Bill Whittle: THE TRUTH vs CNN

Bill Whittle talks about the latest revelations about CNN as well as the overall media bias and how it affects presidential elections.


Note that this video was created on Friday, before Trump’s wrestling tweet or before O’keefe released his last video of the morning show producer hammering Trump.

Whittle’s overall point about media bias is accurate, as we all well know. They have been trying to destroy the Trump presidency from day one and they are having a big impact on elections.

What I would say though is that it doesn’t excuse Trump’s juvenile tweets, like the one this weekend and the ones from last week. When we think of a candidate or politician hitting back at a biased media, we expect it to be from a intelligent and reasonable position, like this one from Newt Gingrich in 2012:

But what Trump does in his war on the media is more name calling and trolling than anything else. Yes he tries to present his side from time to time, but here lately it has devolved into little more than juvenile insults and it’s not productive at all.

I understand that he’s been under siege from this media from day one and will continue to be under siege throughout his presidency. While it is a Trump thing, it’s not just a Trump thing, it’s a Republican thing. The media always works to destroy Republican presidents while letting Democrats get away with nearly everything.

But he’s really not helping himself or his cause lately with these stupid tweets. In fact just this morning he tweeted this:

He’s right that they should be discussing this. But he’s also very wrong because while he tweets this today, he’s also been giving the media plenty to be distracted over with his other non-presidential and insulting tweets during the past week. He’s part of the reason they haven’t been covering the other stuff he wants them to cover.

I feel like we’re in a vicious cycle now of the tail wagging the dog, Trump being the tail and the media being the dog. And all I really want is for Trump to get the heck off Twitter and focus on his job for a change. Then he’ll have much more standing to criticize the media.

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