Bill Whittle: Are video games the future for conservatives?

Bill Whittle talks about the future of conservatism in the culture and how video games could be the beset avenue for conservatives:


One of the most beautiful documentaries done on Jerusalem and its position in Biblical prophecy, click here for details.

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28 thoughts on “Bill Whittle: Are video games the future for conservatives?

  1. I consider myself to be an avid gamer (perhaps too much of one lol) but I wouldn’t call Call of Duty pro-military personally. CoD as always seemed like a satire of American military policy if anything. One of the loading screens has this gem in it, “”Patriotism is value of real estate over principle.” That doesn’t sound very Conservative to me. The most recent Metal of Honor is a much more pro-military game as it was written by actual people that served and as you might expect, the gaming media loathed it and all the while never really commenting on the technical side of things, but had plenty to say about it’s supposed Jingoistic (this word gets thrown around far too much) story line.

    I’d love if more games had more Libertarian and Conservative themes, but the video game industry is massively Liberal believe it or not.

  2. Our last 100$ donation went to Romney for the Pennsylvania polka in the last days of the National Socialist Republican’s party’s putch, late Oct 2012.

    Not another nickel, not another minute of consideration not another erg of interest from this family. Arms, food that can be preserved and a complete indifference to the plight of any American unless it’s a conservative. Not another penny for some bs homeless, drug addicted sob or some poor ghetto ho with more than 5 baby daddy’s. Starve, suffer, beg and stay out of my sight(s). Nothing, not a penny, not a rotting t-shirt, not a second thought.

    Let them them all suck wind, “Invent your own toilets create your own soap, scum — communist morons and welfare pigs— you figure out how to move a million tons of food a week, fresh from the midwest to the golden, “we can’t grow it here no more” state.

    They say it’ll get worse before it gets better, well it’s gonna get worse for the “hep me-feed me’s” first. And it’ll get better for the “hep me-feed” me’s last.

    1. Well said, and I’m doing the same thing. Gotta look out for #1 and screw everyone else, especially those who poo-poo my actions.

  3. The problem with bill’s premise is gamers never seem to connect the dots to what a game is telling/teaching them to reality.

    Read any tech blog for five minutes and you realize this.

    1. It’s too bad the shooter games don’t self-destruct after the first time the participant is “killed”. Then when they go WTF??? It flashed back “You died MF, you only have one life!!

      1. I agree with keninil, I passed through something like that. One of my friends is a passionate gamer, he loves racing car games. Few years ago his father bought him a car, and he take me for a ride. At some point he made a dangerous overtaking, and the car coming from the counter-sense climbed on the sidewalk to avoid the accident. My friend was not scared at all, and i asked him if he realize he could die. He started laughing and said that if he died, he gave a restart. This is sad.

  4. Sooo… don’t contribute to decent organizations like the Heritage Foundation? While Bill makes a great point, I find that to be a startling comment… because it seems to be true to a certain extent. While I still trust and believe in a few noteworthy organizations: The Heritage Foundation, Wounded Warriors, NRA, FreedomWorks, ASPCA, Tea Party Patriots, National Right to Work Legal Defense Foundation, etc. and contribute when I can… he’s spot on with the ridiculous RNC and other impotent groups – like America throwing money away on Libya, Iraq, Russia, or the U.N.

    So… who is worthy to receive our donations? Who IS making a difference? I’m just curious.

    1. sober thinking, i too wonder how best to advance our cause. we seem to be so splittered. between 9-12 groups and so many tea parties. i am done with the G.O.P. other than to support a canidate directly

  5. I was impressed with World of Warcraft. Aspects of the game teach sound economic principles such as scarcity, supply and demand and barter.

    Speaking of gamers, did you hear about how gamers were able to solve an HIV puzzle in 8 weeks where researchers and scientists in 8 years could not?

  6. I always thought Sim City was a statist kind of game. Everything about it says central planning and socialism. It’s a Left-winger’s utopia, right there in computer game form.

  7. Normally I’m not a fan of games like call of duty because its like a scripted action-filled interactive movie (the bigger the explosion the better) but one game that I think captures the authentic feel of war in a realistic and honorable way is Medal of Honor 2010. The missions are based off of real life missions with replicated areas that our military had fought through. And they do a great job simulating the types of guns (not just graphics but the feel of it) used during the Iraq war. Yeah, I’m a video game junkie, so? 😛

    1. That sounds “just right”, like the perfect bowl of porridge.

      A little girl with golden locks entered our house once upon a time when we were out, broke one of our chairs, ate some of our cooling porridge, and was fast asleep in one of our beds when we came home.

      Never will forget that.

  8. Thanks Scoop. I agree. We’ve got a culture which depends on the senses, all of them except the common one. Sense of touch, visual and hearing. We’ll never be able to “take back” the culture completely, but if we can start producing in areas which folks pay more attention to, we can slowly change people’s perception again. Christians have been trying to reclaim our place in culture and the arts for a while now, and it’s time for Conservatives to do the same.

  9. One reason the old movies are so good is that they portray American patriotism, exceptionalism, Christian family values, and “ordinary” people rising to extraordinary heights of achievement. They also show us as a people fighting the very entities and ideologies that “progressives” now embrace. There is nothing ordinary about people. History has shown us that.

    WWII spawned some of the greatest movies ever filmed. Many Biblical movies were filmed in the 50’s too. “Ben-Hur”, “The Greatest Story Ever Told”, “The Ten Commandments”…you know, movies like that. TCM and FMC are two of my favorite channels. It’s surprising that Turner of all people would have such a library of these movies, well-preserved and airing on sets across the country round the clock and round the calender. The digital age has allowed these movies to live in perpetuity.

    Recent years have brought us more and more worthwhile books and movies too. Here’s hoping that trend continues and accelerates. I’ve heard that there is a movie coming that is supposed to be called “The Resurrection”. That momentous truth and it’s aftermath is what “The Passion” was missing. Don’t you want to see how modern movie-making portrays that miraculous event along with it’s immediate aftermath, including much of the book of Acts?

    Yes please!

    1. I just watched Le Miserables last night because my daughter wanted to see it and I never have. If you can get past how really depressing it can be and the singing dialogue, it has some interesting appeal.

      It seems to take place at the beginning of the French Revolution… and I couldn’t help but relate that to the future of America if things don’t change for the better or quickly. We may literally have to do like our forefathers did and take this country back from oppressors. So in that sense, it was interesting and enlightening.

      I usually like movies like: 300, The Last Samarai, Last of the Mohicans, Gladiator, Brave Heart, etc. As you point out, movies where people rise above themselves or their circumstances and do great things or demonstrate exceptional bravery or sacrifice. There are many more I’m missing… but you get my point.

      For you people who think I love war and fighting only, I’m also a fan of Monty Python and The Holy Grail, Young Frankenstein, The Pincess Bride, etc.


      1. Me too. I really like movies that take place pre-1900…books too. I’m about to start my 13th George MacDonald novel. His entire collection was free on Kindle, as was Richard D. Blackmore’s, James F. Cooper’s, and Nathaniel Hawthorne’s.

        1. Very cool… I’ll have to check them out. I’m currently starting Greg Gutfeld’s “The Joy of Hate”

          I need something light right now. 🙂

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