Bill Whittle: How we’re guaranteeing war with N. Korea

A fantastic monologue by Whittle on N. Korea and how we’re guaranteeing war with them through our weak response:

Tensions continue to rise on the Korean peninsula. Bill Whittle wonders why a poverty stricken totalitarian state like North Korea is setting the terms of debate, and not President Obama. Could the problem be that Obama and his security team fail to properly understand Kim Jong-un and his Stalinist regime? Is President Obama bumbling his way towards nuclear war?

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32 thoughts on “Bill Whittle: How we’re guaranteeing war with N. Korea

  1. This psychology of proportional response has gotten us into unnecessarily prolonged wars. By that I mean that we hold back – fearing that an overstepping of our proportioned response will get us into trouble with other nations etc. The end of WWII came with a couple of big bombs – an non proportional response. This governmental thinking is seen in the gun law issue as well. The Left and some Republicans see the law as something the bad guys will respect if we limit our response i.e.  not enforcing present gun laws. If we don’t take the bull by the horns, as the U.S. , and act on these threats our word becomes null and void. Not that Obama has already brought us to that point.

  2. Obama has one goal, the distraction of America. Any other conclusion is denial of reality- PERIOD.

  3. It would be a mistake to consider this to be a real conflict between two nations who are acting soley in their own interests. N Korea is a joke, and they DO know it. Their “fearless leader” is a wimp that was forced into coming back to N Korea from living a plush lifestyle in Switzerland. He is a spoiled brat type that is now most likely taking orders from China. China doesn’t want a collapse of N Korea, because it will spill over on them. There are reasons for this sabre rattling, and it has nothing to do with a real threat. All governments use this kind of tactic to control their own people, and N Korea are not the only ones who will gain from this. The US media and our government are taking these manufactured threats and milking them for all they can to let tensions in the US build up. We need to learn more about government manipulation of the people so we can see through the facad.

    1. libertifirst You may be right.  After all this did all start after private one on one meetings with them.
      Perhaps they are just doing Obama’s bidding.

  4. Our analysts are still betting that this is all empty sabre rattling and Un will shut up after he gets a concession.  I’m thinking this might be different, the previous two weren’t this obtuse.

  5. Chaos like that being perpetrated by the little fat turd in N. Korea is just the ticket for Obama. The more We the People are assaulted from all sides by communists, the more likely it is that violence and martial law will be “required” to control the populace. I magine the panic that would be caused by a missile launch in the direction of the US! Remember that the ultimate goal is the communist takeover of the country by Obama and Company using the Cloward and Piven tactics of overloading the system causing violence among the populace which leads to martial law, the suspension of the constitution and the institution of communism. This is the real deal and it’s time to lock and load before they take all our weapons and leave us at their mercy. God bless (and please help) We the People as we FIGHT to take back our Republic from the forces of evil in DC.

    1. That fat little turd doesn’t want to die any more than you or I. For some reason, we over estimate the real threat of these situation, and I suspect that the media and government does this for a reason. They have a long history of it, so it is just a matter of finding out what they really want out of the situation, rather than believing what they tell us.

      1. libertifirst Western values on a non western person.
        For all you know death through combat could be exactly what he prefers as opposed to his country becoming westernized as has happened to nearly every other country on Earth.

        1. This interview is worth a listen. Steve Pieczcenic was at the DZ in Korea, and has extensive knowledge on the situation, and Kim Jung Un.

        2. We should also keep in mind who gave N Korea their nukes, and they are the old tech, not the new ones that we have. They can do some serious damage, but they can’t deliver them to us. They know that it would be the absolute end to them if they deployed one.

  6. Obama’s waiting for the polling numbers to come in and then will, just in case, make sure someone else is the fall guy/gal in casde the NKorea fisco is a disaster.  If it it’s a success he’ll take the credit and do a campaign victory tour.

    1. Conservative_Hippie So doubt that.
      Obama is doing everything possible to blow up the planet.  Installing new violent Islamic Dictators in country after country and now bringing NV to the brink of war.
      Seems to me Obama prefers the world on fire.  Polling is a secondary concern guaranteed by the Propaganda Machine we call the MSM anyway.  Hitler would be so envious of Obama were he to hear in Hell what Obama has done to the American Press.

  7. I never quite understood this idea of a “proportional response,” so that if they fire a missile at us, we can only fire one missile back at them. There is no point in being a global superpower if you are going to limit your options when it comes to responding to either blackmail or terrorism. Say what you will about the Iraq war, but after George W. Bush invaded and beat the stuffings out of Saddam Hussein, much of the Middle East didn’t think it was such a good idea to take on the United States. Even Gaddafi in Libya gave up his nuclear program for fear that he would be next on the chopping block. It was only after the Middle East saw that we were growing tired of Iraq and didn’t want to do what it took to win against a brutal group of jihadists that the real resistance against us began, both in Iraq and Afghanistan. It just proves the point that if you want to defeat a tyrant or a Islamic fanatic, hit them very hard from the start, decimate his forces and destroy his ability to resist, and then, most important, LEAVE. All we need to do is prove a point, not conquer a country. We always end up failing because we have this fetish for “nation building,” a concept that rarely works and could take decades of blood and treasure to achieve. No, hit them hard, hit them fast, and just say that if you do it again WE will hit you again even harder. THAT sends a message and it’s the only one dictators and religious maniacs understand.

    1. Libertyship46I’ve never understand a “proportional response” either. No one fights fair, they fight to win. We have a habit of trying to fight safe wars, holding back, and all it does is prolong the conflict and cost more lives. War is hell, best to get it over with as quick as possible. The only thing these nations respect is strength, the weaker they perceive us the more trouble they cause. Reagen was right when he said “Peace through strength”.

      1. Watchman74 Libertyship46 Reagan took the bull by the horns. My favorite quote when he was about to bomb the hell out of Ghaddafi, ” We will do it with others if possible and alone if necessary.”

      2. Peace through strength means that you don’t use your strength, but rather hold your ground and let your strenth be known when absolutely necessary. If a government can get their population to support preemptive war, then they can wage war for just about any “perceived” threat. They can create a threat, then use it to go to war instantly, because they have a public that supports that trigger happy doctrine.
        All governments use this tactic. Depending on the interests of the elite, they will either create the threat or blow one out of proportion, then use it to the advantage of their special interests. Our government has been operating this way for a long time, and anyone who supports our troops should recognize this, because they are often put in harms way for some corporate interest, or globalist agenda, which are often one and the same.

  8. If I were a 3rd world nation wanting to see the US fail, I would take a page out of UBL’s book and do what I could to tip the fragile economy over the edge.  Whatever it took to do that would be the only way to level the battlefield.
    Meanwhile, our politicians run around like our debt and our economy don’t matter.

    1. MontyRay Of course if they did that it would take the world’s economy down with it. And all those 3rd world countries would would lose there sugar daddy.

      1. Perhaps the threat of ECONOMIC mutual destruction is more effective than the threat of mutual NUCLEAR destruction.

    2. China and Russia have been working on that for a couple of decades now, and our government is facilitating it accross the board. We have been taken over by global banking cartels who have bought off our politicians and are shutting down our country. This should be obvious by now. The executive and legislative branches have been working together to get rid of our industrial base, and turn us into a welfare and service economy that is entirely dependend on a failing fiat currency. They know what they are doing. It is time that we quit making excuses for “our side”. Except for a handful of people, D.C. is a den of theives who are stabbing us in the back and selling us out ON PURPOSE.

  9. All our enemies see us as weak now because we have a socialist moron for a leader.  He’s more sympathetic to the Arab Terrorists than the Jewish people who are the #1 victim of their terror campaign!   He’s snuggles up to people who dream about wiping Israel off the map!  He’d “down with that” when it comes to the Muslim Brotherhood!    All the loons out there see an opportunity now.  
    I guess it’s like when all the trolls see the great giant limping badly, his weapon thrown down, not knowing where he’s really going or what company he keeps.  They see this as their chance.
    When we had Reagan, we had that Shining City on the Hill and that light sent all the cockroaches scurrying for cover and darkness.

    1. WolfieUSA looks as if Obama wants to employee the tatic “leading from behind”.  it had such a swell effect in lybia,  just ask our boys of Benghazi.  oh that’s right,  they just found a firey death in a blazing hell serving the country they love so well

    2. WolfieUSA looks as if Obama wants to employee the tatic “leading from behind”.  it had such a swell effect in lybia,  just ask our boys of Benghazi.  oh that’s right,  they just found a firey death in a blazing hell serving the country they love so well

  10. Every time I hear of North Korea, I can’t help but think of the old movie “The Mouse That Roared”.

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