Bill Whittle: Occupiers are immature, ungrateful children who need to grow up

Nice little analysis here by Pajamas Media’s Bill Whittle of the Occupy Wall Street movement.

This deserves a hearty “up twinkles”!

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76 thoughts on “Bill Whittle: Occupiers are immature, ungrateful children who need to grow up

  1. There is greed and usury was 20%. Take a healthy share of the pie, if your noble spirits deem it super size day. What the market will bear and pie in the trash, and you wonder what the fight is really about.
    I am a carpenter who has not seen an industry raise for my hourly toil in 20 years. As I became a Master, the chiseling began. I am talking plumbers and plasterers and electricians too. Our newscasters and sports figures and politicians got raises. Cost of living keeps going up faster than our raises. Like a slipping transmission, on a hill. Get the hungry, lazy sods to push us over.

  2. Fantastic. But I think it would take more than 3.5 days.

    I had the privilege, when I was younger, of spending six months in South America. When I came back, it took an effort for me not to pick up every bottle, pencil, piece of string, and any other manufactured item I saw lying beside the road.

    That was because, in six months, I gotten used to not having manufactured things that do important stuff like contain vital liquids, enable us to communicate without being physically present, record vital information, or hold things together. I had come to deeply appreciate those things because they were nearly non-existent in the villages I stayed in, and totally non-existent in the jungle. Until that journey, I had no idea how spoiled I was.

    Or how important what we call civilization is. Yes, we can survive with a very low level of technology, but it’s not much fun and it’s not easy. Personally, I would prefer to continue being spoiled, and these idiot OWSers, in their colossal, abysmal ignorance, are risking it all for an imaginary utopia that has been tried exhaustively and found non-functional. Little do some of them know that they’re tools for the most power-hungry, self-worshipping, luxury-seeking hypocrites ever to curse the planet: socialists.

    Thank you, Bill Whittle and Dan.

  3. Wow! Terrific explanation. I see these attitudes daily in the prison population where I work. They think we have them incarcerated to make money off them, after all, the state pays us to house them=making money off them. BUT I love the word “assentotic” Is that how you spell it? Is the root assent? Gotta find out about it so I can use it!!!

  4. Good one Dan, This sounds similar to conversations had at a 70th Birthday Party this weekend, where even the youngsters were grateful and the oldsters were happy. One and all thought the OWS protestors were more immature than most people their age are and need some real world experiences to learn from.


    P.S. it is time to reinstate the DRAFT as in 4 years of MANDATORY SERVICE in one of the Services !”

  6. Father never finished grade school, mother never finished high school, two bedroom apartment in the Chicago suburbs, two space heaters, no air conditioning . . . . . I’m a 55 year old man who graduated college, med school and I’m a Board Certified Neurologist . . . . . Bill Whittle, No Bitterness Degree for me!!

  7. Some examples of the fools that support the soros protesters:

    Celebrity airheads who are supporting the occupiers are feeding Wall Street to the crocodile, forgetting that the beast quickly gets hungry for more.

    The top ten:

    #1 Yoko Ono, Net Worth – $500 million.
    Ono stated “I love ‘Occupy Wall Street’! John is sending his smile to ‘Occupy Wall Street’. I am sending my love to ‘OccupyWall Street’. We are all working together. ”

    #2 Russell Simmons, Net Worth – $325 million
    Keep in mind that on top of being a hip-hop mogul Simmons is the founder of a high fee credit card company called UniRush Financial Services.

    #3 Roseanne Barr, Net Worth – $80 million
    Roseanne thinks anyone with over $100 million should be beheaded. Interesting that her net worth is $80 million. I guess she doesnt make “the cut”.

    #4 Deepak Chopra, Net Worth – $80 million
    Chopra said #OWS is turning anger into awareness. The fortune he has made off his fluff filled books has just turned me to anger.

    #5 Kanye West, Net Worth – $70 million

    #6 Alec Baldwin, Net Worth – $65 million

    #7 Susan Sarandon, Net Worth – $50 million

    #8 Michael Moore, Net Worth – $50 million

    #9 Tim Robbins, Net Worth – $50 million

    #10 Nancy Pelosi, Net Worth – $35.5 million

    These foolish celebs admire people like Che. Not only did he confiscate the wealth of citizens he thought were capitalists, he shot them in the head after doing it.Che was the son of a wealthy doctor.These crazed leftists will gladly accept their support, but if they should ever become powerful, they will turn on them in the end.

    In a 1984 interview, ex-KGB agent (and now deceased) Yuri Bezmenov, explained the four stages of Marxist-Leninist ideological subversion: 1) demoralization, 2) destabilization, 3) crisis, and 4) normalization. Those who have been “programmed”, such as liberal Hollywood elites, would be prime targets during the crisis stage.

    “In [the] future, these people will simply be squashed like cockroaches for criticizing the government. Nobody is going to pay them anything for their beautiful [and] noble ideas of equality…it will be the greatest shock for them, of course,” he said.

    1. Notice that seven of the ten on this list are entertainers. Just remember this the next time you buy a movie or concert ticket. You, yes you, are creating these muddleheaded monsters. The product that they create and provide is not necessary for your survival, so think twice before you consume. They are a clear example of the fact that socialism is for the people, never the socialist.

          1. Postal workers need serious help with their attire Miss Debbie.
            Men in uniform also love women that love a man in uniform.
            Thank all of you for the amiable comments.Ladies…

        1. No need for jealousy, G.

          From your responses on TRS we know that you are a patriot that wants to save our previous America…and that makes you very lovable as well, smile.

  8. It is illegal to feed wild animals because they forget how to fend for themselves and they become dependent on the handouts.
    This is a pretty good analogy of both the welfare state and spoiled rich kids.

  9. It is illegal to feed wild animals because they forget how to fend for themselves and become dependent on the handouts. This is a pretty good analogy of both the welfare state and spoiled rich kids.

  10. Doesn’t it all come down to parenting? And what you allow your kids to participate in? Even though a single mom of 3, my son was in Boy Scouts where you have to work extremely hard to climb the ladder and he became an Eagle Scout. He also wrestled in high school, now that sport will really not allow for false self esteem. Next our community has an incredible Explorer Scout program with the sheriffs dept that he did and found his calling in law enforcement. He now is 20 and a junior in college and won a coveted full scholarship through the Army ROTC program where he will pay back his education with 6 years in the National Guard. No student loans! My other older daughter does theatre where you audition and there is only a few leads, you have to work hard and practice know your lines and out perform everyone else. Just like the real world! My youngest is an avid horse lover so she rides and trains in a very tough sport. The key is finding what your kids love and putting them in situations that mirror the real world. Surrounding them with adults who share your values. It is still possible to raise kids in todays world even as a single parent, who won’t end up OWS!

    1. No, not really. My mother, father and all other known family voted for Obama. My mother even has a shrine to the POS. They are firm believers in Medicare, Medicaid, government intervention and the white man holding them back. They believe the GOP started the Civil War and advocated the keeping of slaves, and I’m sure they’d believe that an all Republican and Conservative court bears responsibility for such cases as the Fugitive Slave Act, Plessy v Ferguson, Dred Scott, etc. They believe that the GOP fought against the Civil Rights legislation, and that the people standing in doorways to prevent blacks from going to school were Republicans and Conservatives. They believe that corporations are bad, and government is somehow more noble, especially under Barack Obama. They probably believe that socialism is a good thing, and that the reports about the communism death toll are exaggerated. They believe the Tea Party is a white supremacist organization, created solely as a reaction to a black guy winning a presidential election. I am an embarrassing anomaly to the family that they do not like to discuss too much about, because I believe the exact opposites, and back what I say with trusted websites, as well as reputable books, paper and the Constitution. Its very possible to have good, hard working parents raise kids that are worthless, choosing to take the values of the worthless peers, and ignore their parents’ common sense, just as I ignored both my peers and family, to choose my own political and life philosophy.

      1. I’m so sorry, V. It must be heart-rendering to love your family and know that they and others like them, are largely the reason we are losing our precious America.

        I have lost friends and family members over their adoration of obama and embracing the leftist ideology, as well.

        This is a modern day Civil war in America, and as the destruction of our country nears its horrible completion, people will be forced to pick sides.

        Freedom vs Slavery

        1. My sweet mother in law lives next door, and as much as I’d love to sit and visit her a little while every time I go over, and same with her other kids, but whenever we do go over, she’s got some braindead talking head from mslsd on.

          1. The challenge will be if America collapses and all H breaks lose and food, water and supplies are at a minimum, “will you give away your invaluable supplies to help your mother-in-law and family and friends that supported obama and were largely to blame for obama getting into power?”.

        2. I have lost friends too. Not because they believe in socialism/marxism. It’s because of their refusal to believe that Obama is radical. Or that Rev Wright was not a huge influence. Or that Bill Ayers just happened to live in the same neighborhood.

          I lost them when I said, wake up – your kids have no future under Obama! And that Progressive’s are not Dems.

          I can’t remember who, but Yuri ex-KGB guy said that he could take people to the death camps and they still would not believe. That’s how I feel today with our propaganda media. It’s very dangerous times.

          1. B said: I have lost friends too. Not because they believe in socialism/marxism. It’s because of their refusal to believe that Obama is radical. Or that Rev Wright was not a huge influence. Or that Bill Ayers just happened to live in the same neighborhood.

            Yes, I can relate, B, it is maddening on so many levels.

            My family came from a Communist country and having that experience and back ground makes it even more tragic as we understand the game and how many of the American people are playing right into their hands.

            The moronic people that think the gov’t should take care of them have no idea that even so-called “free things” from the gov’t have a price tag. And the “price tag” is freedom. Precious, freedom.

            About Yuri, he is so right. Even as Jews were marched into the gas chambers they refused to believe that the “good German people” would allow anything bad to happen to them. What’s that expression about de Nile is not just a river in Egypt?


            The danger to America is not Barack Obama but a citizenry capable of entrusting a man like him with the Presidency…Blaming the prince of the fools should not blind anyone to the vast confederacy of fools that made him their prince. The Republic can survive a Barack Obama, who is, after all, merely a fool. It is less likely to survive a multitude of fools such as those who made him their president.”

      2. Wow! I thought that I had it bad growing up in Chicago to a Dem mother who subscribed to Mother Jones and the ACLU! You’ve certainly had it worse, as I am white.

      3. I also grew up in a liberal family. In addition to being liberal it was totally dysfunctional. I was lost for years. I always had a good work ethic but other than that no real mentorship. It is by the Grace of God that certain things seemed to fall into my lap. I took advantage of a lot of growth opportunities and I am very grateful. Gratitude and acceptance of how things actually are really help in life.

        1. May G-d bless you, R.

          The Grace of G-d is a very precious gift. And it seems that you have such respect, love and appreciation of that gift.

    2. God bless you. Not everyone has parents that are responsible such as yourself. Many children grow up with lousy examples or really have to fend for themselves.

    3. Great point! I was thinking Boy Scouts the entire time I was reading about these clowns. I did it as a yute myself. Seeing my 2 boys enjoying it brings a warm heart to this doom thinker, after seeing these brats. Ya done good M’am. Hope myself, and the other troop leaders, see similar results. God Bless you and yours.

  11. Bill Whittle is spot on always. From the 50’s to the 70’s in the United States had the greatest expansion of wealth the world has ever seen. With our wealth we were forgetting God, fighting Communism in Vietnam and allowed the Supreme Court to Dictate to every state what the rules should be regarding abortion.

    Whittle brings up the issue of gratitude. He says that they/we should be grateful that there are companies who will kill the livestock without us seeing the blood. (and all of the other services.) I agree with him on that. In order for gratefulness to “stick” the generation that is immature needs to have gratefulness that goes beyond the corporations ability to do such and such. And be grateful to God, who has given freedom so that we can have all these services. But these children have been told that he is a far away Deity. If he exists at all.

    1. Don’t just blame it on the younger Americans. In order to get re-elected, the closet liberal George Bush gave the wealthiest generation that ever walked the face of the earth what they demanded: free and subsidized drug prescriptions. One of the most expensive giveaway programs the US Gubbermint ever came up with.

  12. First time I’ve seen Bill. Smart guy.

    Liberals: Watch the video several times in a quiet room. Put down the glue bottle first.

  13. I would love to see him in a political debate

    He would wake up the entire stage and hopefully
    the entire Country

    Where are these people when you need them ?

    1. I agree – I’d vote for Whittle in a heartbeat! And why can’t any of the R’s state things this well… Well I would guess that they don’t really believe it.

  14. “Repeal that [welfare] law, and you will soon see a change in their manners. … Six days shalt thou labor, though one of the old commandments long treated as out of date, will again be looked upon as a respectable precept; industry will increase, and with it plenty among the lower people; their circumstances will mend, and more will be done for their happiness by inuring them to provide for themselves, than could be done by dividing all your estates among them.”
    – Benjamin Franklin

  15. I spend most of my time working to pay for the 47%… grants to a bunch of thief’s who take more and more of my hard earned money and more and more I feel like I am a slave to this oppressive government. I watch while food stamp recipients who drive better cars than I do and buy things I can’t afford, because I pay for their food stamps, I can’t afford to eat and have to watch everything I buy and how much I spend to make sure I have a few extra dollars to pay for gas to get to work, so I can pay a bunch of lazy as-holes eat better than I do…THE FEW HOURS A WEEK I DO HAVE TO MY SELF AND FAMILY I TRY TO FIGURE OUT HOW THE HELL I’M GOING TO MAKE IT THROUGH THE NEXT TWO WEEKS ON ONE PAY CHECK…do i sound bitter…well I’m not… I’M PISSED that 47% of the people are living off the 53% and one of these days we 53% are going to say to the 47% fu-k-you—– WE QUIT—–NOW WHAT YA GOING TO DO———–


    1. Exactly! Why are the OWS kitchen staff so selfish? Why do they want to hoard all the food? I guess they really don’t believe in redistribution after all!

    1. Along with Zo Nation’s AlfonZo Rachel. Voices every conservative should hear, especially the candidates. Glenn’s show would be a good avenue for them.

  16. “I’d force them to live 3 and a half days in a cabin.”

    You’d give ’em a cabin… What a softie you are, Bill.
    There’s not enough cabins in the woods for everyone.
    Make ’em build lean-to shelters !

  17. He’s right on point. I know because that was me to an extent not that long ago. The fact that I might have to do unpleasant things in order to enjoy the good things in life was odious to me. Why do I have to pay rent? Why do I have to pay for my education? Why do I have to pay for transportation? Why can’t the government pay for all of that? Then one day you realize that if all of these corporations and capitalists were to one day just pack up and leave, we’d be left trying to feed, clothe and house ourselves out of the dirt.

  18. exactly… if you dont like corporations, then dont use them… I have a ban of drinking starbucks coffee— why??? Because it is the nectar of the a flaccid liberal boy— I can not call them a man, because they dont have what it takes to be like John Wayne

  19. I saw this coming years ago while my daughter was growing up. My nephew was on a soccer team and they had not won a game all season. Watching the games each person tried to be the “Star”, and were hammered, and did not score a single goal in any game. The end of the season party had each of them receiving a trophy saying you’re #1. This was cognitive dissonance defined. During this period you would find signs in elementary schools like “The Best Students in the World Pass Through These Halls”. This was obviously not true, but it was about false self esteem and had no connection to reality.

    The way I kept my daughter from being caught up in this Bovine Solid Waste of unearned self esteem, was to have her compete in in Track and Cross Country. There are winners and losers, and it teaches you that your effort determines much of the outcome. She went to music camps that had her up against other musicians from across the country. That taught her what she could expect in the real world of work. She has done well, not because of her parents, but due to the fact that reality and her true self worth was shaped by her own efforts. Is she perfect? No, but she has done better than her father in completing her education at an early age, and becoming a confident adult willing to use her own talents to make a living.

    1. how true what you wrote, we tend to reward and praise our kids failures instead of correcting, encouraging and inspiring them to be the best at whatever they choose so to do.
      Great comment RP, Great insight Whittle

  20. I agree.

    But where does that put Bloomberg?

    The parent company of the management company his girlfriend works at just so happens to manage the park.

    The parent company just received $150 million for clean energy development.

  21. Each of us has a choice to make each morning – Envy or Gratitude? This choice will make all the difference.

    Mr. Whittle, thank you for the reality check.

  22. This reminds me of the social studies lesson I had my son do today. We read about the immigration between the time of the pilgrims and the mid 1800’s. We discussed the reasons so many people emmigrated to the US (including my own reasons). We discussed the tyranny of other countries back then, and the poverty of so many of those who came, and about the American dream that so many people believed in and worked successfully toward. I told him much of this OWS stuff is full of people who have no idea of what they really have here- but they are too busy complaining about not having what others have. I told him the American dream is still available (a little harder than it was back then) but still attainable if one is willing to work for it, which many legal immigrants do. And in spite of all the bad things happening with government and the me me me society it’s created, America is still the greatest nation on the face of the earth- it would do some of these pathetic people good to go try their little games in any of the communist/socialist countries of the world. They’d be begging to come back. People get comfortable, lazy and apathetic, but unless you’ve known different, it is hard for them to get it through their heads just how well they have it and have had it all along.

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