Bill Whittle: Why appealing to independents is not the way to win

There are times when you hear something so articulate and so well thought out that it just makes sense. And in the video below, Bill Whittle does exactly that in explaining why appealing to independents by moving to the center is not the way to win an election.

Here is his quote in full, but watch the whole video as both Whittle and Stephen Green (Vodkapundit) has some very interesting things to say as well about Obama and Romney, Democrats, and Karl Marx:

See, this is the problem with this entire theory. This entire theory is, you say, let’s appeal to independents but what do independents believe? They don’t believe in anything. I’m not calling them stupid, I’m just saying the fact that they are in the middle means they have no strong political conviction liberal or conservative.

You do not win elections by taking the conservatives in the middle. You win elections by bringing the middle over to conservatives. And the way you do that is by explaining your theory and your philosophy in a lucid enough fashion so that people can see the common sense of it, and see their own self interest and their own common sense around their own life experience [that] will naturally bring them to these ideas.

This idea that we have to appeal to people who have no ideology by eliminating our own ideology is exactly backwards. We have an ideology that historically worked and provided levels of prosperity and freedom that have been unparalleled in the history of the world. And our GOP leadership is afraid of this. They’re terrified of it and the nominee will not stand up and defend it. And so we’re going to give up the winning story to go to some amorphous thing in the middle and I predict it’s not going to turn out well.

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