that because he’s so educated coming from the Kennedy School of Law and Government study programs at Harvard,LOL. Send him a supply of K-Y Jelly to aid him pulling his head out of his rear.

  167. Hard right? How about just ordinary citizens, Bill. So sick of being referred to as the extreme, when in actuality, these radical lefties are the extreme and stupid people like you, Bill, continue to give them the microphone and help marginalize ordinary, patriotic citizens like us with your bloviating.

    1. We are conservatives. We are not “hard right”. Comments like this are the reason I stopped watching BOR last year. I have taken the approach, which bothers my wife, that I refuse to attend certain movies, buy products or watch certain shows that are hostile or dismissive of my mainstream beliefs.

      1. Me too, neighbor (I’m in NJ too)! My husband says we need to know the other side, so he watches the NBC Nightly News every night. Me, I’d rather not give them the ratings and can hardly stand watching it. One thing I’ve been able to do, though, is point out not just the obvious blatant bias, but the liberal-ideology propaganda that is “inferred” very subliminally. Once awakened to it, you can’t not see it, and now my husband sees it too.

        1. Rosie, I think we already know by this point in time how and what the “other side” thinks about the constitution and liberty. For the last 230 years, they’ve been eroding it. Time to move on!

      2. Bear in mind by Bill’s definition, the Founders were hard right extremists as well. If Bill want to chit all over our Founders, he can go to hell!

      3. I have been doing that as well. It is so “gratifying”; like one
        has the power to do something (besides vote; and I live
        in Illinois so there you go!).
        However, I must say the list of “not purchasing, not watching, listening to, etc.” is getting longer.
        Am now trying to actively spend money on products
        and services from companies who agree with my conservative principles; or any of those that find themselves
        in a fight with the Obama thug regime.
        Will not watch any of the Hollywood lefty actors’ movies,
        however, went to see “Lone Survivor” twice.

  168. Thanks BOR, I’m sure we can rest assured now that you, in your infinite wisdom, have decided that Obama is just a really nice guy not trying to hurt anybody and its the right who just can’t get past the lies and cover ups that you seem to accept without question.

  169. Hi Mr. O’reilly

    no one on the “hard right” AKA (american capitalists Who believe the calculator that if you are spend more then you take in you have a deficit which Equals Disaster,) That the President has evil intent to hurt the people he serves,

    we say that he follows a ideology that is the opposite americans believe in, and is doing everything within his power (and beyond) to implement his policies,

  170. Bill, the hard right doesn’t believe Obama is TRYING to hurt people intentionally (some of them are his base, after all). The hard right believes Obama’s policies and lawlessness hurts the majority of Americans.

    1. I believe Obama is a post American president. He is batting 1000 so far. He is and will continue to be rewarded.

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