Bill Whittle takes on the liberal media

From the YT video:

In this week’s Afterburner, Bill Whittle takes on the liberal agenda by addressing the underlying assumptions of Juan Williams when he asked Newt Gingrich this question:

“You recently said black Americans should demand jobs, not food stamps. You also said poor kids lack a strong work ethic and proposed having them work as janitors in their schools. Can’t you see that this is viewed, at a minimum, as insulting to all Americans, but particularly to black Americans?”

For a primer on how to respond to race-baiting, watch this Afterburner.

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65 thoughts on “Bill Whittle takes on the liberal media

  1. wait a moment newt, how can you ask the 21st century slaves to give up “being keep” and go to work? that is so cruel and unusual it has to punishment. after all it is their choice to be slaves. anybody with any moral gumption would hate being a slave and do something about it on their own. slaves don’t have the brains to make a decision like that. that’s why they will always be slaves. and for the record, slaves come in all colors these days.

  2. It is so frustrating when you watch such blatant manipulation and know the LSM will pretend it didn’t happen. How I was hoping someone with a microphone would address the obvious race baiting that Juan often indulges in. Bill, like he does so often, articulated exactly what I felt when I heard that exchange. I doubt the media will ever stop being the protectors and promotors of liberalism…they are fully indoctrinated…but conservatives are at least finally fighting back.

  3. Caught on TV, Intellegence squared. Topic ‘Good riddance to mass media.’ The panelist were all mass media, no WWW reps. The entire diatrube was summed up by one man. He said, we work all day, reading, and traveling to get the real truth, to the USA. He said WWW users are ignorant and dumb. Therefore, it is up to us, the elite, to lead the USA. He slapped you right in the face, USA. It is no longer a governmnet of the people, but government of the press. They will tell us what to do, in everything. Now, you understand the liberal press, and the backing of Obama. Keep that in mind, everytime you see a media program.

  4. Do these people realize that they are claiming racism sooooo much that no one is taking it seriously anymore. Damn, what can I say anymore without offending someone? Deal with it people, quit being a bunch of puss*** for once.

  5. And he hits it out of the park again! Will he ever consider a run for public office, ya think?

  6. I was always shown in school and movies and the culture in general, through liberal fiends and employers, especially federal employees who were my managers and human resource instructors and policies posters, that

    “Racism is a top down thing. People who are up the scale hate and oppress those who are lower on the same scale. People who are higher on the scale are white and people who are lower on the scale are black. ERGO, if you are white, you are a racist.”

    I was taught that racism was some kind of internal demon that white people have, even in an age where we no longer believed in such things. This demon had to be purged or repressed from the white soul, even though those who preached this would, in the very next breath, declare that there was no such thing as soul, unless you were talking about Aretha Franklin or Marvin Gaye.

    When I purposely condemned discrimination in myself, I felt born again. The problem was that I had never been a racist. I had never had the opportunity nor had I ever had a chance to benefit personally from racism. My parents weren’t racist and I had been raised in another country which was not white. But for some reason, taking up the “Stop Racism” banner made me feel…okay.

    In other words, I didn’t have a clue about racism. I was just a post 1960’s college grad wondering why life had gotten so complicated beyond my 1950’s dreams of becoming “a success” in life.

    So I enter my career and I’m not a racist and I stand obediently in line watching laws be passed which allow incompetents to be promoted and ignorant, narrow-minded ex gang members be elected to the state assembly and senate and I see an entire generation tattoo itself into circus freaks and debase itself in Halloween orgies. Halloween. One of the greatest day of my childhood-debased. For me, there are girls I remember from High School that I still think of as paragon’s of virtue and beauty. How many high school girls today leave that image with their class mates?

    And all the time, racism was just a little mental trick used to turn me into a go-along kinds of guy, a trick to use my conscience, which was not guilty of anything, to believe that, deep inside of every white person is a murdering, lynch-minded red-neck lusting for blood, chomping to get loose.

    We have been fooled by the least among us, not black people who generally would prefer to simply live in peace, but those, who would see us, all men, black and white, in rainbow colored chains, blessing the elitists in government who care for us and ensure justice and we, the previously dominant culture, have participated in our own destruction by “going along,” and believing that we were better Christians because of it.

    1. Many of us never went along with all that BS. That might be because we recognized it as BS.

      “We” haven’t been fooled by anyone sir. If you were, you might consider keeping your gullibility scenario, in the first person, rather than dragging the rest of us into it.

      In other words, I officially opt out of your “we”.

      1. The important thing is that he woke up. Kids are indoctrinated from an early age & it takes awhile to get your own thoughts/world-view – some longer than others. Just my two cents. I’m always interested in hearing how a conversion occurs.

        1. Where did he wake up in this post ma’am? He is part of a collective in this post, of which, I am not part. Are you?

          1. Maybe I’m reading it wrong – he mentions being fooled by the “least among us” – which I took to mean the disgusting liberal liars – and realized that they seek only to chain people to their beliefs and call it Christianity. I guess I’m taking for granted that once he realized he was being fooled, he saw the light. From the previous posts I’ve read from you – we’re on the same team. Perhaps we’re just looking at this post in a different light tonight. Take care & stay warm Rshill!

      2. With all due respect, I would never attempt to put words in your mouth, sir, without ready access to a shoe horn.

        1. You did precisely that already, and not just my mouth, but others as well. Just pull your foot out of your own mouth, horn or no. Use your hand. I don’t have the same problem, at least, not here, and not now. You won’t need a horn. The sour notes sounded, are thus, without one.

    2. Eloquently written apparently by someone of intelligence and compassion for his fellow man no matter what skin color they have. You are the type of person that is rare in these times. You make me so proud..Thx for being you

  7. Juan Williams is a good honest commentator. He isn’t afraid to go off the politically correct “plantation.” He has made comments about the fact that Muslim terrorists present a threat, and he fought back when NPR tried to diminish the threat that Muslim terrorists posed when they fired him. People who speak their minds regardless of the pc crowd will sometimes say just what we want to hear and sometimes piss some people off, like with this question. That being said, it was just a question, and questions should certainly be asked of our candidates.

    1. No sir. It was an accusation and a huge lie, masquerading as a question, but was really, a false statement with a question mark at the end.

      In other words, bad English, faulty thinking, a cheap shot, a lie, and a vivid imagination, dressed up as Batman’s Riddler.

      Hey, here’s a question for you: When are going to stop robbing liquor stores?

      Watch the video.

    2. I have wondered if the Network may make the moderators ask those baited racist questions…

      Or even if Newt got him to ask that one…it certainly went right to Newt’s sweet spot and he hit it right out of the park!

      Anyway, it makes for good political drama…kind of like the wrestling game.

    3. I would have expected better from Juan. That question would be one that Al Sharpton would come up with.

  8. How dare Bill Whittle apply critical thinking skills and common sense to liberals. Wasn’t he educated in a public school? Who does he think he is using those dated critical thinking skills applying them with common sense in society today. LMAO!

    Why doesn’t Bill Whittle have his own show on FOX or something? My goodness you gotta love this man!

    1. Thank you for sharing that “hope” observation.

      That is the “hope” in HOPEY CHANGEY, right?


  9. I think I will visit the 57 States and talk about my typical white Grandmother as I kling to my guns and religion.
    Now to a story which will lead to death by food poisoning. In Maryland, we have the EBT card (food stamps). So how does the scam artist get cash with a EBT card? Go to Wal Mart, buy food, sweep the card and immediately take the food back to the Service Desk and return it for cash, yes CASH. Since an EBT card is a debt card, a return from a customer is paid back in CASH. Now why will people die? The refrigerated and frozen food sits in carts for hours before the Wal Mart staff restocks the item. So, if you shop at a Wal Mart grocery store in Maryland , beware of refrigerated and re-frozen food. I have watched this happen! Where is Geraldo??
    Just had to get this info out, Thanks.

    1. Yep – and the money gets spent on drugs, cell phones, vanity hair and nails, fast food and Air Jordans – while the fatherless (and essentially motherless) children shiver in the car or bushes, and starve.

      My daughter’s first teaching job was in an inner city school…the first parent’s night only one parent came, drunk or drugged out. The children would come to school toting every cherished possession, wearing their coats even in hot weather, to keep their parents from selling their stuff for drugs while they were in school.

      But the stupid liberals hate the thought of drug testing for welfare recipients… why? Why can’t they think about the children’s real longterm welfare?

  10. Bill makes an excellent observation here and he is as always correct. Juan was making an assertion more than he was asking a question. The reason I believe this is supported again even more so is when Juan says Newt was being racist in the way he said his name. How utterly ridiculous! Only a Liberal/Democrat could come up with hogwash like this. They will do anything to bring down a Conservative and I mean anything. Look for the ugliest campaign cycle ever in history this year. My fear is that the National Media will be so negative, so often, that the drones will believe Obama is their only hope not the Republican. I have hope though 🙂

  11. I remember the Hollies song Carrie Ann where the very white lead vocalist sang about their younger school days: “…I played a janitor, you played a monitor…” Nothing racist about doing entry level work.

    These phony lib memes only go on because political correctness forbids disagreement. The times, however, demand something different:
    ‎”When wrongs are pressed because it is believed they will be borne, resistance becomes morality.”- Thomas Jefferson

  12. I use to clean latrines in the military. When it was my squad’s turn, I did the work. I cleaned up vomit, human feces, urine and every other disgusting garbage that was in there every day for two weeks at a time over a three year period. Lucky for me I learned how to hold my nose doing the same thing with my mom while helping her clean up after my 7 siblings. Oh and don’t get me started on the dignity of cleaning grease traps in the hot southern summer. And I’m a white guy.

    So Juan take your racist baloney about janitorial work and stick it somewhere. Any work, is good. Starting out at the bottom, is a life class in the formula for success in life. It makes you appreciate it more when you finally do well.

    1. Thank you Vornak for taking the time to share that.

      Those of us who walked several miles up hills to school… and back (uphill as well) in the freezing rain and sleet never imagined that we would make the world THAT much better for our progeny. Or maybe we just thought appreciation grew on trees.


  13. Newt’s idea would be great if he were running governor of New York, but he’s running for President. The Federal government has no Constitutional authority to implement anything like this, so why is he talking about it?

    1. Bully pulpit… he can be the voice and champion of policies, and if states/localities want to take them up, he can use them as examples of how well they work, spurring more areas to take them up as part of their policies. He doesn’t have power to implement on a Federal level, but he has the ability to make his voice heard

    2. Really? Which Federal Government made it illegal for kids to work in the first place? Remove the impediment and kids can work if they and their parents choose to allow it. I started selling newspapers when I was 9. I got my first job at a restaurant when I was 14. This Government and our public schools are turning out dolts whose favorite word seems to be gimme! How long will it be till 100% of the population has a similar mindset?

      If everyone is saying gimme, who will be doing the giving and who will be doing the stealing, and from whom will they steal?

      We have much to undo in this country. Newt is absolutely right and Juan is absolutely deaf, dumb and blind to everything but skin color. Give it a rest. It is old, it is tiresome, it’s a lie, and people aren’t falling for it anymore. No doubt both Juan and Geraldo could find something racist in a slice of cheese.

      1. What Newt should be talking about is getting the Feds out of education and doing away with Federal laws that allow people to work. Talking about kids getting jobs at their schools is irrelevant to Presidential politics. One of the biggest problems we have in this country is the nationalization of what ought to be local issues. Of course Newt Gingrich probably has no problem with this. FDR is his hero after all.

        1. B.S. He has eloquently identified a problem, i.e., lack of work and work ethic. He shows you the problem and a possible partial solution first. Eliminating the laws barring such is the next obvious step.

          You can’t capture the King until you get him into checkmate and putting the cart before the horse will have the horse trying to push the cart with his nose 🙂

          If you don’t like Newt, just say that. What you did say, however is 100% false.

          1. I don’t like Newt, and that does cause me to see this from a different perspective. You see Newt as a Conservative and so you see his comments as simply articulating a problem in our culture. I don’t see Newt as a Conservative. Newt is a big government Republican who has a government solution to every social ill our country faces: example individual mandate.

            I’m not trying to pick a fight with you, but I’m very disturbed right now that so many anti-Romney people are going to Newt. Newt has the exact same problems that Romney has with taking both sides to every issue and Gingrich has personal baggage that Romney doesn’t have. We all know this to be true yet for some reason people are choosing to ignore it. Furthermore if we choose Newt, we will destroy our credibility when we criticize liberal for their moral shortcomings. Please, everybody get behind Rick Santorum. Otherwise Newt or Romney will destroy the Republican Party.

            1. It would perhaps be more accurate to view Newt’s flirtation with an individual mandate, and even Romney’s, in the context of situation at the time – that is, in opposition to Hillarycare and (for Romney) in opposition to a far more ‘progressivist’ version of health care in Massachusetts.

            2. Either destroying the Republican Party, whipping them back into shape, or initiating a tea Party is a good thing. Right? Nothing wrong with that, especially if it’s right.

            3. America will have a strong leader, one that is invulnerable to fear or intimidation and is willing and able to stand up for America and all Americans, which is something Obama and his henchmen cannot do..

        2. Once again you’re so far from the truth it’s almost laughable..
          I hope you continue to live in your land of falsehoods and lies. Also I hope your nose keeps growing Mr. P so you will need a wheel barrel to go grocert shopping with your food stamps.

      2. I began working on car, at age 5. I always had a job. You really have to read 1850 labor practicies, to see why there are laws. It is much like the Unions, they started out great, but now abuse the intent of the law.

    3. He is talking about it, because it is going to take the next president to undo all that the past presidents have put into place. It will take a president that can see past the near sighted establishment view, and go for all the gusto. Newt knows what it takes to get there. Like him or not, people make very few enemies when they go along to get along. That is not Newt. He is a fresh breath of air coming on the breezes of change.

    1. Newt also got really BIG cheers in an early debate when the topic was college tuition debt and cost, when he mentioned WORKing one’s way through school the old-fashioned way, and the College of the Ozark’s mandatory work-study program that teaches a work ethic and makes college students more focused on study and less on partying, sex and drugs.

      This was when the OWS was still griping, whining and begging Obama to cancel their huge tuition debts.

      1. Anyone who thinks Newt is not a man of substance or specifics and thinks he’s only good at throwing out “red meat” (the new favorite term of Newt’s foes) has really not been listening!

  14. Notice Mr Whittle’s language. He does this entire piece without calling Juan Williams any obvious names he could have used…


  15. Bill Whittle nails it again. Brilliant!

    I suppose paper routes, washing cars, washing dishes, mowing lawns, etc. are too demeaning also. I’d love to see some of these hypocrites come down out of the Hamptons and put in an honest day’s work at a soup kitchen or homeless shelter. They condemn excellent proposals like Newt’s out of ignorance. I’m glad heroes like Bill Whittle are pointing these things out and helping to raise America to a higher standard.

    1. Right. Liberals want to make sure kids are persuaded to join the democrat plantation, where the only work requirement is to vote democrat, thereby perpetuating dependency, more democrats and more dependency. What is more vicious than this cycle? What kills more spirits than this? How is ambition to take root. Is ambition also racist?

      Modern liberalism and progressivism needs killing before it kills our country. Killing these two isms is plain old self-defense, on a national scale.

  16. May I make a teeny-tiny quibble? I don’t view ANY work as “menial.” If something needs to be done, and someone is willing to do it to make some money, there’s value and integrity in that no matter what it is. Other than that, another one out of the park, Mr. Whittle.

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