Bill Whittle: Debunking the Palestine Lie

This 11 minute video by Bill Whittle is jam packed with the history of the peace process in the Middle East going all the way back to the mandate for Palestine, and it’s revelations against the Palestinians continually rejecting peace are brutal.

HIGHLY recommended:

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37 thoughts on “Bill Whittle: Debunking the Palestine Lie

  1. this is so one sided and biased. I cant believe you simple minded morons believe everything you hear and see do your own research before making your minds.

  2. Bill Whittle is one of my conservative idols. His plain spoken intellectualism and mastery of the complexities of 20th century American history makes him one of the best teachers on the interwebs.

    When Bill Whittle talks…….i listen.

  3. Bill Whittle is awesome!!!! I hope he runs for president soon, maybe this year! Even if he does not have a shot of winning, people need to hear this message! Bill Whittle would be a great Presidential Advisor!

    Bill Whittle website is:

    He helps to raise money to make conservative movies. Please support him!!!
    Hell, 5yrs from now Declaration Entertainment will be a brand name!!

    Palin 2012!!!

  4. I know there is a limit as to what can be covered in a 11 min video.

    So, I’d like to add that during the British mandate period, Hebron was a jewish town/city upon their taking it over from the Turks. But in 1929 there was a massive riot by the arabs killing or displacing all of the jews. They just took Hebron over for themselves, the arabs. No jews allowed. This is what they want to do to the entire area known as Israel today. From what I understand thats exactly what they’re saying verbally and in print – but only in arabic. The propaganda gets changed for the english translation, so to be suitiable for the NYSlimes to print.

    Just another example of how the arabs don’t want peace or to co-exist with Israeli jews.

    1. The dynamic never changes. There are always two different target audiences. There is a narrative for the already enslaved, and there is the narrative for the enemy. The Soviets had a narrative for internal control, and a narrative for Western consumption. Likewise, Islam, like the left, has a narrative for their own people, and a narrative strictly for Western ears.

    2. Omigosh! Of COURSE Palestine doesn’t want peace with Israel! I’m stunned that anyone even suggests it. What they want is for Israel to be overrun and all the Jews exterminated. Anything else won’t do.

      I’m no expert, but I do know there has always been enmity between [ed] Isaac and Ishmael. Goes back thousands of years.

      1. Not to mention Jacob and Esau… The Edomites (descendants of Esau) are the violent half of the Arabs, while the Ishmaelites are the Political side. Ishmael never expressed a desire to kill Isaac, but Esau vowed to kill Isaac.

        Gen 27:41 “Esau held a grudge against Jacob because of the blessing his father had given him. He said to himself, “The days of mourning for my father are near; then I will kill my brother Jacob.”

        Both brothers were jealous because their inheritance went to their respective siblings. Therein lies the crux of the Arab Israeli conflict.

        1. The odds of most Americans (to say nothing of the President) understanding that are very slim.

          There’s a lot of water under the bridge since then, but it starts right there, and both the Israelis and the Palestinians know it.

  5. The only problem is it wasn’t up to Britain or the UN to give Palestine’s’ land away just so they had a place to dump the Jews no other country wanted to take in.

    1. Sure it was they defeated the Ottoman Empire, they could do as they pleased. The same powers that carved up the middle-east after World War 1 are the same ones that established Israel. So if Israel doesn’t deserve to exist because of them then none of the other nations in the middle-east do either. And this is the land the Jews have always had a presence in. In fact they used to be known as Palestinians.

      1. This is the very point that the younger generation did not learn in school. Like with Santa Anna. He was whipped and that’s why Calif belongs to the US, not Mexico. We won it in war, just as the Brits beat the Ottomans and could cut up that territory if they wanted. (I don’t like the job they did but that is beside the point.)

        1. “Spoils of war” is not a popular topic today. Of course, if we were down and out, in a position to take land, it would be a different matter. However, since we got what we wanted we are in a position to play at being gracious and above the fray.

          Truth: we drove the natives out and went to war over Texas. I don’t see us apologizing and giving back the Alamo over it.

          1. Yeah. We are barely able now to hold on to what we got, more psychologically than anything else, unless we strengthen ourselves and of course our military abilities. We don’t even have defense capabilities like we used to.

            Texas? You know, this is another discussion, at least in my book. It has been strange to see intellectuals of today apply their standards to the behavior of our forebears and judge them acc. to some conjured standard that was not even known back then and yet our forebears were a moral people. I agree that the concept of people taking a picnic lunch out to watch the Civil War or the train ride of Chief Joseph is surreal in today’s venue. Times change. I like to stand up for America, though, in every way I can because it is the greatest experiment of all time and gives the highest lifestyle and opportunity to the the most people, especially women.

            1. It does seem we have a myopic view of our own history that starts with ourselves and moves outward from there. Revisionist history really drives me up a tree.

              Fascinating point you bring up about judging people of another time by our own standards, not the ones they had.

              Like going out to a hanging. We’re stunned by this, but it was common back then. You’re right that it’s unfair to judge our predecessors through our own lens.

              1. When it comes to public hangings, there are two other aspects people tend to forget:

                1. It was a public warning to likeminded criminals.

                2. By hanging a given prisoner publically, the general population could assure themselves that justice had been served.

                No, I’m not suggesting we should do this again – I am merely pointing out some overlooked aspects of the phenomenon.

    1. I don’t know about that- I think he wants Israel to ask for U.S. to take their side so that he can use it as a political tool. Obama has nothing to lose and everything to gain. Although it is very tinfoil of me to suggest an international political motive, Obama’s interests in the palestinian affairs and his ability to use anything and everything as a political tool lead me to that the “hypothesis”.

    2. I wonder if he’s only doing it to get the Jewish vote and because he knows there are lots of American’s who do support Israel.

  6. My ears don’t work as fast as Bill Whittle’s mouth. Whew!! That was an exercise in concentration. This was timely information. Thanks for the post. 2 Whittle posts in one evening was a real score.

    1. You are not kidding. Whittle really helps me increase my concentration skills. I do him a portion at a time.

  7. This is probably the best review of the history of this conflict I have ever seen. Even better then the one by the Israeli govt. Awesome job.

      1. I’m not 100 percent that they were blood relatives, it has been rumored that he was his uncle, but if you do a search with Mufti/Hitler/Arafat, there are tons of stories which some claim actual blood kin, others claim that he was “like an uncle” to Arafat. The point being that the Grand Mufti (what a stupid title) was Arafat’s idol and Arafat learned much from him.
        I’ve been learning about this stuff for about 15 years, when I first started learning about Bible prophecies, and world religions. The Israel/”palestinian” conflict has been one of my main things I keep up with, so I can’t remember where I read about that connection, but it was quite a few years ago. Jumped out at me last night as I watched this.

  8. I love this. This is so chalk full of truth- I only wish people who had no clue would take the time away from mindless tv blather to learn- before they cheer on friday and whine about the plight of the “palestinian people”. Thank you Mr. Whittle.

    1. I think we need to spread the word. Among some lovely young men on F’book recently I noted the Yeah, the rich should pay more, simplistic thinking parroting Obama. I just typed in (because I want to keep our relationship going and hence enable further discussion), It’s not that simple, whereupon another young man who has cred! “liked” my post. Mission accomplished. Three people were set straight, and who knows how many are reading? We need to blog our little hearts out. I really believe it is very effective. We can give many people a clue this way.

      There is no army as strong as an idea whose time has come. V. Hugo

      1. I did post my open letter to the UN (which I posted in the comments for the previous Scoop story on the UN vote coming) on fb and my own blog. I’ve been posting this on fb as well. There’s a group on there, if you’re not on that page already, called American Crusaders- an excellent group of American loving patriots. I posted on there as well, and some of them shared, so yes, I hope it will go viral. I have been posting so much on my own page, that those who haven’t “unfriended” me already, I think ignore me- too bad for them though. Thanks MLCBLOG.

        1. You’re way more advanced than me!! your own blog!! good for you. So far I just comment on a few of my favorite news sites, notably The Blaze, Front Page Magazine and The Right Scoop. That actually keeps me busy because, unlike some of our trolls and those who would fill up the spaces with leftist drivel, I have to work a lot to pay my bills. I am just glad I can!!

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